In 1977, the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence held hearings about CIA’s illegal activities in the United States, describing “the abuses of the drug testing program and reports of other previously unknown drug programs and projects for behavioral control.” 

Human Drug Testing by the CIA – 1977

That was over forty years ago, when I was a child, and things have worsened since.  Today CIA has at its disposal not only over one hundred new cybernetic patents but also the same old drugs.  

Patents for Mind Control Technology

Among the drugs illegally used by CIA against American citizens are (a) hypnotic sedatives such as amobarbital, aprobarbital, butabarbital sodium, chloral hydrate, methotrimeprazine hydrochloride, midazolam hydrochloride, paraldehyde, pentobarbital, pentobarbital sodium, quazepam, secobarbital sodium, sodium pentobarbital, temazepam, triazolam, and zolpidem tartrate, (b) hypnotics like demerol, desoxyn (combined with sodium pentothal), methyprylon, and pentothal acid, and (c) memory blockers such as acetylcholine, BZ, and scopolamine.


Scopolamine, otherwise known as hyoscine, burundanga, or devil’s breath, concerns me here, since it makes rohypnol, a common date rape drug, look like nothing.

In the 1920s, Robert House pioneered the use of scopolamine as a truth serum.  House found the drug would “depress the cerebrum to such a degree as to destroy the power of reasoning.”  In other words, the drug turns people into zombies.  It also blocks memories from forming, so a subject will not remember what happened under the influence.  You can see why this would interest CIA; so, using Nazi scientists imported in OPERATION PAPERCLIP, they began their own use of drugs and hypnosis, beginning with PROJECT BLUEBIRD and culminating in MK-ULTRA and PROJECT MONARCH.


Because scopolamine blocks the acetylcholine receptor in the brain, it stops memories, normally be encoded in the hippocampus, from forming.  Victims have no memory of what happened to them, and they cannot identify their attackers.

But don’t listen to me.  Here are the words of the United States government.  In 2012, the State Department published a travel advisory:

“One common and particularly dangerous method that criminals use in order to rob a victim is through the use of drugs. The most common has been hyoscine [scopolamine]. Unofficial estimates put the number of annual hyoscine incidents in Colombia at approximately 50,000. Hyoscine can render a victim unconscious for 24 hours or more. In large doses, it can cause respiratory failure and death. It is most often administered in liquid or powder form in foods and beverages. The majority of these incidents occur in night clubs and bars, and usually men, perceived to be wealthy, are targeted by young, attractive women. To avoid becoming a victim of hyoscine [scopolamine], one should never accept food or beverages offered by strangers or new acquaintances or leave food or beverages unattended. Victims of hyoscine or other drugs should seek immediate medical attention….

Typically, victims become disoriented or unconscious, and are thus vulnerable to robbery, sexual assault, and other crimes.”  (Emphasis added).

In its powdered form, scopolamine has no taste or smell, so it can easily be slipped into someone’s drink.  Also, it can be smoked in cigarettes, blown in someone’s face, or administered in a transdermal patch.  The drug acts fast, so it takes effect in less than twenty minutes.


CIA has anything at its disposal, but this drug is so easily obtainable that it can be used by common criminals, which, in the unlikely event of detection, can form a smokescreen concealing Agency involvement.  Scopolamine is used to treat motion sickness, Parkinson’s Disease, muscle spasms, irritable bowel syndrome, asthma, and depression.  It is even used off-label to help stop smoking.  Despite the obvious criminal uses of scopolamine, the World Health Organization lists it as one of the safest and most effective medicines.  You can find it in almost any grocery store.

Are we really to believe that criminals use this drug only in Colombia? or that CIA ever stopped using it?


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Our enemy depends on silence.



  1. In 2013 I was kidnapped after smoking a cigarette that was offered from complete stranger but the two men that were in the front seat spoke very intelligent and never once looked back, once I took one drag I become disoriented and soon unconscious with only a few memories of what was happening to me. I remember being taking to another city, placed in a all white room with nothing else but a bed with a dark red light and being completely naked and wet, a man who was also naked sat right next to me then I began to rock back and forth feeling scared to death only to wake back up in the back of another car, as I began to use all the strength I had left, I pulled myself up to look out the window and seen nothing but stumble in a empty field. I was missing for days but thanks for a praying mother was found, in a horrible condition for my whole mind and body was shut down, I had no memory, no motor skills and couldn’t speak. I was left like a vegetable and confined to the couch for months. I had to relearn just the basics of living all over again while my mother cared for me. The doctors told her if I didn’t snap out of it to just place me in a mental home and there isn’t anything they could do for me. When I think about my attackers their face becomes blurry and soon after when I came back around I had strangers stalking me and running up to my face asking if I remember them or anything that happened to me…my response would always be the same No and I am glad I don’t so I can have a second chance at life but to be honest I do remember some and have suffered silently with PTSD. Till this day nobody will speak over my incident and nobody cares to investigate it. Definitely feel as if my voice is being silenced especially in my town.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You have been silencing your own voice.

      As you say, “I had strangers stalking me and running up to my face asking if I remember them or anything that happened to me…my response would always be the same No and I am glad I don’t so I can have a second chance at life.”

      You do not have a second chance by remaining quiet or being afraid. Our enemy will attack us no matter what. We cannot make deals with them. They are cowardly moronic bullies that love scaring people and breaking deals. They think it’s funny.


      You do have a second chance to fight back. You lived through your ordeal. Be tactical, but think of ways to take the fight to them. Starting your own website is one of many. So is writing a comment here.

      Protect yourself in ways that work. There are some ideas in my article below. I hope they keep you safe.


      Liked by 1 person

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