CIA, the military, and the deep state implant people with cybernetics.

Patents for Mind Control Technology

Microwave Harassment and Misdiagnosis of MK-ULTRA Symptoms

v2k patent 2

Aaron and Melissa Dykes have done an excellent documentary, The Minds of Men, on CIA’s long-standing cybernetics and mind control program, MK-ULTRA, through which the New World Order has implanted many people.

Cybernetics and the Minds of Men

People don’t remember what was done to them, in part, because of the powerful drugs CIA uses on its victims, which weaken the will and stop memories from even forming, as the United States Congress, and the Church Committee, revealed through investigations.

Why We Don’t Remember – CIA’s Use of Date Rape Drugs


My friend, Dr. Katherine Horton, a particle physicist who studied and taught at Oxford University and who worked on the large hadron collider at CERN, has figured out a way to detect some implants.

Dr. Katherine Horton – Join Her On Patreon

As Dr. Horton explains in the short video above, you can do this with neodymium magnets, which you can buy for about ten dollars online.  Set the magnets on your ribcage and your head in particular, putting them in different places, turning them in different directions, to see if they stick to you.

Buy Neodymium Magnets on Amazon!

nedymium magnets

Try it out!  Take the challenge!  For only ten bucks you can find out if you have been implanted, or prove that you have not.  Answer the question, “Have I been implanted with cybernetics by the CIA?” You can give magnets to your friends to try the same experiment, and you can also use them to stick things on your refrigerator, making creative doo-dads of your own.

make refrigerator magnets

But wait! There’s more!

but wait there's more

Dr. Horton has also shown how you can detect eye implants, like the ones that were put into me at Cambridge University or her at Oxford University.

Solari Report – We Are All Targeted Individuals Now with Dr. Katherine Horton

eyes with implants

Buy an ultraviolet flashlight for ten dollars.  Shine the UV light from a distance onto your face.   If your iris and pupils reflect an unusual color like green or purple, or show up as milky, it is an indication that a thin-film layer has been placed on your eye.  Be careful not to shine UV light directly into your eye.  And limit the time of exposure.  I do not want you to hurt yourself.

Buy an Ultraviolet Flashlight on Amazon!

ultraviolet flashlight

Whatever you find, please don’t do anything crazy.  Don’t try to remove implants.  You’ll just hurt yourself.


Otherwise, you can learn more about implants and how to detect implants at Dr. Horton’s site.

Equipment for Detection at Dr. Katherine Horton’s Website Stop 007

Targeted individuals need to be careful of their money, but twenty buck can tell you whether you have been implanted.

twenty dollars

Answer the twenty-dollar question:  Have I been implanted?


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  1. What is amazing to me is we have never been in contact with each other but I have seen almost everything you write about including crime cartel signals. However, when I was at the height of my awakening my nose was bleeding from my brain. I had migraine headaches and now atrial fibrillation.

    DC Comics published special edition four comic books January through April 1999 about the Columbine shooting in April. It’s coded but the trench coats are referenced.

    John Nash was killed in a taxi accident and the local news station erroneously reported the name of his MIT arch nemesis as the taxi driver… Who died of a heart attack six months later.

    There is a war going on right under our noses a spiritual war.

    Why is Woodland Hills known for mind control?


    1. As you say, nosebleeds are often a sign of cybernetics.


      I believe they are also a sign of recent implantation. When I was a boy, I remember two blonde twins, singled out for special classes, who always had them. It is imperative that we secure our bedrooms, so the enemy can’t get us in our sleep.


      If you have a link to the DC Comics, I’d be interested. CIA also tried to use a book by Stephen King about a school shooting as they strove to create lone shooters under MK-ULTRA, ARTICHOKE, and GLADIO C. And James Holmes, like Mia Khalifa (whom they used as a poster girl for “gun control”) was into Batman.


      The enemy loves their comic books, superheroes, and villains–whether it’s cartel signaling in X-Men, the false feminism and rape fantasies of Wonder Woman, the hideous obscenity of the Joker, or whatever. Ken Kesey was an early example with his references to Captain Marvel in Sometimes A Great Notion.


      I don’t know John Nash, but I’d be interested to learn about him.

      Yes, it is a spiritual war: we are fighting satanists. As I sometimes say to my students, “It doesn’t matter if you believe in the devil: they do.”

      Otherwise, Woodland Hills connects to Susan Ford (Brice Taylor) and one of my favorite Playmates, to whose image I was entrained, Patty Duffek.


      Some places are just riddled with mind control, and it has slightly different personae in those different places.


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