Harry Potter is enormously popular.  The books have sold more than five hundred million (500,000,000) copies to become the best-selling series in the history of the world, as they have been translated into eighty (80) languages, making Rowling one of the most translated authors.  

harry potter money

People can’t buy Harry Potter fast enough.  Four of the books were the fastest selling in history.  Nine million (9,000,000) copies of one and eleven million (11,000,000) copies of another sold in the first day of their release.  

harry potter book sales

Each book has been made into a blockbuster Hollywood film.  When we take the books, the movies, the video games, and the merchandise together, the Harry Potter franchise is worth approximately twenty-five billion dollars ($25,000,000,000.00).

harry potter movies grosses

J.K. Rowling is the only author in the history of the planet to become a billionaire, although she gave most of her money away.

rowling billionaire

Rowling’s intentions may have been good, but who lay behind her success?

harry potter money 4

Rowling didn’t sell all those books without some help.


The New York Times, controlled by CIA through OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD, promoted Harry Potter.


Newsweek and Time, controlled by CIA through OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD, promoted Harry Potter.

harry potter newsweek

The Guardian, controlled by MI7, promoted Harry Potter.

More on the Guardian, MI7, Cartel Signaling, and the Push to Perversion

the guardian

BBC, controlled by MI7, put the series in its list of one hundred most influential novels.

bbc 2

Newspapers compared J.K. Rowling to Roald Dahl, an agent of MI6 and MI7, paid to seduce female targets and write creepy children’s books.

Roald Dahl

The franchise is promoted and owned by Scholastic Books, which promotes perversion through low-end literature while it advertises the abuse of our children.

More on Scholastic, their Book Fairs, and the Attack on our Children

scholastic unsafe

Captain Underpants is another of their titles.

captain underpants - lets roll - scholastic

The publisher of Harry Potter advertises its affiliation with the CIA through other titles like I SPY.

i spy

The assumption that Harry Potter books have increased literacy is false.  As one source wrote,

Research by the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) has found no increase in reading among children coinciding with the Harry Potter publishing phenomenon, nor has the broader downward trend in reading among Americans been arrested during the rise in the popularity of the Harry Potter books.   The research also found that children who read Harry Potter books were not more likely to go on to read outside the fantasy and mystery genres.

Ron Charles argued that the cultural and marketing hysteria surrounding the later books “trains children and adults to expect the roar of the coliseum, a mass-media experience that no other novel can possibly provide.”

Ursula LeGuin, used herself by CIA, couldn’t figure out what all the fuss was about, while The Daily Telegraph expressed disappointment that teenagers were not reading real literature.


Whatever it is, I suppose Harry Potter is not as bad as Rowling’s later work, books like The Casual Vacancy, which deals with suicide, heroin, prostitution, incest, and rape, including a character who suffers from an obsessive fear of having molested a child without any memory of the fact–a typical result of MK-ULTRA.

rowling casual vacancy

Nor is Harry Potter as bad as Rowling’s other later work, Cormoran Strike, a series of crime fiction books describing sadomasochism, torture, necrophilia, cannibalism, the severed leg of a woman, the rape of college students, child molestation, adultery, kidnapping, knife attacks, murder, heroin addiction, sex with amputees, “supergroupies,” people called “pubehead,” and someone’s mother with a tattoo above her crotch.

Cormoran Strike

As far as I know, Rowling never uses her influence to tell readers to go to something else–Tolkien, the Odyssey, Marie de France, or any of the other real works of literature they might read–although she has a degree in both Classics and French.


Rowling does use her influence to tell people how to vote.  Identifying herself as an internationalist, as she campaigned against Brexit, the children’s author wrote as follows:

How can a retreat into selfish and insecure individualism be the right response when Europe faces genuine threats, when the bonds that tie us are so powerful, when we have come so far together?  How can we hope to conquer the enormous challenges of terrorism and climate change without cooperation and collaboration?

This poor deluded woman actually thinks that globalism is good–that the New World Order is our friend.

globalismThe War on Terror that Rowling supports is a war against you and me, started with the false flag attacks on the World Trade Center.

Urgent Political Action Item – Oppose the PATRIOT ACT


The global climate change that Rowling decries is also a false flag, deliberately created through the chemtrails that cross our skies, every day, as part of CIA PROJECT CLOVERLEAF, USAF INDIGO SKY FOLD, and NSA PROJECT ECHELON.

Chemtrails, Smart Dust, & Mind Control – Look Up! We Are Being Sprayed With Poison!

Through the best of motives, Rowling plays right into the hands of the globalist cabal that seeks to bring us under one world satanic government.

rowling masquerade ball

No wonder NWO does so much to promote the useful idiot.

useful idiots

No wonder the Queen of England gave the literata no fewer than two knighthoods, elevating her to the Order of the Companions of Honour and the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.

The House of Windsor – More on the Satanic Pack of Traitors

companion of honour

Rowling attended the globalist ceremonies at the London Olympics, where the phoenix was featured.

The phoenix is a common symbol of the Illuminati and the Freemasons, as you can see on Rothschild publications like the Economist.

More on the Phoenix and Satanic Cartel Signaling

economist phoenix

No wonder the phoenix appears so prominently in Rowling’s books.

harry potter order of the phoenix

At the Olympics, the globalists mocked Rowling and us all with a hundred-foot-tall rendition of Lord Voldemort, rising above the stadium, as dozens of Mary Poppinses descended around him.

At the Olympics, the globalists mocked Rowling and us all as the children’s author read from the works of Sir James Barrie, Bt., OM, whose works, still popular more than a century after their inception, celebrate a boy who never grew up.

When we look at the author of Peter Pan, whom Rowling read, he has all the marks of a child molester.  Barrie never consummated his marriage of fifteen years, although he spent extensive time with George and Jack Llewelyn Davies, two small boys, whom he befriended after he met them in the park.  After their parents died, Barrie forged a letter from their mother, appointing himself their guardian.

barrieThe globalist scum are making fun of Jo Rowling, as they use her to promote a perverse agenda.  The author means well, and she is a close friend of the wife of Gordon Brown, the only prime minister who has tried to stop the child sexual abuse rampant within the English system.

taharrush white 03

Even a blind hog sometimes finds an acorn, so Rowling got it right on Brown.  But she couldn’t have been more wrong when it came to her endorsement of Hillary Clinton, a child molester and human trafficker who raped Cathy O’Brien, turned on by her mutilated genitals.

PROJECT MONARCH – More on Cathy O’Brien and her Fight against the Scum at CIA

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton, whom the foreigner Rowling endorsed, is deeply implicated in the ritual satanic abuse of children in America’s capital.

Adrenochrome – More on Ritual Satanic Abuse by the Illuminati

No wonder the Clintons are responsible for the murder of so many.


Meanwhile, from her dream world, J.K. Rowling compared Scots Nationalists with the Death Eaters, who, like the Illuminati, promote genocide and advance a breeding program, as they engage in rebirth rituals involving torture, while they wear hooded robes and masks and they brand their slaves with satanic tattoos.

death eaters

Those guys look more like attendees of a Rothschild ball to me, who might include one of the royal rapists whose family honored the children’s author.

More on the House of Windsor – Prince Andrew is a Liar and a Rapist

The satanists love to turn people’s noble instincts to evil, so they led Rowling to found Lumos as she sought to protect children from institutionalization.


But given the butterfly on the logo, often a sign of PROJECT MONARCH, not to mention the child-molesting conspirators that surround Rowling, I cannot help but wonder if Lumos is a front for sinister operations.


Lumos is active in Haiti, where the Clinton Foundation, which Rowling supports, embezzles hundreds of millions of dollars while it engages actively in the rape of children.  Witness the Clintons’ intervention on behalf of Laura Silsby, the human trafficker who later worked for AlertSense, as she purported to protect children on behalf of the state. 

The Clinton-Silsby Trafficking Scandal And How The Media Attempted To Ignore and Cover It Up

clinton silsby 7

Rowling means well, but she has terrible judgement. 

rowling ocular implant

Rowling’s mother had multiple sclerosis (MS), a demyelinating disease in which the insulating covers of nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord are damaged.  This damage disrupts the ability of parts of the nervous system to transmit signals, resulting in a range of signs and symptoms, including physical, mental, and sometimes psychiatric problems.   Specific symptoms can include double vision, blindness in one eye, muscle weakness, and trouble with sensation or coordination.  MS takes several forms, with new symptoms either occurring in isolated attacks (relapsing forms) or building up over time (progressive forms).   Between attacks, symptoms may disappear completely; however, permanent neurological problems often remain, especially with the advancement of the disease.  While the cause is unclear, the underlying mechanism is thought to be either destruction by the immune system or failure of myelin-producing cells.

idiot doctor

That’s a fancy way of saying the doctors don’t know what the hell is wrong with you.  At least some of them don’t, but I do.  You’ve been implanted with cybernetics by agents of the New World Order, and you’re being microwave harassed.

Lyme Disease – A Symptom of MK-ULTRA?

More on Morgellons and Joni Mitchell

v2k patent 2

But you don’t have to listen to me.  Listen to physicians like Dr. Rauni Kilde, the Chief Medical Officer of Finland, who was murdered by the global intelligence community for speaking out against the international criminal cartel.  She can tell you what really caused the death of Rowling’s mother.

Doctors Who Stand Against Microwave Harassment

There are all kinds of diseases, from dementia to depression, caused by cybernetic implantation and microwave harassment.  They show up as the Cruciatus Curse or through the Dementors, which seek to destroy our happiness and intelligence, in the Harry Potter books.

Microwave Harassment, Cybernetic Implantation, and Misdiagnosis


Remember how Jo Rowling attacked Scottish seperatists?  Did you know that Scotland, Rowling’s country of adoption, “for unknown reasons,” has the highest rate of multiple sclerosis in the world?  Do you think that’s an accident? or is it the targeting of Scotland by the New World Order from their base in London?

scotland ms

You know where else has a super-high rate of multiple sclerosis?  Sweden.  Another socialist hell-hole, run by the New World Order, where women are raped in the streets by migrants while government bureaucrats run the “healthcare” system.  That’s what Rowling wants to bring to the States through her support of Obama and Clinton.

Coming Soon To Your Country – The Illuminati’s Sick Experiment In Sweden

europe ms

Rowling took part in a campaign to establish a national standard of care for MS sufferers.  That’s what she thinks we need.  More government control….

birth of big pharma

Poor Jo Rowling thinks that MS is a naturally occurring disease; and, if only the medical establishment had more power, they could fix it.  That’s why she’s thrown tons of money into a neurology clinic named for her mother, although she eventually withdrew her support while doctors in the institution to which she gave twenty-five million pounds (£25,000,000.00) resigned and fought with each other.

rowling multiple sclerosis (ms)

See how Rowling’s eyes look crooked in the picture above?  That’s because she’s been implanted with ocular implants just like Alastor “Mad-Eye” Moody in the Harry Potter books.

mad eye moody

NWO mocks us as they implant cybernetic technology in our bodies.  You can learn more about CIA’s cybernetics programs in Aaron and Melissa Dykes’ excellent documentary film, The Minds of Men.

Cybernetics and the Minds of Men – Part One

Cybernetics and the Minds of Men – Part Two

Rowling hints at psycho-surgery when she describes the scar on Harry Potter’s forehead.

harry potter scar

I have a smaller scar over my right eye, almost invisible, where CIA put a cybernetic implant in my head back in the early 1970s, along with skin tags under my arms and a split thumbnail from electroshock.

prisoner.nailDid I mention I am a third-generation survivor of MK-ULTRA on both sides of my family, who was also programmed by the Tavistock Institute?

Read More About Me Here


The scum in global intelligence love to break up families and to isolate women and children, so they can prey on them while they taunt the men who try to protect them, so it’s no wonder they estranged Jo Rowling from her father at an early age.  Later she would keep her own daughter away from her husband.

How They Took My Daughter From Me & How I’ll Always Be Here For Her

family court

The subhuman traitors abuse us face to face, either by home burglary or by sending children off to the boarding schools Rowling advertises.  Keep your children and your women close, and keep your home safe!

Simple Tips To Keep Your Home Safe

surface bolt

You can learn more about our abuse in books by Cisco Wheeler, the grand niece of General Earle Wheeler, Head of Joint Chiefs of Staff.  But what would she know about secret government programs?

Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler on Illuminati Mind Control Techniques


Like me, Rowling was implanted with cybernetics so they could send hypnotic suggestions to her by voice to skull (V2K).

V2K – Voice To Skull


Rowling tells how she rode a train from Manchester to London, and, after a lifetime of writing, the idea of Harry suddenly “fell into her head.”  The scum that wanted her to funnel money to phoney charities and brainwash children put the idea in the idiot’s noggin using cybernetic implants and voice-to-skull transmission.

I had been writing almost continuously since the age of six but I had never been so excited about an idea before. I simply sat and thought, for four (delayed train) hours, and all the details bubbled up in my brain, and this scrawny, black-haired, bespectacled boy who did not know he was a wizard became more and more real to me.

Hypnosis shows up in Rowling’s books when she writes about the Imperius Curse, used for mind control, where people are forced to do things they would never otherwise do.


What our abusers in CIA, at Tavistock, or through the Illuminati call hive mind, linking their disgusting consciousness to ours, through cybernetically implanted technology, shows up in Rowling’s books when Harry Potter discovers that he shares a painful telepathic connection with Lord Voldemort.


Dr. Robert Duncan, a scumbag who worked for CIA, talks about this below.  You must not listen to anything he says, because he gives terrible advice in bad faith, but he will tell you that artificial telepathy, hive mind, and cybernetic mind control are real.

Rowling describes something similar in the Harry Potter books through Legilimency, the magical skill of extracting feelings and memories from another person’s mind, which also allows the projection of visions or false memories.  CIA calls it mind-mapping, artificial telepathy, and image or voice to skull.


Dissociation is what they’re looking for, when we phase out, waking up in another place, a disorienting experience, which shows up, of course, in Harry Potter, as Apparating.


People don’t remember what was done to them because the mind throws up amnesic walls as a natural defense to horrific abuse.  Things too terrible to remember are blotted out.  The enemy counts on this for the trauma-induced mind control used for centuries by the Illuminati, perfected at the Tavistock Institute, and spread through America by the CIA; and it shows up in the Harry Potter books when the Cruciatus Curse causes exhaustion, permanent amnesia, and insanity.

Tavistock Grin

As part of trauma-induced mind control, a programmer will give a subject an aversion, something horrible, which creates an amnesic block, like the Basilisk, the Acromantula, or the Boggart, which appear in Harry Potter.


In Harry Potter, the Basilisk guards the Chamber of Secrets, just as aversions create the amnesic walls that make mind control possible in real life.

chamber of secrets 2

Otherwise, just as CIA uses drugs for mind control, so potions are used in Harry Potter–whether they are Amortentia (causing victims to think they have fallen in love), Confusing Concoction (causing victims to feel distracted), Draught of Living Death (causing victims to pass out), Draught of Peace (sedating the victim), or Veritaserum (causing the victim to reveal secrets).  These potions mirror truth serums, hypnotic sedatives, and other date rape drugs that the slaves of the Illuminati use in secret government programs to abuse us while they stop memories from even forming.

Why We Don’t Remember – CIA’s Use of Date Rape Drugs

harry potter potions

Wands also advertise our abuse.

harry potter wand collection 4

As Cisco Wheeler, grand-niece of General Earle Wheeler, Head of Joint Chiefs of Staff, indicates, Illuminati programmers carry electric cattle prods, much like wands, to shock victims, to erase memories, and enforce compliance.

Programmers work in male-female pairs, like Albus Dumbledore and Minerva McGonagall, who are mirrored in Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger, as the hapless subject is driven from one to the other.

dumbledore and mcgonnagal

The Illuminati love to present us with false choices, double-binds, as they evoke the fear-relief response employed in the Reid Technique.  That’s used to break people down, too.

More on Programming Pairs and Cartel Signaling in James Clavell’s Shogun

The object of the scum that abuse us is to create alters, new personalities that they control, just as Harry Potter acquires a new identity just when he goes to boarding school and just when he hits puberty.

Types of Alter Personality (Parts) in Dissociative Identity Disorder
Common: Apparently Normal Parts (ANP) / Host,Child alter,Internal Self-helper (ISH),Introjects,Opposite-sex alters,Persecutor,Protector,Sexual Alter,Suicidal Alter or Internal Homicide,Teen alter. Less Common: Animal Alter,Baby and infant alter, Caretaker/Soother, Demon, Demonic and ‘Evil’ Alter, Fragment, Military or Political Alter, Nonhuman Alter, Robot or Machine Alter, Shell, Spirit, Ghost, or Supernatural being Alters. Sub-parts.No particular types of alter are needed for a DID diagnosis, most people will only recognize a few types. Some people with DID may not recognize any, or may have types not listed. Types of alters depend on what each person needed to survive.


The subhuman degenerates at CIA, NSA, and USAF employ these horrific techniques at military bases, hospitals, universities, and Disney World, which contains a maze of underground tunnels in which victims are abused only to be given a cover memory that they had a scary ride on Space Mountain.


The same thing must go on at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, a chain of themed areas at Universal Parks and Resorts, originally intended to form part of Disney World.

wizarding world of harry potter 2

The satanic trash at CIA, MI-Whatever, and the Tavistock Institute always lie, as they claim they have deals with us, so they will kill victims pursuant to alleged soul contracts.  This shows up, in Harry Potter, as the Unbreakable Vow.  

soul contract - deal with devil

Believe me:  it’s breakable.  Don’t listen to their bullshit.  They won’t keep any deals with you, and you must not keep any deals with them.

Why You Must Never Make A Deal With The Scum!!!

octopus political cartoon

The dogs of the Illuminati focus on alleged magic days in the luciferian calendar, like 911, 322, Valentine’s Day, April Fool’s, May Day, the Day of the Dead, Halloween, and Walpurgisnacht, on which they will shed blood according to their bogus “soul contracts.”  This ridiculous and insane obsession with numerology shows up in the children’s books as Arithmancy.

April Fool’s Day – The Attack on Sharry Konopski


There is some suggestion that the publication of the Harry Potter books on the Summer and Winter Solstices and on other satanic holidays follows such a pattern, but it is mostly what they call gamma programming–jibber-jabber to make you look crazy and to distract you.  Don’t bother with it.

The Attacks on Lara Logan – From Valentine’s Day to Beltane to September 11

gravity falls calendar owl

Similar signaling occurs through the presence of Illuminati symbols like the Pyramid and the All-Seeing Eye, which show up in the background of the Harry Potter movies.  Do you really think that’s meaningless?

all seeing eye and pyramid

The Sign of the Deathly Hallows resembles the Square and Compass used by the Freemasons that run British military intelligence–the scum behind Rowling’s abuse.

sign of the deathly hallows masonic

The same symbols of the Pyramid and the All-Seeing Eye, as mirrored in the Sign of the Deathly Hallows, show up on our dollar bill to signal the power of the banking cartel, based in London, that runs the show.


Masonic symbols appear in the Chessboard Chamber.

chessboard chamber

This scene from Harry Potter mirrors the tesselated pavement found in every masonic temple where the conspirators that plot our abuse meet.


Similar echoes of MK-ULTRA, with its ties to the freemasons, appear in jejune wordplay–like when we learn that “Tom Marvolo Riddle” can be made into the anagram “I am Lord Voldemort.” 

This is just as stupid as the stuff we find in another MK-ULTRA classic, The Phantom Tollbooth, famous for its wordplay.

More on CIA’s Use of Children’s Literature (Including The Phantom Tollbooth)

phantom tollbooth

Or in the idiotic stylings of Jim Morrison, Mr. Mojo Risin’, the son of an admiral, who led America’s youth to drugs and disillusionment.

The Scream of the Butterfly – Jim Morrison, The Doors, & MK-ULTRA


So why is Harry Potter so popular?  Two words.  MIND CONTROL.


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Our enemy depends on silence.

harry potter witches


  1. This person did not write those books. In fact some think one of the Mitford sisters wrote it. Well known spook family.

    This person is, however, one of the powers and it made a deal and put its face to those books. That is how they push money around to one another.

    All you see are bag men for the mobsters. That is it.


  2. A brilliant piece of work Friend. The Potter books were originally written by a renegade B I agent named Emily Gyde. She has a blog called – blackrabbitblackrabbitblackrabbit . Best wishes


    1. The original version of Sabrina the Teenage Witch TV series, was “cute” and designed to introduce witchcraft and demonology to young minds. Check out the latest version on Netflix. It’s gone all Evil Dead and ups the programming to push ritual black magic and make extreme violence appear ho hum. Harry Potter is just one more, in a relentless train of thinly disguised dark magick. It’s designed to desensitise our children to abject evil and Luciferian/Globalist psi programming. Rowling’s books (or so we’re told they’re hers) are cliched and repetitive. If they appear “REALLY GOOD” it’s because the Satanic World Order is promoting them endlessly. Rowling doesn’t “mean well”. She’s a dyed in the wool satanist.


  3. I need to say that I liked HP as a teenager — it was my generation book. I wanted to go to Hogwarts, I wanted to be just like Harry or Hermione.

    Now I feel like all my childhood dreams are corrupted. Unpleasant feeling but better to know what was done to me, what they tried to enstill on me, that live in illusions.


    1. I agree, but the enemy also wants to wreck our dreams. They are scum that want us to feel bad. Don’t let them wreck your childhood.

      You can still enjoy Harry Potter (even though you see how they try to use it).

      In this regard, you may be interested in my articles on Raquel Welch and James Clavell.

      I find Raquel extremely sexy, and she does a great job fighting back and being herself even though she is asleep and the enemy seeks to use her for foul purposes.


      I often can’t look at her, but that’s because the enemy is attacking me with cybernetics–not because of what the trash did to her or how they tried to use her.


      Likewise, James Clavell is an author I grew up reading, he was a pretty cool guy, and I learned a lot from his books. He, too, fought back in his sleep, and I still enjoy watching Shogun even though it is a psy-op.


      There are many other examples, just as some readers may find Wonder Woman or the New Charlie’s Angels empowering even though, as I discuss elsewhere on this site, there are CIA programs built around them to encourage rape fantasies and rape.

      As we say in English, “Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater!”

      Liked by 1 person

  4. HP is evil.

    The reason people defend it, and other unhealthy things like playing violent video games is…..

    They are defending a harmful activity they have been desensitized to
    They are involved in the occult
    They refuse to cease gorging on harmful media
    They are (spiritually) blind
    Their precious snowflake egos are offended! Me like toxic media, ah! ah! ah!


  5. I’m ashamed to admit that I worked as an ‘extra’ on HP &The Deathly Hallows Part 2. I was a Deatheater. We filmed at Leavesden Studios (Hertfordshire. UK).


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