The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a false flag attack through which the New World Order is using an engineered virus and associated media coverage to drive us to socialized healthcare and mandatory vaccinations.

Read My Article on Bill Gates, False Flags, and the Coronavirus Here


While our schools are closed for “cleaning,” NWO is effecting the 5g roll-out, installing devices in classrooms, to fry our children’s brains.

Here’s My Follow-Up on COVID-19, the 5g Roll-Out, & the Attack on our Children


You’d think the end of the world had come, but fewer than 200 people have died in the entire United States—as compared to 57,000 last flu season.

coronavirus statistics



The Illuminati are insane, and the satanic scum are obsessed with numbers and dates.  

Satanic Holidays

That’s why they influenced President Trump to declare a State of Emergency on Friday the Thirteenth.

Proclamation on Declaring a National Emergency Concerning the Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Outbreak from the White House

Map Coronavirus

March 22 is another important day on the luciferian calendar, beginning the Season of Sacrifice, which runs forty days to May First, otherwise known as Beltane, Walpurgisnacht, or May Day, and followed by a shoulder season terminating on May Fifth, the Day of the Skulls.

That’s why we see 322 on the crest of Skull and Bones, a secret satanic society to which the Bushes belong.

The Bush Family, Satanism, and Crimes against America


Look for further developments, something big, on March 22, May 1, and May 5.

luciferian calendar

My guess is that it will involve the imposition of medical martial law.  

martial law 5

Still it might be something else.  They love April Fools Day, too.

Sharry Konopski – What They Want To Take from Us

April Fools

Did you know the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act went into its final version on December 21 a/k/a the Winter Solstice, Yule, or the Longest Night?

Read the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act (MSEHPA) Here

It wasn’t just any Winter Solstice.  It was December 21, 2001, the Longest Night following the false flag attacks on the World Trade Center.

Allegedly, CIA killed their former agent Osama bin Laden on May Day—although it was May 2 in Pakistan because of the time zone difference.

Walpurgisnacht – Lara Logan, Osama bin Laden, and Benghazi


Still, the deep state never even pretended to catch the perpetrators of the false flag attacks involving anthrax, which immediately followed the attacks on the World Trade Center and which led to the promulgation of the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act on the Winter Solstice.

The Model State Emergency Health Powers Act (MSEHPA) was put forward by the Center for Law and the Public’s Health at Johns Hopkins University.

johns hopkins hospital

You know? Johns Hopkins? That’s the medical research university that partnered with the Gates Foundation to host EVENT 201, a war game that simulated a Coronavirus pandemic three months before the outbreak.

Georgetown University partnered with Johns Hopkins in the drafting of MSEHPA.  You know? Georgetown? The university run by the Jesuits, from which CIA recruits so heavily?

Jorge Bergoglio – The Jesuit Pope & his Crimes


As CIA Officer Howard Hunt said, “The Jesuits form the greatest intelligence service in the world and always have.”  CIA loves colleges like Georgetown.

CIA also recruits heavily from Fordham, a Jesuit research university, which two different Directors of Central Intelligence, John O. Brennan and William Casey, attended.

brennan casey cia

Another fellow who went to Fordham is Governor Mario Cuomo, who declared a curfew in New York after two people, aged 65 and 82, died of Coronavirus.

My friend, Dr. Katherine Horton, a leader in the fight against NWO, has taught me to read the symbolism in the colleges and universities we attended—Cambridge in my case, Oxford in hers.

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Check out the seal of Fordham, where Governor Cuomo, Director Brennan, and Director Casey all went.

fordham seal mosaic

Doesn’t it look satanic? That looks like a serpent to me.

serpent satan

It reminds me of the Hall of Pontifical Audiences in the Vatican.

pope reptile hall

Fordham has a ram for a mascot.

fordham goat

The Ram of Mendes, or Banebdjedet, is associated with Baphomet, whom the Knights Templar worship.

ram of mendes

You can see George Herbert Walker Bush, the Director of CIA, who married the daughter of Aleister Crowley, alias The Great Beast 666, alias Perabduro, alias Ankh-f-n-Khonsu, wearing a similar symbol below.

Remembering George Bush – Pedophilia, Cocaine, & Murder


Christine LaGarde, the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, wears the satanic goat, ram, or whatever it is, which appears on the former president’s hat.


So does Prince William, who must shop at the same store.

Read about Prince William’s Uncle, Andrew, the Royal Rapist & his Crimes

The House of Windsor – More on the Satanic Pack of Treasonous Degenerates

william wales windsor goat

The Royal Air Force, like the Royal Family, is deeply satanic.

raf goats

So is the United States Air Force, which allegedly failed to control our air space when four jets were hijacked to crash into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The Air Force is Full of Satanists, Rapists, and Child Molesters

satans angels

Back on the ground, satanic rams figure large at the Jesuits’ private research university.

fordham rotc insignia

And Fordham graduate, Governor Andrew Cuomo, wrote an open letter to former Fordham student, President Donald Trump, urging him to mobilize the military against the American people all because two elderly citizens died.

Opinion | Andrew Cuomo to President Trump: Mobilize the Military to Help Fight Coronavirus – The New York Times

fordham keating hall

I don’t think Trump is on it.  He’s just reacting as he is programmed to do.  After studying at the Jesuit hotbed of Fordham, he went on to attend the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

penn wharton logan hall

Wharton is another programming hub, where Eric Trist, one of the founders of the Tavistock Institute worked for the Social Systems Science, or S-Cubed, Program, and CIA programmed many under MK-ULTRA.


Pressured by the media, Trump feels he must do something, which gives an opening to the programmers he can’t see.

We’re All Subject to Suggestions – Learn How To Fight Them Here


The president declared an emergency under the Stafford Act for the purpose of providing assistance to state and local governments whose resources have been overwhelmed.  This allows the federal government to perform, in its discretion, various activities to support state and local agencies.  It can coordinate disaster-relief efforts, provide technical and advisory help to state and local governments, provide grants to individuals and households for temporary housing and personal needs, and distribute medicine and food.

President Trump has invited state governors to request, if they so choose, declarations of major disaster.  Under a major-disaster declaration, the federal government can provide additional forms of assistance—most notably, direct relief in the form of unemployment assistance, food coupons, legal services, grants to assist low-income migrant and seasonal farmworkers, emergency public transportation, and emergency communications.

Read Stafford Act Assistance and Acts of Terrorism by Congressional Research Service Here


For either type of declaration, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is the responsible agency, and the source of funding is the Disaster Relief Fund—which contains more than $40,000,000,000.00.

Read National Emergency Powers by the Congressional Research Service Here

fema regions

Trump’s declaration also relied on the 1976 National Emergencies Act (NEA), which authorizes the president to invoke special powers contained in more than one hundred other provisions of law.  In the declaration, the president must specify which powers he intends to invoke, and he must issue updates if he adds new powers to the list.  Specifically, Trump will ease constraints on the practice of telemedicine.

Read Definition of National Emergency under the National Emergencies Act by Congressional Research Service Here

national emergencies act

The president’s response is tempered next to those of many world and state leaders, but it is still a dangerous overreaction, which stems from a wrong view of the federal government.  There is nothing in the Constitution to support these laws.

Read the Constitution of the United States Here

Constitution American Flag

It could be a lot worse, and we’re already getting there.  

fema camps 3

Governor Cuomo is asking for widespread use of the army, and former vice president Joe Biden said, “I would call out the military now.”

martial law 1

That’s something governors already have the power to do, and the governors of twenty-two states have called up 1500 personnel in the National Guard.

national guard 2

Martial law can be declared by the president, by congress, or by the governor of a state if provided in that state’s constitution.

martial law 7

Under martial law, our liberties, which are already under severe attack, and are violated daily by criminals in the deep state, could be overtly suspended.  As American soldiers were turned against the American people, we would lose our right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures, our freedom of association, and our freedom of movement.  Habeas corpus, the right to a speedy trial, could be suspended.

martial law thugs

You can read the lead cases on martial law below, and you can do legal research in the library of your local courthouse or law school.

Read Duncan v. Kahanamoku Here

Read Hirabayashi v. U.S. Here

Read Korematsu v. U.S. Here

law library

In the United States, martial law has been instituted on a regional level only during World War II and on the national level only during the Civil War.

Read Ex Parte Merryman Here

Read Ex Parte Milligan Here

civil war

Otherwise, only states have declared martial law and that in response to uprisings, political protests, labor strikes, and riots.

Read Scheuer v. Rhodes Here

Read Sterling v. Constantin Here

kent state

We are starting to see these kinds of actions in response to the overhyped plan-demic.  New York has a curfew.  Dallas has banned gatherings of more than five hundred people, and other cities have banned assemblies of more than fifty.  Illinois, where strong gun control laws have already been implemented in Chicago, violent crime has risen for years, and citizens are unlawfully detained and tortured in Homan Square, has become a police state.

But the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act (MSEHPA), which more than forty states have adopted, does not frame the question in terms of martial law.

msehpa map

As the American Civil Liberties Union and other watchdog groups have pointed out, MSEHPA is full of problems.  The Act lets a governor declare a state of emergency unilaterally and without judicial oversight, fails to provide modern due process procedures for quarantine and other emergency powers, lacks adequate compensation for seizure of assets, and contains no checks on the power to order forced treatment and vaccination.  The Act contains an overbroad definition of “public health emergency” that sweeps in diseases that do not justify quarantine or forced treatment.  And the Act lacks privacy protections, since it requires the disclosure of massive amounts of personal information.

AAPS on the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act

New World Order has worked to create this monstrosity for a long time.  MSEHPA is not simply overkill:  It is a trojan horse designed to take our country out.

Corbett Report Episode 086 – Medical Martial Law (online)

trojan horse ms

Under Section 603, the government can force vaccinations and quarantine those who refuse.

martial law 4

This is extremely dangerous.  If faced with such a choice, vaccination is better than de facto imprisonment; but vaccinations are dangerous, deliberately so.

Vaccines contain nanotechnology purposely used by scum in the New World Order to destroy people’s lives.

Vaccines are what the monster, Bill Gates, who engineered this attack on our country, wants to drive us to.

More on Bill Gates, False Flags, and the Coronavirus

Bill Gates, Co-Chair the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation shows a vaccine during the press conference. UN Photo / Jean-Marc FerrŽ

Some might understandably choose a firefight, so the New World Order seeks to disarm us through CIA OPERATION GLADIO C.

Gun Rights, False Flag Attacks, & the Manipulation of Public Opinion


You may want to buy a semi-automatic rifle in an undocumented private sale, which you may legally do, before it gets too late.


Nothing like the Coronavirus Scare has happened before, and it is about to cause a serious paradigm shift—just as the false flag attacks on 911 did.

Read The End of America by Dr. Naomi Wolf

Urgent Political Action Item – Oppose the PATRIOT ACT

The New World Order has been readying FEMA for use against us.

Already, there have been executive orders that drastically attack our property rights and our liberties.

fema executive orders

This country has been split into FEMA REGIONS like something from the Hunger Games.

fema regions 2

Here you can see their commanders.

fema regions with commandersWALMARTS will be used as detention centers, a/k/a FEMA CAMPS, if they have not already.

walmart fema

WALMARTS have been disproportionately closed in southern states.

walmart closings jade helm

That’s an area where people don’t trust the federal government.  There they know:  God, guts, and guns make America great.


Ordinarily I’d say that closing Walmarts, where inferior “free trade” goods are sold to the detriment of our economy, was a good thing—but not when they’re repurposed as concentration camps.

FEMA-Walmart jade helm

When faced with OPERATION JADE HELM 15, the Governor of Texas rightly felt targeted.

Who wouldn’t when big box stores used to destroy our country turned into FEMA CAMPS?

These are detention centers, pure and simple, and they are connected with tunnels to DEEP UNDERGROUND MILITARY BASES.

There is a network of DUMBS across our country.


SCHRIEVER AIR FORCE BASE is one of many used for mind control and surveillance.

NASA – Never A Straight Answer

The infrastructure is in place to put us freedom fighters away.

fema camps 2

FEMA has camouflaged the concentration camps as disaster relief.

fema camps 5

Look how that worked in New Orleans, after they ginned up HAARP to strike it with weaponized weather in  HURRICANE KATRINA.

New Orleans – Target of the New World Order

Or look at California, where arson is used to burn people out, with DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS, so NWO can drive them into FEMA CAMPS as the first step in building a high-speed global railroad.

California – Targeted by the New World Order

Or look at Haiti, where HAARP was used to start an earthquake, as a prelude to OPERATION UNIFIED RESPONSE—an invasion by SOUTHCOM, JTF-HAITI, and the Clintons, who purport to provide aid and relief.

Or look at Ethiopia, where NWO created famine so they could further destroy the country with aid.

Ethiopia – Targeted by the New World Order

Using the Deep State, the Illuminati create these disasters, through HAARP, and weaponized weather, so they can drive us into FEMA camps.

Jesse Ventura, a former Navy SEAL, Governor of Minnesota, and conspiracy theorist, has done exposés on the police state.

As Jesse Ventura points out, the federal government is run by white trash, who conspire to destroy our liberties.

Don’t lie down for it.


It’s even worse because war criminals, traitors, and rapists like George Bush have set up procedures for the United Nations to have complete control over “response procedures” including martial law in the event of avian and pandemic influenza.

Bush Greases Skids For UN Pandemic Power Grab

North American Plan for Animal and Pandemic Influenza


The United Nations is a front for human trafficking and child molestation.

Learn How The UN Promotes Child Rape

The United Nations is a threat to the sovereignty of every nation, and we need to withdraw from it immediately.  Contact the president and your congressional representatives.  Tell them we need to get the U.S. out of the U.N.

Use this Link To Find the Contact Information for your Elected Officials in Washington

US Out Of UN

Why does the United Nations want to take our guns away?  They advertise this agenda with their statue, The Knotted Gun, which stands in New York.

GLADIO C – More on Sex Kittens and Gun Rights

knotted gun

Why did FEMA and DHS sponsor a nine-week training course for 386,000 UN “Peacekeepers” to learn Urban Warfare, English, and US Weapons Systems?

fema united nations

NWO plans to stage a pandemic so they can place our country under globalist control.

I think COVID-19 is a dry run, somehow targeted at the president, so they can get a sense of how it would work and iron out the kinks—but the big bio-attack is coming.

They Are Coming

They’ve been planning this for a long time….


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