A friend of mine from the Netherlands, who goes by Partenopea, recently sent me a video clip from a documentary made in support of Q:  The Fall of the Cabal by Janet Ossebaard.

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My friend and I both think Q Anon is a psy-op, but we can learn from it. 

false flag school

The Fall of the Cabal by Janet Ossebaard describes a problem, and it purports to offer a solution.  The problem is described, relatively accurately, although there is no mention of mind control or microwave harassment.  That’s a glaring omission and a classic false flag attack.  Mind control is key to the attack against us, and Q hides the ball.

Self-Observation – How To Fight Microwave Harassment

sun tzu self knowledge

Here’s a bigger problem with Q.  The solution is false.  People need to act for themselves.  It is ridiculous to think that a secret anti-cabal is working against the Illuminati from the inside and that they have mapped out a plan for the world to follow.  We need to make our own solutions–not look for more powerful and all-knowing others to fix things for us.  The strength of our movement is that it lacks centralization.  Centralized power structures must never be trusted.  The entire method of the Illuminati is to drive us from an apparent oppressor into the protection of an apparent protector, when both controllers work against us.  That’s how they got me every time in hypnotic sessions, a process I describe in my article on Shogun; it’s the same process employed in a false flag attack, where a problem is created to drive someone to a false solution; and it evokes the fear-relief response that typifies the Reid Technique.   First they scare you; then they offer a way out.

False Choices between Programmers in James Clavell’s Shogun


Q has Illuminati psy-op written all over it.  Just look at the creepy figure with the hood.  Not only that but it has zeroes and ones all over it, imitating the computers they use to mind control us.  Come on!  How obvious can you get?

q hood

Or how about the serpent-like appearance of Q?  The snake is their symbol–not ours.  Or the herd-like nature of the slogan below? Is that what individuals do?

q snake

Most of all, how about the slavish conformity of “Trust the plan.”  What plan is that?  The plan that secret leaders have not shared with us?  And we’re supposed to trust them?  While they send us cryptic clues?  FUCK THE PLAN!

trust the plan

The Fall of the Cabal purports to ask people to think critically.  As Janet Ossebaard writes,

I urge you to accept nothing as the truth.  Please do your own research and double-check everything I present to you.  That is the only way to truly wake up and become an independent thinker.

I accept the invitation.  Here’s my critical take as an independent thinker.  The Fall of the Cabal provides a somewhat accurate view of the problems that face us, hiding the most important element (mind control), so it can offer a false solution.  Maybe Ossebaard’s in on it; maybe not.  Maybe she’s a knave, or maybe she’s a fool.  Either way, Q presents slavish conformity disguised as resistance.

wolf in sheep's clothing

Not only that, but researching child molestation, which the film subtly encourages the viewer to do, is an extremely dangerous practice.  No one should research child abuse.  Under the law, there is absolute liability for possessing child pornography.  You don’t need to see this stuff to know it’s real.  The film is trying to trap you–to lead you into depravity and liability.  Don’t fall for it!

mouse trap

Let’s look at the film together–part by part.  Aside from the warning above, the first eight parts are pretty good.  Stay away from internet searches about child molestation, and see the last two parts for what they are.  We can learn from this thing.  We can spring the trap, so we can take the cheese.  And watch out for that nasty snake!

clever mouse

And, you know, there’s a give-away in the first part of the film.  It makes a point of telling you to watch the last two episodes.  When has a film ever done that?  It also says the future is bright and cheery.  What a bunch of bullshit!  The enemy’s moves are so obvious, but let’s learn from them.  Here we go….



That’s really the whole movie, but let’s take it on its own terms to start, and try to find some good.

suspicious lady

Part One provides an overview of disconnects.  When things don’t make sense, don’t dismiss them.  See them as a sign of mind control, where real people fight the scum that speak or act through them, or as signs of a deeper problem in the world.  When we realize that evil degenerates lie behind the New World Order, it explains a lot.


The episode addresses fires in California, through which the deep state burns people out with directed energy weapons so they can put through a worldwide high speed railway in which Senator Dianne Feinstein’s husband owns an interest.  That’s significant since she represents California.  The railroads have been burning people out for a long time, and now they have a new way to do it.

California – Targeted by the New World Order


The episode addresses the patenting of genetically engineered diseases, like Ebola, Zika, or AIDS, and the injection of harmful vaccines into children.

False Flags – The Coronavirus, Bill Gates, and Monsanto

Bill Gates, Co-Chair the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation shows a vaccine during the press conference. UN Photo / Jean-Marc FerrŽ

The episode addresses the evil that Monsanto represents from the manufacturing of AGENT ORANGE during the Vietnam War to the destruction of farmland and the promotion of frankenfood today.

CIA Drug Wars from Vietnam to Afghanistan


Just as Monsanto sprayed a variety of chemicals on our troops in Vietnam in OPERATIONS POPEYE and RANCH HAND, NWO sprays us with nanotech and fungus, just like the stuff they inject into our arms, in USAF INDIGO SKY FOLD and CIA PROJECT CLOVERLEAF.

Chemtrails, Smartdust, & Mind Control – Look Up! You are being Sprayed with Poison!


The episode addresses the rash of massacres, through which NWO stages false flag shootings under OPERATION GLADIO C, and splashes them over the news under OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD, so they can promote an anti-gun-rights agenda.

Gun Rights, False Flag Attacks, & the Manipulation of Public Opinion

GLADIO C – Mia Khalifa, Sex Kittens, & Second Amendment Rights


The episode describes the war against our children by satanic degenerates when it refers to spirit cooking, adrenochrome, and satanic ritual abuse.

From Illuminati Banker to Heroic Whistleblower – Ronald Bernard, Satanic Ritual Abuse, and Adrenochrome

FBI Special Agent Ted Gunderson, His Fight against CIA, and the Satanic Ritual Abuse of Children


The episode alludes to the war against our children by satanic degenerates when it describes the filth masquerading as children’s television.

MK-ULTRA, the Horror of the Banana Splits, and Danger Island

Scooby Doo – MK-ULTRA Rape Programming

Jim Henson, Sesame Street, and the Muppets


Television does not only brainwash viewers; it watches our every move.

They Don’t Call Them Television Programs for Nothing!

Your Television Is Watching You

television hypnosis The film rightly indicates that the Nazis lie behind the New World Order, as they were brought to America in OPERATION PAPERCLIP.


The film rightly indicates that the Vatican lies behind these evils.

More on Jorge Bergoglio alias The Pope

pope lucifer

The film refers to the horrific scandals involving what does not amount to sex or even rape but rather blackmail, the torture of people’s sex organs, and other disgusting practices by so-called elites.

Remembering George Bush – Pedophilia, Cocaine, & Murder

Prince Andrew is a Liar and a Rapist

clinton 11

Whistleblowers like Cathy O’Brien and Susan Ford attest to their horrific abuse by lowlifes like Henry Kissinger, George Bush, and Bill and Hillary Clinton.

PROJECT MONARCH – Cathy O’Brien’s Heroic Fight against the Scum

Thanks for the Memories by Susan Ford (writing as Brice Taylor)

Hillary Clinton

The film rightly refers to mass migration, which has led to unbelievably disgusting gang rapes by muslim immigrants against white women in Europe.

The Rise of Taharrush in Germany

The Rise of Taharrush in Sweden

taharrush white 03

Otherwise, Part One of The Fall of the Cabal refers to the false flag attacks on 911, the award of the Nobel Peace Prize to the war monger Obama, the destruction of evidence and killing of witnesses by the rapist Clinton, full term abortions, and Hollywood’s promotion of beauty creams made from foreskins.  Nasty stuff!

world tour

You can watch Part One of The Fall of the Cabal below.



Part Two of The Fall of the Cabal describes Q, which is bad news–although I was struck by the Q Map.  I haven’t looked at it in detail.  

Click Here for a Large Format Version of the Q Map

qmapOmissions should interest us as much as inclusions.  What agencies are left out?  The Fall of the Cabal talks constantly of CIA, but it never even mentions NSA, DHS, or USAF.  How about other agencies at home or abroad? Those must be the source of the false flag attack called Q.

suspicious character

The Fall of the Cabal describes the world influence of Illuminati bloodline families like the Rothschilds and Rockefellers.  What Illuminist Houses are left out?  Those must be the source of the false flag attack called Q.

Bloodlines of the Illuminati by Fritz Springmeier

NWO Flowchart

Or maybe the Rothschilds are pretending to attack themselves.  These degenerates have funded both sides of every war since the days of Napoleon.

Myron Fagan – His Stand against Globalism, the Illuminati, & Rothschild Scum

prince charles and evelyn rothschild

Other Illuminati families like the DuPonts supplied the gunpowder for the Civil War and the recent World Wars.  They seem pretty much a dead letter now, though.

The DuPont Family & the DuPont Company – Behind the Nylon Curtain

dupont explosives

Illuminists have run China from the Opium Wars through the Taiping Rebellion through the Cultural Revolution to the present day.

More on the Cultural Revolution and the Planned Attack on Three Gorges Dam


Illuminists killed President Lincoln.

civil war lincoln rothschild

Illuminists killed President Kennedy.

The Kennedy Assassination – Jackie’s Dress

Read More on Why the CIA Killed Kennedy

Read More about JFK, the Federal Reserve, and Executive Order 11110


Illuminists sank the Titanic so they could create the Federal Reserve, a conspiracy about which you can read more in The Creature from Jekyll Island.

Read The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin Here


Aside from using this unconstitutional means to destroy our economy, the Rothschilds destroy the economies of all nations, sending armies against those who do not bank with them.  

rothschildbankscountriesCan we really believe the Rothschilds are not behind Q? Why would they let it exist when they can destroy entire countries? They would try to co-opt it some way.  Or maybe they just think it is ridiculous.

sherlock holmes thinking

Meanwhile scum like Bill Gates work with the Rockefellers to promote the big pharmaceutical interests that profit from the destruction of our bodies while they sell us false solutions.  The Rockefellers are also big and canny enough to pretend to attack themselves; so they might be behind Q.

The Rockefellers And Their Plan To Kill Us All – They’re Behind Everything

rockefeller gates

Engineered diseases are part of it, which the Illuminati use to push us toward martial law.

The Coronavirus, FEMA, & Medical Martial Law

fema regions 2

AIDS, Ebola, Zika, and the Coronavirus (COVID-19) are part of it.

Bill Gates, Germ Warfare, and False Flags


Fluoride is another piece of the puzzle.

How To Clean Your Pineal Gland (Which Fluoride Calcifies)


So is Monsanto’s frankenfood.

Monsanto’s Plan To Destroy The Earth And Its People


George Soros promotes socialism, false environmentalism, and pedophilia, as he seeks to destroy our country.  He’s not big enough, he hates Trump with a passion, and attacking himself is just not his style; so he’s not behind Q.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez – The Face of the New World Order

AOC 2.0: More on the Soros Puppet Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

Soros_evil empire

You can watch Part Two of The Fall of the Cabal below.



Part Three of The Fall of the Cabal was interesting for me to watch, since I knew absolutely nothing about the migrant caravan described here.  The film claims the whole thing was fake, a publicity stunt engineered by George Soros and played up in the news through OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD.  That sounds plausible.

mockingbird copy

There is also a good discussion of President Trump’s achievements and the mainstream media’s attacks on him, but I am suspicious of Q’s unqualified endorsement of Trump.  I don’t think Trump knows what’s going on, he must have been brainwashed at Fordham and Wharton, and, although he is a magnet for resistance, he is clearly not the leader of a secret resistance movement.

mockingbird 05

Unlike earlier presidents, Trump has worked to end human trafficking.

human trafficking trump v. obama

Child trafficking underlies the deep state.

A Conspiracy of Silence – Child Sexual Abuse Underlies the Deep State

The United Nations – A Front for Child Rape


Trump wants a wall, and we need one.  We’re fighting globalism; and it is not a racist act to maintain our national borders.

border wall

You can watch Part Three of The Fall of the Cabal below.



Part Four of The Fall of the Cabal begins with a discussion of Haiti, where the deep state used HAARP to cause an earthquake; so the New World Order could offer the false solution of “aid.”

The Lie of Globalism, the Destruction of Ethiopia, & the Use of Aid as a Weapon

haiti earthquake map

They did something similar in New Orleans, using HAARP to start Hurricane Katrina, driving people into FEMA camps, and stealing over $1,000,000,000.00 from the U.S. taxpayer while they purported to offer “aid.”

The Targeting of New Orleans by the New World Order

fema camps 3

Don’t forget Q is offering us “aid” now….

trojan horse ms

Part Four of The Fall of the Cabal goes on to describe child trafficking in Haiti. 

clinton silsby 7

The Clintons support child traffickers in Haiti, while they steal billions of dollars.

clinton silsby 1

Bill Clinton killed people in Waco.

Waco, Linda Thompson, and the Big Lie


So it’s no wonder the Clinton body bags keep piling up.


The Clintons have stolen plenty of money from the gullible, and Hillary’s not going to run for federal office again; so that’s why the film feels free to pillory her.  Just as when she stepped aside for Obama, she’s going to take one for the team.


As The Fall of the Cabal goes on to discuss Pizzagate, it shows the New World Order’s addiction to satanic cartel signalling.

Satanic Cartel Signaling – Thunderbirds, Firebirds, & Phoenixes

economist phoenix

This is a subject about which I have written extensively.

Satanic Cartel Signaling in Gravity Falls


Cartel signalling shows up on television.

Satanic Cartel Signaling in Batman

Satanic Cartel Signaling in Wonder Woman

Satanic Cartel Signaling in Charlies’ Angels

Six Million Dollar Man

Cartel signalling shows up in underground comics.

Satanic Cartel Signaling in Underground Comics

Satanic Cartel Signaling in Druuna


Cartel signalling shows up around former pornstars cum celebrities like Mia Khalifa.

Mia Khalifa and Satanic Cartel Signaling (part one)

Mia Khalifa and Satanic Cartel Signaling (part two)


Cartel signalling shows up in magazines like Playboy.

Satanic Cartel Signaling in Playboy


And cartel signaling shows up in Q’s imagery with its snakes, hoods, robes, keyholes, and numbers.

q hood

The Illuminati use microwave harassment, and the remote control of our bodies, to make us flash handsigns.  (This a point is entirely overlooked by Q, which makes Q not trustworthy).  Most of the people you see below are merely slaves, asleep, not insiders.

Illuminati, Masonic, & Satanic Hand Signs


The Illuminati can’t resist showing off their sick practices or their control of people.


Ironically, this is why Q says we can trust the plan.  Because we see little signs and symbols, things in odd places, people moving in odd ways….

How CIA Use Cybernetics To Move Our Bodies & for Mind Control

More on How CIA Uses Cybernetics To Move Bodies, Hearts, and Minds


There’s a plan all right, but it’s not friendly.

urizen rockefeller center

I think I’ll make my own plan–instead of trusting theirs.

wwii planning table

Q admits that Disney is a big part of it, but everyone knows that.

miley.cyrus.before.afterThings I once viewed as innocent push perversion.

The Playboy Mansion, Blackmail, and Rape

How CIA Pushes Teens to Perversion – Animal House, Revenge of the Nerds, & American Pie


Underneath it all lies a culture of child molestation—from Hollywood to Washington to Brussels.

Mothers of Darkness Castle – Chateau des Amerois & the Bush Family


Sickos like George Bush, Dick Cheney, and Kris Kristofferson hunt and rape naked women and children.

Hunting Humans – The Most Dangerous Game

most dangerous game poster 1

There is something deeply wrong with these subhuman degenerates.

Satanic Ritual Abuse, Spirit Cooking, and Adrenochrome


Frankly I found Part Four of The Fall of the Cabal hard to watch.  In part that’s what they depend on.  The scum in the New World Order count on good people not admitting that such evil can exist.  We don’t understand what makes the enemy tick, anymore than they understand us.  They truly are a different species.  We need to see them for the irredeemable degenerates they are.  But once we realize the nature of the subhuman enemy, and what they do, we do not need further information.  It will be easy to be outraged at the smallest thing, and that outrage will fuel our resistance.  It will inspire us to destroy our satanic foe.

Be Angry Our Way–Not Theirs

pedogateIf you need to, you can watch Part Four of The Fall of the Cabal below.  Make sure you do not research child molestation, and note how the film is trying to lead you to that dangerous practice.



Part Five of The Fall of the Cabal deals with the normalization of pedophilia combined with attempts to lower the age of consent.

europe age of consent map

It is unbelievably disgusting but important to see the nature of the enemy.  These people are scum.

roman polanski

The sexualization of children is not a fringe movement.  It is embraced not only by the fashion and entertainment industries but also by politicians, judges, and educators.

ruth bader ginsburg

Why is there no investigation of PizzaGate in which American children were raped and trafficked in our nation’s capital?

(But remember don’t go looking for pictures:  there is absolute liability under the law for possessing any representation of child pornography.  No excuses.  Besides, why would you want to look at that disgusting stuff anyway?)

Here’s an Expandable High-Resolution Chart of PizzaGate Connections

Here’s Another High-Resolution Expandable Chart of PizzaGate Connections

Comet Pin Pong

It’s certainly true:  Pedos are symbol-happy.

pizzagate symbols

Can you imagine anything more disgusting?

miley cyrus pizza

Miley Cyrus’s outfit may pick up not only Pizza-Gate but the leopard spots and cat ears that the trash often use to mark “beta sex kittens,” who have been entrained through torture, drugs, and hypnosis.


Zebra stripes, tiger stripes, and leopard spots carry different meanings.

Read More about Stripes and Spots in Playboy Here


So do sailor outfits–although the scum lie, and they use hypnosis to guide people to fashion choices, so you can’t always rely on these signals. 

sailor cologneLike the Nazis, the Illuminati brand their slaves like cattle.


Like ruby slippers, which go with Wizard of Oz training, clothes can indicate mind control of one form or another.  See the satanic pentagram?


Look at Sarah Palin’s red shoes.  The poor lady has mind control written all over her.

Read More about Governor Sarah Palin, Whom the Scum Call Caribou Barbie, Here


Not to mention the satanic combination of red and black, look at the Governor’s red jacket, which suggests Little Red Riding Hood, who encounters a wolf in bed.   The scum love bestiality.  Under MK-ULTRA, they often rape women and children with dogs during “training”–an event the mind of the subject blots out through an amnesia wall.

Read Susan Ford on Sexual Abuse, Programming, and Mind Control

Read Cisco Wheeler on Sexual Abuse, Programming, and Mind Control

Read Svali on Sexual Abuse, Programming, and Mind Control

red riding hood wolf

An important element of mind control is dissociation, when a subject phases out, on sensory or information overload.  That’s useful to know not only so you can spot it in yourself and others but because The Fall of the Cabal attempts to use that very technique.  In later episodes, the narrator repeatedly refers to information overload and denial as a lead-in to the false solution:  “Trust the plan.”  


Fuck the plan.

middle finger

These people are scum.  Say that:  scum.  Not sick (which wrongheaded people sometimes use to mean something they like).  And really they’re not even people.  And I don’t mean that they are lizard-people or aliens:  those are other psy-ops involving gamma programming.  They are not the same species as us, but they are subhuman degenerates.


Barrack Hussein Obama is in there.

creepy obama

It all goes back to the Clintons.

clinton silsby 3

But Hillary Clinton, who destroyed the evidence that would damn her, is “honored” by the Children’s Defense Fund.


The Rothschilds lie behind it all.

rothschilds and clintons

What are they not behind?

jacob rothschild

I can’t stand to watch Part Five of The Fall of the Cabal; but if you don’t believe in the reality of PizzaGate, watch the video, and do not research these matters further.



Part Six of The Fall of the Cabal begins by showing that the swimming pool pictured in John Podesta’s disgusting “artwork” belonged to Gloria Vanderbilt.

gloria vanderbilt

Gloria Vanderbilt, who belonged to one of the thirteen Illuminati bloodlines, gave birth to Anderson Cooper, the homosexual reporter who worked for CIA.

anderson cooper

This episode describes a lot of fake news on the mainstream media—including attacks on President Trump.

news bias against trump

It describes the mainstream media’s deliberately deceitful reports, which have dragged us into unjust and illegal wars.

syria lies mockingbird

CIA lies behind it all.  


That’s the whole purpose of OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD.


Former Director of Central Intelligence, John Brennan, even works directly for NBC.

john brennan cia

One important point among many is the background of Snopes, which is run by a pornstar, has no researchers or fact checkers, and does nothing but dismiss so-called “conspiracy theories.”


Did you know that the term “conspiracy theory” was invented by CIA?


It appears in a CIA memorandum called COUNTERING CRITICISM OF THE WARREN REPORT.

countering criticism of the warren report

CIA thought people were asking too many questions about the first Kennedy assassination.


You can watch Part Six of The Fall of the Cabal below.



Part Seven of The Fall of the Cabal begins with a discussion of the sicko Marina Abramovich, a known associate of child molesters and rapists who was implicated in PizzaGate.  Note how the film went back to this topic after it moved away from it.

Marina Abramovic 1

The episode continues with a discussion of insiders who were found hanging from doorknobs, including Annabelle Neilson, the ex-wife of Nathaniel Rothschild.

doorknob victims

Allegedly, this is cartel signaling for the killing of a potential whistleblower.  That sounds plausible, but I’d like confirmation from someone else.  And I’d like to know how they know this.


Part Seven describes Chelsea Clinton’s association with the Church of Satan.

chelsea clinton satan tweets

The Church of Satan and the Temple of Set are associated with Col. Michael Aquino, a child molester who tortured many people at military bases under MK-ULTRA.

aquino set

Aquino’s eyebrows are a tell.  He must have had to hypnotize his barber just to let him out of the shop.  Still not everyone with shaggy eyebrows is bad news.  Don’t get too paranoid about the people you meet on the street.  Watch out for street theater–a subject never discussed in The Fall of the Cabal.

wizard browls eye brows aquino et al

The satanic group ORION runs NASA and USAF.  None of these groups are discussed in The Fall of the Cabal.

The Air Force is Full of Satanists, Rapists, and Child Molesters

satans angels

Statues of the devil corrupting children appear in front of courthouses.

baphomet statue handsign pentagram

Sickos in Los Angeles dine at Cannibal Club, which serves human flesh and boasts a clientele including “noted filmmakers, intellectuals, and celebrities.”

Cannibal Club

Stars like David Bowie were into Hitler.

More on David Bowie and His Connections to the Illuminati

bowie nazi salute

Royals in the satanic Ninth Circle hunt, torture, and rape children.

Chateau des Amerois and the Mothers of Darkness

Amerois Inside

The Queen of England is only one of them.

The Windsors are a Pack of Satanic Traitors

elizabethwindsorThe Dutch royals are satanic Nazis.

nazi dutch royal shell

So are the Bush Family, who, with Brown Brothers Harriman, financed Hitler’s rise to power.

The Bush Family, Satanism, & Crimes against America


CIA spirited Nazis out of Germany in OPERATION PAPERCLIP.


Reinhard Gehlen, who became an American general and trained MOSSAD, was only one of them.

Read The New Underworld Order by Christopher Story Here

reinhard gehlen

Wernher von Braun, who ran NASA’s rocket program, was another.

NASA – Never A Straight Answer

wernher von braun

Josef Mengele, who tortured many in America, using the name Dr. Green, was another still.

Dr. Josef Mengele – The Cruelest Nazi Doctor of the Holocaust


Mengele tortured Cisco Wheeler, the grand niece of General Earle Wheeler, Head of Joint Chiefs of Staff.  If you really want to learn how mind control works, read her books.  She helped me a lot.

Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler on Illuminati Mind Control Techniques

cisco wheeler illuminati book

Mengele passed through ARCO’s plants, while they were building HAARP, and there he brainwashed my grandfather.

Read More About Me Here


ARCO is affiliated with the Rockefellers.


Satanists and Nazis appear in Latin America where CIA runs the show through OPERATION CONDOR.

Condor South America

Watch Part Seven of The Fall of the Cabal to learn more about the scum behind the New World Order.



Part Eight of The Fall of the Cabal returns to the satanic pedophile practices that underlie the New World Order and the scum that extract and use adrenochrome from terrified child victims.   Look how the film keeps going back to this.  The film-maker may be innocent, simply mind-controlled; but the film is trying to lead you to an interest in depravity.  It gives you a dose of this, let’s you recover, gives you another dose, let’s you recover, and so on.  Either you’re going to become interested, you’re going to turn off the movie, or you’re going to become inured to this stuff. 


I tell my students, “It doesn’t matter if you believe in the devil:  They believe in the devil.”  The only thing you need to know is the enemy is destructive and irrational and you must fight them with everything you have.  You’re not going to talk them around.  You don’t need to understand evil from the inside.  You don’t need detail of atrocities once you realize the evil we face.  There’s no mystery to it.  They are scum, the enemies of humankind, for whom we must have no sympathy as we fight them with all our energy.

devil trick

Svali and Fiona Barnett are only two of the people who have testified as to these horrors.

Svali Speaks – Breaking the Chain

Fiona Barnett – A Hero in our Fight

eye triangles illuminati

In Canada, 50,000 native children have been tortured, raped, and murdered.  I’ll take their word for it.  I don’t need to see the pictures or to hear details.  A useful place to go would be to the Reverend Kevin Annett, the co-founder of the International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State, who has held criminals to account.  Kevin Annett has written how-to books so that you can work to hold criminals responsible, so that you can be empowered, so that you can take action as an individual; but The Fall of the Cabal never mentions him.  It tells you to “trust the plan.”

Learn more about Kevin Annett, a Hero in our Fight!

canadian children murdered

Just as the royals are in on it, so is the Vatican.  The Reverend Kevin Annett held the last pope to account.  That’s why he went back to Joseph Ratzinger instead of Pope Benedict, as Kevin Annett drove him from the Vatican.  Believe me:  Annett is not part of “the plan.”  This hero has a name, and he does not hide in the shadows or send secret signals.  The Fall of the Cabal never mentions him, or what you, too, could do.  It never goes into detail about real heroes who fight (except for Donald Trump, whose time it says has passed).  Instead, the film, like Q, tells you to look for weird signs and “trust the plan.”

The Vatican is the Center of an International Criminal Enterprise


NWO’s goal, as proclaimed on the Georgia Guidestones and in UNITED NATIONS AGENDA 21, 2030, and 2050, is to kill over eighty percent of all human beings.


You can watch Part Eight of The Fall of the Cabal below.  Be warned:  It’s ugly.  And for God’s sake, don’t look for more online.



Part Nine of The Fall of the Cabal begins on a hopeful note, as it describes the Yellow Vest Movement.

Springtime in Paris – They Just Don’t Get It

The Yellow Vests against the New World Order, or Why You Can’t Buy a Yellow Vest in Egypt

Police Brutality, Disinformation, and Infiltration of the Yellow Vests

Yellow Vest

The film claims that sympathetic actors, including President Trump, stand at the top of society and that they have mapped out a plan for us to follow.  

trust the plan 5

I think Trump is without question the lesser evil in many respects, and he is actually trying to do a good job; but this is ridiculous.  The idea that secret leaders will take care of everything does not belong to free people.  We need to make our own solutions—not expect help from the top. 

rosey the riveter trust yourself

Do you really think that instead of doing something real, a secret anti-cabal is leaving secret signs for you to decipher?

idiot detective

But most of all, remember what The Fall of the Cabal did not show you.  It’s something every targeted individual knows:  the reality of cybernetic mind control and microwave harassment.  To learn more about this, watch Aaron and Melissa Dykes’s excellent film, The Minds of Men.

Cybernetics and the Minds of Men (part one)

Cybernetics and the Minds of Men (part two)

The little signs and movements The Fall of the Cabal describes are gaslighting.  DHS tries to make you sound crazy, or go crazy, not only with microwave harassment, but by leading you to obsess about unimportant things.  They are playing mind games, and that is a standard technique of Zersetzung.

You Can Learn More about Zersetzung & Microwave Harassment in Some of the Videos Here


Now the psy-op of The Fall of the Cabal is in full swing.  Remember how they told you to make sure, no matter what, that you watched the last two episodes?  This is supposed to be the relief, the good cop, that follows the fear, the bad cop, in the Reid Technique.

Watch Part Nine of The Fall of the Cabal, and you will see how it is trying to play you.



At this point the film has left reality behind.  This is like a programming session, where they have put you through hell and, at the end, they send you to your happy place.  And what do you do?  Trust the plan, and look for weird signs and signals that tell you everything will be okay?  And by the way, you were right to choose Trump, but now it’s time for a new leader.  And everything is the CIA, and nothing is the NSA?  or how about the DHS, to which Markus Wolf brought Zersetzung? When this film uses Zersetzung techniques? And there’s no mention of Snowden?  Or the surveillance programs?  Or microwave harassment?  Or mind control?  But now, now, we have all the answers.  Or at least the ones we need until the next session, because we need only trust the plan and look for coded clues?  And John F. Kennedy, Jr., wasn’t really killed by Hillary Clinton?  He’s really in hiding?  And he will come back like Jesus? or maybe King Arthur?  or is it Aragorn?  Does he live with Elvis, Bruce Lee, and Jim Morrison in Africa?  Or is it Atlantis?  Give me a break!  This is gamma programming pure and simple, and it is an insult to anyone’s intelligence.  As if the earlier gaslighting were not bad enough, now it’s time travel?  I’m surprised they left out aliens.  Get real!

cheshire cat alice

Is this some kind of joke? Do they really think we will fall for this?  Whatever’s going on, trust the plan and look for clues are very bad advice.   Do not trust Q!

don't take advice

Watch the video below, the long-awaited, make-sure-you-don’t-miss-it, and don’t-get-stuck-in-denial ending to The Fall of the Cabal.  Tell me this isn’t utter rot!


At its end, the film shows a complete misunderstanding of Tesla technology.  This stuff is not for time machines.  It’s for microwave harassment.  You can learn more about that in my article below.  That’s what’s really going on.  And if you feel a mysterious urge to vote for someone, especially if you think he’s the reincarnation of John F. Kennedy, Jr., you need not to trust it.

Nikola Tesla, the Origins of HAARP, and Microwave Harassment

Wardenclyffe Tower (Tesla)

The way to fight NWO, the first way to fight, is to know yourself and to know the enemy.  I lay out a real plan below.  It requires no strange beliefs, and it requires no trust in others.  Do that, and you will see a thousand ways to strike against them.  For you to strike!  For you to be empowered!  For you to destroy the enemies of humankind!  Not to trust someone else to do it….

Self-Obervation – How To Fight Microwave Harassment

sun tzu self knowledge

Fuck the plan!


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55 thoughts on “Q-ANON IS A FALSE FLAG ATTACK”

  1. Having just watched the series last night, and having my own doubts in the same areas you have brought to light, waking up to this article this morning could not have been more perfect timing.

    Thank you for taking the time to bring this all together in a very understandable presentation.

    Your perception of truth is astounding, and you have a gift for communicating it simply.

    Only with complete truth and integrity can we hope to navigate a way through the magnitude of evil that we’re looking at here and now.

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  2. I have a few thoughts that I would like to share for you to consider. First allow me to give you a little background on me. I was raised Catholic and just as soon as I was old enough, I bailed. I believed that the Catholic Church lied to me and they used the King James Bible to do so. I turned my back on organized religion and became a total bible basher. “The Bible, it’s the greatest fiction ever sold.” I claimed agnosticism for a while but that’s saying, yeah there’s something bigger maybe multiple somethings but since I can’t define it I’ll just accept it as that. So I looked at Wicca and that didn’t seem right either. So I finally claimed solitary eclectic neo paganism because it was a box that allowed me to pick and choose which practices felt right from multiple cultures and apply it to my life. What if we all have the same destination and are just taking different routes to get there? What if they are not necessarily wrong but come just short of actually hitting the nail on the head?

    While I have continued to bash the King James Bible and even christianity or any organized religion at all I did admit that the things that were closer to be whole bible, gnostic combined with the Jerusalem Bible it has some great lessons to be learned.

    So I discovered Q pretty late in the game and I watched this video you speak of and it left me with more questions than answers. So I hunted YouTube and Google and kept asking questions. I quickly came to the conclusion that a lot of people who are claiming to be open minded and on this Q mission are still failing to see the bigger picture, they are caught up on what I’m thinking are relatively small details and many are drawing parallels where none exist. This is not helping their case at all and makes it all too easy to dismiss them.

    Still, I felt like they could possibly be onto something so I kept looking. This search led me to your article from Jan 18 (I believe) about the Bush family, very informative and disturbing, but what I was really looking for was the interview with the ex banker. I had watched what was definitely a UN propaganda film promoting NWO as the perfect paradise, and while it gave me a better understanding of how the scam that is the US dollar works but, I was still left wondering what goods backed up the bonds that are used to create the dollar. Your article, more specifically the video attached, opened my eyes a little more but didn’t really answer my question. More digging left me feeling like this is some biblical BS so I started digging into the “hidden gospels” and it led me to an even more mind opening set of videos.

    There’s a YouTube channel called. :WAR-CASTLES. It has to be searched for just like that or nothing will come up and it doesn’t offer any suggestions that will take you where you want to be. If you go to the video tab and scroll all the way down there is a series of videos labeled :WAR-FOR-SOULS if you start with video 0 and work your way up they go on to show how we have been deceived by grammar. Of course this all goes back to the US federal reserve, London city and the Vatican.

    I’m not really ready to jump on board with any one group or movement. I’m cautiously optimistic about some of this at best. However, I would like to pose the question, is it possible that the bible is the plan? If you follow this guy’s (Ausie dude in the war for souls videos) logic he’s saying religion took the bible and taught people to take it literally but the whole time we should have looked at it metaphorically. I promise I will do this guy no justice by trying to sum up everything he has to say (there’s actually kind of two guys but one is way more prominent in the films) and seriously advise you to watch and consider.

    One more thought on the Q movement and the videos is in episode 14, it talks about government seals, the presidential seal has been missing from the podium since Trump declared national emergency.

    Another thought, even Hitler had members of his own SS try to take him down. It’s not entirely unrealistic to think there could be an inside coup to take down the deep state and the federal reserve. I guess only time will tell and in the meantime we just keep screaming trying to get people to wake up. I have faith that at least that is happening, more people seem to be waking up daily. Is that maybe the good news that the bible tells us to go forth and share? That if we wake up we won’t have to be sheep?

    Anyway, that’s my thoughts, thanks for entertaining them.
    A O

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    1. Thanks for writing.

      The banker to whom you refer is Ronald Bernard. You can watch his video, which YouTube keeps taking down, and learn more about him in my article below.


      There is value to the Bible, but it is not for everyone, and there is a lot of misunderstanding built around it. As with anything, people need to do what works for them and to trust their own judgement.

      You can read some of my thoughts about the historical Jesus and his fight below.


      The enemy is always trying to use everything in sight, including religion. Islam is rotten to the core, but there are still some good people who are nominally Muslims.


      As you say, there are deep problems in the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church, although I know many good people who work in this tradition.


      Cisco Wheeler, the grand niece of General Earle Wheeler, Head of Joint Chiefs, was brainwashed in charismatic evangelical churches, and she wrote a very useful book about how programming works.


      Whatever it means for anyone, the Bible is not a set of prophecies or predictions. The Illuminati plan to use the Bible and the Book of Revelations as a script for World War III; but that’s not because prophecy is coming true. It’s because they want to use religion to trick us.

      I believe there will be a false flag attack on the Caaba or Mecca or both, which will be blamed on the Israelis. This will cause Shia and Sunni Muslims to forget their differences, as they attack Israel in a religious war. It’s the one thing that can split the Saudis and the Israelis, and it’s also the one thing that can unite Iran and Arabia.

      The Temple in Jerusalem, which has been rebuilt, will be destroyed; so Christians will think that prophecy is being fulfilled.

      The United Nations will grow in power after the Third World War, and they will outlaw religion, as they blame it for the conflict. Christians will believe that the Secretary General is the anti-christ.

      The enemy loves to set up false choices, and competing ideologies, which they pit against each other. Once it was fascism against communism, then communism against capitalism, and now zionism against wahhabism, while they created each of these ideologies and, like the Rothschilds, finance both sides in each conflict.


      Myron C. Fagan understand this sort of move very well, which he explains in his lectures on the Illuminati, the Council on Foreign Relations, and world history.


      I plan to write an article about my guesses on the script, including the breaking of seals in the Book of Revelations. Stay tuned for more.

      I believe there will be a false flag attack on the Three Gorges Dam in China, killing three hundred million there, drawing China into war, and unleashing an enormous tsunami-like wave against coastal cities around the world. NWO loves false flags, wanton destruction, and “population control.” Doesn’t one of the seals in the Book of Revelations turn the sea red with blood?


      I believe also that you are right in that the Illuminati are not unified. There are different factions. Susan Ford, for example, tells how the Rockefellers used her against the Windsors.


      Likewise, I believe the Rockefellers or another bloodline lie behind the recent attack on the Windsors through the exposure of Prince Andrew. Of all the rich trash that raped girls with Jeffrey Epstein, why, all of a sudden, are we hearing in the mainstream media about this single degenerate?


      Otherwise, yes, there certainly are coups d’etat like the one the killed John F. Kennedy or led Richard Nixon to resign, but mostly they are run by bad guys.

      And yes, there are good people in government and military who fight back.

      That’s what we all need to do in our own way.

      Keep thinking for yourself!

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      1. I pointed out to someone that ‘they’ wanna steal everything from us, colors, patterns, symbols, foods, animals, etc. to make us feel that we can’t have it.

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  3. Trump is a rich man. Where did his money came from? Kennedy was killed in front of all, and why they allow Trump to be to be in their media?

    Fake choice between rich satanic Hillary and rich satanic Trump.


    1. President Trump was certainly educated at Fordham and at Wharton. Those are mind control hubs, so there’s no question CIA, Tavistock, and the Jesuits got into him.


      They get into us all. I have written about what they did to me. How have they gotten into you?


      I believe NWO planned to use Trump simply as a real estate baron, as they reshaped New York. It may be interesting that he comes from Queens, while the Establishment lived on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

      Still, Trump was targeted, he went bankrupt, and he divorced. That doesn’t happen to the favorites of the cartel (who are scum suffering terribly in their own way). Even as a private citizen, Trump seems to have fought his would-be masters, as he slept.

      I believe Donald Trump went off script again when he ran for president. And it is obvious from the film in support of Q, The Fall of the Cabal, that they do not want him to run for a second term.

      Certainly, the enemy loves to present us with false choices; but when people voted for Trump, they made a real one.

      Something similar happened when they elected Jimmy Carter, another outsider, in 1976.

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      1. The lands and banks are owned by satanic families. If elections really mean something were aren’t even allowed to participate. In my country even dead people are voted for Putin.


      2. When I was a boy in America, our teachers told us that the Soviets had sham elections where only one candidate would run for each office.

        Corporations do that, too, when they run an approved slate of directors. Stockholders can vote for or against, and it’s hard to get a different name on the ballot.

        What our teachers didn’t tell us was that our American political elections were the same as the Soviet ones. As much as they could, NWO just gave us a false choice between two men who were both controlled by the internationalist conspiracy.

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      3. In Soviet Union there were no elections — workers offered a candidate and he or she will be approved by Communist party for position or rejected.


    1. Let’s hope so, brother. We’re running out of time for Trump to make those moves.

      Wherever there is 5G, covid-19 deaths can be made-to-order. This will further terrorize the population and resistance movements will become unmanageable.

      I will fight to the end, but we can’t count on people steeped in mind control – who cannot wrench free of it – to lead us. We have to make it happen.

      Again, I hope at least some part of the “plan” does go our way. We know there are good guys in high places.


      1. Q who or what it is has followers who are ridiculed alot but i have been on it and it seems to me that they are not cult like but more like people believing that something is happening and their lives may be at stake, so we should ban together as americans. Slavish community i do not see. Divide and conquer. Shouldn’t this section be called Fall of Cabal is a false flag anyways? Accuse someone of what your are doing, familiar tactics. You’re arguement is basically fall of cabal is good but doesnt include everything you do…..

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      2. My article speaks for itself, and you do not describe it accurately. Read the end. Fall of Cabal encourages people to be passive, to trust in government solutions, and not to vote for President Trump a second time. It also feeds gamma programming (false beliefs) about time travel.

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    2. Agreed… I think most that follow Q (as I have since 1st drop… realize it is a PsyOp… buuuuuuuuut it is one that’s for good… To wake people up… bring people together… encourage people to take action in their own lives and those around them… while continuing to pray for our country and wake up others… (in my opinion)

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  4. WHY would the possible identity of John Kennedy and his wife be revealed like this…? Such exposure would be their death warrant.


  5. WHO in their right mind would expose and therefore compromise the ‘hero’ of the entire piece…? This looks sooooo much like a shitshow in the making. Build someone up, then either put a puppet into place as them, OR, build someone up, get them killed…to show the people… ‘we ain’t got no chance’… Take yer pick !


  6. Q is the 17th letter of the alpha beta ( 1-2) and 17 is the Center of 33. 16 – 17 – 16
    1 and 7 are connected in that
    1 is the inverse of 7
    1 Circle ⭕️ surrounded by 6 circles =7.
    To work the K-OS / Chaos ISISIAN Codes
    the Q is removed as Chaos Magic / Black Magic / Left Hand Torque path has no center.
    That’s what makes a mirror image chaotically false – it has a perfect center. In nature the Center is always moving.

    It is serious AI hacking at the DNA level of our crystal chemistry Scalar bodies.


  7. There will be false information on Q-Anon, it wouldn’t surprise me. But it won’t ALL be false. Q-Anon is not Q. The Anons purport to be followers of Q, hence the name, and it seems entirely possible that not ALL Anons are kosher….

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    1. Q is different from Fall of the Cabal.
      I do not agree that Q is trying to make people passive, I know that is a common claim but it doesn’t even bear out. Q drops encourage people to seek out information themselves. It does not feed information and it does not suggest a saviour model. It is clear that only when we are ready as a people, will we get the truth. Surely this is about waking the public up,ready for disclosure.
      Most of the Q people I know, do not expect to be saved, they know they need to play their part.
      WWG1WGA just means that we need to wake up together, wake each other up. We need to be aware of our sovereignty and our collective energy. Both are important.

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      1. Point taken, and thanks for writing. I always welcome intelligent and dissenting views.

        I suppose Fall of the Cabal may be an attempt to discredit Q, and there are certainly good people who believe in, or are taken in, by Q, and many of them are indeed activists.

        Still, there is an interesting article in this month’s edition of The New American, which is put out by the John Birch Society: “Questioning QAnon.” It looks at the various Q-drops, and it shows that they are all vague, and none of them deliver as promised.


        For instance, QAnon said Hillary Clinton would be arrested more than two years ago….


      1. WITH allvdue respect your incorrect about Q.but your info is good and i appreciate that.i think later on you may change your mind about Q! id never support evil! Q is a psyop yes! but from the whitehats for once using the numbers against them….Q was donr to bypass fake news and get info directly to the people hope u have a great day! sorry you feel way you do about Q hope with time and proof you will see what they are about! gooday!


  8. Excellent piece. A little too long for me to read it all, but no need. I stumbled across QAnon and it’s followers a couple of months ago and within a second recognised it for what it was. I’ve just put duckduckgo on the ol’ laptop to see if I can find something decent that google was burying because several months later, I’m still failing to convince these people that QAnon is only serving as part of a cover up.

    Everything is getting tied neatly together. Anti-vaxxers, “covid deniers”, “climate crisis deniers”, people who love and respect science… we’re all being rolled up into the QAnon garbage and very soon, we’re all going to get debunked and shut up either forever, or at least for some time.

    Regardless of this Q stuff being a load of crap, don’t be surprised if Trump gets assassinated and people go even wilder thinking their saviour has been killed.


  9. It is difficult to conceive how anyone sane in their mind can take Q seriously.
    However, this hasn’t prevented the swiss radio-television (RTS) to produce a short documentary, which message can be summarized as follow:

    Q is ridiculous because it stands on distorted logic and invalid arguments.
    Q is dangerous because it promotes racism (antisemitism specifically) and the idea that a pedo-satanist elite exists.
    Because of the distorted logic, the invalid arguments and the “racism”, the conclusion is pedo-satanism doesn’t exist.

    How about that?


  10. Hi! I could have sworn I’ve been to your blog before but after looking at some of the articles I realized it’s new to me. Nonetheless, I’m certainly pleased I stumbled upon it and I’ll be bookmarking it and checking back frequently!


  11. Thank you for sharing excellent informations. Your site is very cool. I am impressed by the details that you抳e on this web site. It reveals how nicely you perceive this subject. Bookmarked this website page, will come back for extra articles. You, my pal, ROCK! I found simply the information I already searched all over the place and simply couldn’t come across. What an ideal web-site.


  12. Thank you for your fine presentation. I have a grave couple of concerns re Trump though. He has cooperated with Q ( I think it was the rabbit on the balcony event ), but of the most troubling concern, was at his inaugural lunch, – HE THANKED THE CLINTONS, – SINGLING THEM OUT, AND SAID HOW HE SO RESPECTED HILLARY !!! – She could be seen nodding and saying: “Thank you . . . Thank you.” – “Thank you” for WHAT exactly ? . . . – Her Hegelian Dialectic/pretend opposition part, well played ??? I just can’t get over that.


  13. If I were to propose that Q was started by Chinese expats (who despise the CCP and saw Trump as hope against the CCP) and then others who shared their values joined forces with them and started contributing, is that crazy? And then the Secret Service took note and infiltrated and started to insert their own messages (which is super easy when the content creators are anonymous?)? Because I agree that ‘Q drops’ aroused people’s curiosity and that certain topics have been addressed that the existing power structure would rather have kept hidden. But that also fantasy has been inserted, and then more fantasy and then MORE fantasy and then crap messages such as ‘Trust the Plan.’ LOL what, the Plan that didn’t work?! So, to my mind, if the CIA masterminded the entire Q Phenom, then their plan has backfired, because now an army of people are not only aware of the Deep State and their many control schemes, but now they’re becoming aware that they’ve been played and they’re pissed.


  14. Everything there is to know about Q, in 3 minutes:

    Thank you for your information, this website, your books and your plight!


    1. This is hilarious! Thank you so much for sending this fantastic piece by TheJuiceMedia. It has everything in my article above, only it’s shorter and funnier. I’m looking forward to watching more of their “honest ads” over a cold beer!


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