The English Royal Family are scum, who somehow make money off the promotion of their image.

Read about the Degenerate House of Windsor Here!


The Crown Corporation has teamed up with the City of London and the Vatican to swindle us all.

They appear as innocents on t.v.

the crown

But reality is a different matter.

Prince Andrew is a Liar and a Rapist


The enemy is symbol happy—addicted to showing off.

Phoenixes, Firebirds, & Thunderbirds – A Primer on Satanic Cartel Signaling

phoenix ordo ab chao

They cannot resist advertising their abuse of us.


Some of the royals were even Nazis.


The Nazis branded their victims, as the Illuminati brand their slaves.


So it’s not surprizing that idiots tattoo themselves.

crown tattoo

Others are brainwashed by Disney to emulate princesses.

disney princesses 2

“I’m going to Disney World,” when you could go someplace real, for less money, is a sure sign of brainwashing.


Especially given the horrors that go on at the parks.

Read Susan Ford’s Account of Abuse at Disneyland Here


The Crown sometimes endorses products overtly through a Royal Warrant of Appointment.

royal warrant

I used to see this as a sign of quality, until I bought their cleaning products for my boots.


The saddle shop was out of Bick 5.

bick 5So I bought Carr & Day & Martin.

carr and day

It might as well have said, “WARNING:  DO NOT USE ON BOOTS,” nearly damaging my leather—not to mention the spray bottle jammed and broke.

sad cowboy

No wonder they changed the packaging on this crown crap.


Still, people are hypnotized by it.


That’s why a jeweller won’t buy back a Tag Heuer, but he’ll always take a Rolex.

rolex v. tag

That’s why every bar in America has at least one imported beer:  Corona.


Who knows? Maybe the titled trash somehow lie behind the Corona Virus.  The Duke of Edinburgh himself said,

“If I were reincarnated I would wish to be returned to earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels.”

Read More about the Crown, the City, and the Coronavirus Here

crown coronavirus

The crown corporation certainly seems to lie behind the other ubiquitous beer, which is even worse swill than Corona.

budweiserMorons can use it to wash down processed food from Burger King.

burger king

What’s up with Crown Royal?

crown royal 3

Or how about Starbucks with its satanic pentagram and crown?


Even Snoopy’s in on it.

(Snoopy is a Psy-Op).

joe cool crown

If you’re really cool, you could buy a Maserati, for a hundred thousand dollars, with a satanic pitchfork and crown.

maseratiMaybe you could even get it into second gear on the interstate if a pothole didn’t pop your tire or gut your car first.

maserati car

If you can’t swing that, you could get an Alfa Romeo with similar driving problems.

alfa romeo car

Their crest has a serpent wearing a crown while it eats a human being.

alfa romeoWhy would anyone emulate a king, queen, prince, or princess?

elizabeth windsor crown

I thought we lived in a republic.


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12 thoughts on “CROWN CRAP”

  1. Let’s also remember Royal Crown soda, crowning of Miss America and homecoming queens, and isn’t there a crown associated with James Bond? Thanks for making these connections!


    1. Great catch!

      I need to think about the crowning of beauty queens. That’s really interesting.

      Also, I had forgotten entirely about RC Cola. Not to mention Canada Dry, which also features a crown.

      I may have to go back and spruce up the article.

      Thanks for writing!


  2. Nothing is like it seems. The devil is a list and he has this world. Until the King takes control.


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