Dr. Mengele was brought to this country through OPERATION PAPERCLIP.

After he killed half a million for the Nazis, the CIA sponsored his sick experiments in America.

Mengele purported to be a Jew, calling himself Dr. Greenberg, or Dr. Green, as he tortured Americans.

My grandfather, who worked at Atlantic Richfield (ARCO), was one of many who did not remember.


The Rockefellers, who funded the Nazis, brought their scientists to America, and used them against their workers.

It was part of MK-ULTRA, PROJECT MONARCH, and other mind control programs.

People don’t remember because of trauma-based mind control, where the mind blots out horrific memories with amnesia walls–plus electroshock, hypnotism, and drugs.


Inflicting marionette training on his victims, Mengele would shout,

Dance, Puppet, Dance!

You’ll speak my words, when I pull your strings!

No wonder the Rockefellers’ female slaves, the Rockettes, popularized the chorus line.

Just look at them!

They are marionettes in harlequin costumes!


Cybernetics drive the slaves.


Like us all, they receive commands by radio.


CIA can move your body remotely.

They use radio to do it.

Rockefeller Center was home to CIA.

The Rockefeller Crime Family runs the Central Intelligence Agency.

Calling the home of the Rockettes, Radio City, where the Rockefellers housed the Radio Company of America, is a sick joke.

Dance should be an expression of freedom.

Whether it’s sexy or not….

The unnatural scum corrupt our dance just as they destroy our sexuality.


And they destroy our holidays.


Back in the 1980s, my girlfriend, who held a dance scholarship, said the Rockettes were an obscenity.

As Wendy put it,

I would rather cut my legs off than dance in that.

The same goes for synchronized clogging.

This is mechanized movement–driven by cybernetics.

It is a corruption of buck dancing.

Flat-footing is a spontaneous expression of individuality–not mechanical slavery.

It belongs to the people–not to our corporate masters.

So does all real dancing!

The Cossacks know what’s what.

That’s why they dance with swords.

Cossack means free people!

Listen to their music!

They yip like wolves!

No wonder they swim naked!

This is what swimming is supposed to look like.

This is what it looks like when you get in.

This is what it looks like when you get out.

You can just be a fat man having fun!

Doing a belly-flop!

Still that may be hard with the Coronavirus….


COVID-19 is another attack on our freedom by the New World Order.


Real swimming doesn’t look like the mechanized obscenity of synchronized swimming, any more than real dancing looks like the chorus line.

Learn to see transhumanism!


Learn to spot the Rockefeller Scum!


They’re behind it.

Let’s get back to basics!


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14 thoughts on “DANCING, SWIMMING, & MK-ULTRA”

  1. I’m shocked, although I know I shouldn’t be! I’ve been asleep for 70 years and now I can’t get anyone to listen to me. I think it’s their fear. I have talked, shown them your videos and no one truly believes. I want to grab them all by the shoulders and shake them awake! Thank you for all this great work and research…. I am in awe…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. same for me kathy, but i’m a few years younger, not sure when you consider your first year of being asleep. i wouldnt be able to say what was mine, but i do identify with losing naivete in the last few years of my total 0f 62. my last name is miller too. i wonder about stories i never heard in my own family. are we related? maybe we can share our feelings with each other, since our shock seems easy to dismiss by those around us. i noticed your name because actually i saw a kathy miler in a different place a few weeks ago. i dont know if you are the same kathy, that would be amazing, but whether or not you are i share your sense of shock. ❤


  2. I cant thank you enough for your website I used to believe everything I saw and now I’m so aware of everything around me I’m sorry for all you been through and I know it’s a risk sharing all of this with us but you really helped me become awake and I hope others wake up too


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