Stephen Shellen is a hero in our fight.

He is a multidisciplinary artist, painter, film-maker, playwright, and actor who speaks out against microwave harassment.

Like me, he is a targeted individual, whom the intelligence community has attacked through his children.

Stephen Shellen was kind enough to write me early in the development of this site, when I had fewer than 10,000 hits.  Now, it’s two years and two hundred articles later, and I have almost 800,000 hits.  It will be more by the time you read this.  They can’t stop us!

Ongoing microwave harassment serves only to inspire me.

Likewise, attacks led Stephen Shellen to fight back with his film, The Spark, which I recommend you share with others.

Stephen Shellen has generously put his film up on Vimeo, where, for a limited time, you can watch it for free.

Here you can read a critic’s review of the film, which is pretty cool.

What if your worst fears become your world, and no one believes a word you say” reads the poster headline for this beautifully crafted abstract art film  by Canadian Actor, Filmmaker and Painter Stephen Shellen.  With exquisite acting, cinematography and score, arranged in a non-linear narrative, Stephen Shellen weaves a visually stunning, evocative and haunting, depiction of life for those thrust into the front lines of the battle against the utterly surreal surveillance-state, imposed on America and the world, in the wake of September 11th.  If you thought you knew everything the Edward Snowden revelations revealed — you better think again….

As Stephen Shellen notes, resistance is heavily programmed into people.  We are all targeted individuals:  it’s just that some of us know it, some don’t, and levels of attack and defense vary.

For that reason, the film-maker recommends that people not introduce his work to others as something made by a TI.  Let The Spark sneak up on them.  Let them appreciate it as the work of art it is before you gloss it with the creator’s background.  

That’s a good idea.  So is checking out Stephen Shellen’s other projects, which you can do at his site.

We will never lose our spark.


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Our enemy depends on silence.

14 thoughts on “STEPHEN SHELLEN – THE SPARK”

  1. Yes, you are correct, they can’t stop us And I need to remind You that while Your Blog is one of my Favorites on the internet, this morning there was major disruptions at big web sites like Go Daddy and Horizon…so society is very fragile. You turn off the water, you turn off the electricity and see what happens. Store food, water and medical kits. Peace to you and keep up your phenomenal WordPress blog. 🙂

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  2. Thank you for sharing your life with us. You are an amazing man. I really do not know if I am mechanically controlled or it is witchcraft, definitely one or the other. I experience most all of the psycho-electronic weapon effects chart. Well, I am learning. Thank you again for sharing your work, and for opening yourself up as you have done. A beautiful person indeed.

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  3. Hello Stephen, I am a Target from Decatur Alabama I worked in the Information Technology field. Thank you for giving v2k a voice for us victims I am also, a Mom & fear for my son he is a teenagers and pray they will not do this to him. My life I feel has been turned upside down. I pray daily. I hate the Mind hive it is probably the worst or forced speech who knows it is all horrible! I pray and wish you well in this program. I hope my Targeting becomes stabilized at least. Wish you well. 💚👐 God Bless you!


  4. In the 1980s at the height of his acting career, Steven Shellen owned an exclusive, avant-garde, underground nightclub on Main Street in Santa Monica, CA called “In The Pink.”. I was very fortunate to have been his employee working at Pinks, his character was pure energetic creative genius with a heart of gold.

    The opening weekend, we had movie producers and directors, A-listed actors, Los Angeles ecliptic eccentric artists, high-class people mingling with the hippiest Los Angeles 80’s underground party goers, all pack inside a small hole-in-the-wall, New York style raw brick interior building with local artists paintings hanging in the wall. We charged $50 dollars per guest at the backdoor during that weekend with people lining up outside in the dark back alley and wearing the latest fashion clothing; the back door was the only entrance and you can hear thumping music reverberating from inside the club out into the back alley by our DJ spinning the latest 80s music and some International songs that our DJ would find while traveling the underground nightclub circuits in Europe.

    Steven Shellen would showcase, among with other directors including Sean Penn (“The Kindness of Women” that Sean Penn playwrote while serving his time in a Los Angeles jail an exclusively showcased at Pinks), doing theater plays at the club too, Steven would act on a small stage that was constructed with props during the day that he wrote with his fellow actor friends.

    Pinks closed on Monday to Wednesday, transforming the club into an actor class studio or a local art auction, and on occasions had avant-garde artists from around the westside subtlety changing the theme inside the club’s atmosphere with creative freedom for the weekend club goers.

    He started opening on Wednesday nights, showcasing Poetry Reading Nights that Hollywood movie stars, famous poets, playwrights, and screenwriters doing their stand up poetry reading in front of an exclusive crowd… plus who ever happened to be walking by the club from off of Main Street with the club’s front door being opened to the public.

    Pinks was hippiest nightclub on the westside in the 80s, I remember bartending for the menbers of the Brat Pack, Robett Downey Jr, Sean Penn and Madonna (regulars), Chris Penn, Johnny Rotten from the Sex Pistols, U2 band members, Charles Bukowski, actors from Repo Man, Surf Nazi’s Must Die after acting in the club’s theatre plays, Bruce Willis, Leif Garrett and Justine Bateman, Meg Foster, Katey Sagal on our stage singing in her band “The Group With No Name,” Rob Lowe, Sandra Bernhard, Prince…just to name a few.

    Steven Shellen is the real deal, and I am very fortunate to have met and talked with him on a regular basis. He once told me his story how when he was one of the top male models in Europe, that he spent a million dollars in just one year and was partying with Andy Warhol and his crowd in New York.

    If he said he was involved in the high level Hollywood scene and the CIA corruption of Hollywood elites….I for one, have first hand knowledge that he was.

    Love Ya brother, keep fighting the good fight man!


    1. Thanks for writing!

      I sent your comment to Stephen, which he greatly appreciated and enjoyed.

      It is always good for us to support each other.

      Our friend, Stephen Shellenberger, who made The Spark, asked me to post the interview below, here, as the international crime cartel continues to hinder communications.

      Stephen Shellenberger is a good father, a brave man who fights back, and his story shows the involvement of the British Crown, through the Governor General of Canada, plus the Banks, the Hollywood Machine, the Central Intelligence Agency, and the other Alphabet Agencies, in our abuse, as they seek to use our noble instincts against us—using unplanned pregnancies and unstable women to entrap and destroy good men.

      Stephen Shellenberger speaks well of his new wife, Kim, a good woman, whom you can sometimes hear correct him in the background, keeping him straight, as they stand by each other.

      Stephen Shellenberger understands Zersetzung—including how not to over-react to gang-stalking and gas-lighting, as the enemy seeks to drive us insane, or make us look that way, alienating humans from each other.

      Stephen understand the worthlessness of the police, incompetents and criminals who take our tax money, which is a point raised in my books.

      And my friend gets it when it comes to masks.

      Still, I think his view is too conservative: NWO affects everyone on the planet, not only a select few.

      It goes deeper than he thinks….

      I recommend that people listen to him and watch his film:

      He and I have a lot in common—including the scum’s attack on us through our daughters, our art, and our refusal to be silenced.

      Others can read some of his comments at the bottoms of my articles, including the one linked above.

      And thanks again for your kind words and memories!

      I enjoyed reading them, and Stephen did, too.

      They will never stamp out our spark!


  5. An underrated future indie classic just waiting to be discovered by the post COVID, post Woke generation as well as TIs of today.


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