The Illuminati have a long history of assassinating presidents they don’t like.

Abraham Lincoln was the first, as John Wilkes Booth took him out.

Twenty years later it was President Garfield.

Twenty years later it was President McKinley.

Then they gave their stooge, Woodrow Wilson, a stroke.

Then they took out Franklin Roosevelt.

Then they took out President Kennedy.

They tried to kill Ronald Reagan, but he survived the shooting.

Sometimes they use bullets; but as the deaths of Wilson and Roosevelt indicate, they can also kill with poison or a blast from a directed energy weapon.


Or they can force a resignation as they did with Nixon.

I bet it won’t be long until Joe Biden dies of a stroke or a heart attack, or is forced to resign.

NWO wants Kamala Harris in the Oval Office.

During and after her parents’ divorce, she grew up in two hubs of mind control, Stanford University, where her father taught, and McGill University, where her mother worked. 

Both of these places had an enormous amount of MK-ULTRA activity, so Kamala Harris must have been brainwashed.

No wonder Harris says people can choose their own “gender,” as she supported Barack Hussein Obama’s “guidance” on “transgender” students, co-sponsoring the federal “Equality Act,” and creating a special “Hate Crimes Unit” in San Francisco.

No wonder Harris supported the Green New Deal, which is nothing but code for the New World Order.


No wonder Harris supports “gun control,” which is part of GLADIO C, the plot to disarm America.


No wonder Harris opposed the “muslim travel ban” and no wonder she supports a flood of illegal immigrants, through which NWO seeks to destroy our national boundaries and rape our women.


No wonder Harris is part of the police state, sitting on the Committee on Homeland Security and the Select Committee on Intelligence.

No wonder Harris, along with George Soros, was one of the “targets” of the fake bomb scare that the media tried to associate with Trump supporters.

Kamala Harris supports Israel, through which NWO seeks to start World War III.


Kamala Harris called President Assad of Syria a war criminal, blaming him for the false flag attack at Khan Shaykhun, which was staged by British intelligence.

She does what they want.

How long until she takes charge?


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  1. Government has attempted to murder me on multiple occasions. They have kidnapped my children and will keep them hostage. Utilizing illegal equipment and constantly attacking network and services.

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  2. #creepyjoe, #toesupkamala, and #phewlosi aren’t fit to run a stocking.

    Judicial watch
    Patriots unite

    Trump won the election by a landslide. 300,000k votes reassigned in VA alone. Dominion voting machines 88% more expensive forced on the taxpayer by fienstien, pelosi, Clinton foundation, Soros. Same machines overthrew venuzula.

    Minnesota ballet harvesting from threatening the elderly. Project veritas.

    Stop the steal!!!

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  3. As a victim of both Trump and Harris there is no difference whatsoever. They work togetherx always have. Adtenochroming satanists. all. Trump and Harris are from the same Dutch family tree which produced Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. I placed 300 videos listed under “Gangstalking Long Island” on YouTube and it was terminated via 1 complaint with no warning. Gangstalked to homelessness and destitution, my children taken away from me, constantly followed, harassed, dewed and poisoned by human chromers and human alien hybrids. Serpent seed, all. We’re fucked. 313 Chaldean Asteroid header our way. In the blink of an eye. 3/3/35. Thanks to all the sell outs.

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    1. What did Trump do?
      It just seems like he is the outsider, i find it odd that everyone hates him and somehow “democracy” will be restored with biden. So can we not trust anyone anymore ?


  4. “Dominion” machines calibrated to count Biden votes @1.33 while Trump’s were @.67 Biden really got 50m votes to Trumps 100M….Chinese technologist explained this to University in China as a Podcast…it was televised. The Chinese have been stealing our elections since B. Clilnton….he lost to Bush 1 the same as Trump lost to Biden, H. Clinton was supposed to beat Trump in 16′ they thought she would win, so they didn’t skew the machines as bad….this time they went so far overboard their only recourse was to have the Activist Judges throw out all the cases even with the preponderance of evidence that 7 states were blatantly stolen and ALL Dominion machined states had more total votes then their registered voters. Biden is in league with China, who now owns the US, Russia is their “pool” of cyberhackers that pretend to be Americans, they are using illegal immigration from all over the world to allow terrorists into America by way of Mexico….when the gun violence from the illegal immigrant/terrorists gets out of control….they force gun seizure on Americans…just like Vaccine Mandates they are doing presently! The take over will be complete once most Americans have been brainwashed into thinking that guns are bad!


  5. The CIA has no reason to assassinate Bumbling Joe; after all he was groomed by “Poppy” Bush (just like the Clintons and Obama). CIA had over 175 programs at universities, colleges, and military bases across the US in the 70’s related to mind control/grooming and has only expanded. They specifically target children of the elite as well as those with ambition who have an interest in the occult, pedophilia, sadism, and/or are homosexuals. They have been placed in key government positions, regardless of political parties, since the globalists and CIA control who wins and who loses. Joe Biden was a known pedophile in college; and the death of his first wife is highly suspicious, since car accidents were often arranged by CIA to kill. Biden got his new young wife, who was also most likely groomed by CIA, and began his term in the senate serving CIA’s agenda as a member of the famous Church Committee which was investigating CIA criminal activity including torture, sexual abuse, unethical medical experimentation, mind control experimentation, etc. The committee allowed CIA to get by with hiding the majority of documents, destroying others, and claims many “could not be found.” The collaborators at colleges, hospitals, military bases, laboratories were not disclosed to protect the guilty.
    Whether he served in the Senate, profiting big from non-compete contracts in Iraq, and securing 10% of all deals in Ukraine, Russia, and China for himself when he was representing the US, he was also working for the globalist agenda and CIA. In return, he has been able to indulge his interest in pedophilia and he and his sons financial corruption have been kept silenced; just as CIA hid Bush SR and Bush JR’s sexual abuse of young boys (Franklin Scandal coverup).
    ALL presidents since/including Reagan were guilty of genocide/crimes against humanity. Reagan-Bush Jr supplied Saddam with chemical/biological weapons until 3 days before the invasion and they all had CIA create, train, arm rebel groups including ISIS and the Taliban to destabilize foreign governments, and justify sacrificing US troops in Iraq and Afghan, garnering billions each year for the elite,”private” military contractors and politicians. In 2001, CIA and DOD used brainwashed foreign pilots and new nuclear devices to bring down the towers. They used nuclear weapons all over Iraq and Afghan as well exposing inhabitants and our troops to toxic levels of enriched uranium (70% of veterans have had a child born with serious deformities/diseases from enriched uranium). Depleted uranium in ordinance, equipment and transport vehicles furthered contamination. Rockefeller, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Tenet, and Bush Jr wanted the population extinct within 20 years. They are the new Chernobyls.
    Biden is keeping his mouth shut and continuing to profit. His family has their own private island too not far from Epstein’s (Epstein was groomed by CIA too and used to facilitate sex trafficking, like his brother continues to do on his properties, but was also involved in illegal arms sales/trafficking for DynCorp).
    All the fake news & orchestrated chaos in Iraq and Afghan is purely to keep Americans focusing on CIA coordinated Taliban actions and not demanding an end to CIA/DOD treason/terrorism in the US and abroad. They and other insidious agencies and politicians doing the dirty work of billionaires and corporate elite are the real enemies of American people.


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