I grew up drinking the Kool-Aid, thinking Israel was wonderful and the Israelis were defending their homeland.

Homeland?  Wait a second.  Where have we heard that word before?

You got it:  Nazi Germany.

Then there’s the Department of Homeland Security, which was started by criminals like the head of the East German STASI:  Markus Wolf.


Israel is just as much a creation of the Rothschilds as was Nazi Germany.

What a coincidence:  just as communists and capitalists worked together to create DHS, Israel is just about the only other thing that both the capitalists and the communists supported.

It took a heroic American Jew, Myron C. Fagan, to make it clear to me.


Everyone knows that there would be no Israel without the Holocaust, so how hard is it to see that the Illuminati created the Holocaust so that they could create Israel?

The Illuminati love false flags, where they create disasters to drive us to solutions.


As Myron C. Fagan points out, the Rothschilds have backed both sides of every conflict since Napoleon.

Do you really think the Wahhabists and the Zionists are any different?

After World War One, British Intelligence redrew the map of the Middle East, and they would follow through on the Balfour Declaration.

Israel wasn’t created because the English, the Vatican, and the CIA love Jews.

And it wasn’t created because Yahweh had a covenant with Abraham.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

Israel was created to start World War Three, in the Holy Land, so the satanists could make it look like the Book of Revelation.

In a land rich with oil, NWO created a whole new set of Arab governments, who would hate Israel.

And they created Israel–but not Palestine.

British Intelligence and the Central Intelligence Agency are just as much behind ISIS as they are behind MOSSAD.


The Rothschilds used World War Two to drive us to one world government.

Through WWII, they got the United Nations, the World Bank, the expansion of the Soviet Union, NATO, the Common Market (which would become the EU), and Israel (which they could use to start WWIII).


NWO had a model that worked with Nazi Germany, which they created to start a world war.

After using Germany, twice, NWO smashed it, and used it again, making money by rebuilding, and driving us to the New World Order.

Why would they abandon a successful model?

A child could tell you:  they wouldn’t.

Let’s look at the parallels.

How does Zionist Israel, which arose, like a phoenix, just when Nazi Germany went down, resemble the fascist state without which it would never have existed?


Both Israel and Germany are not indigenous nations, but they were artificially created.

Germany got started in 1871 and Israel in 1948.

Both Israel and Nazi Germany do, or did, fear encirclement by their enemies.

Both Israel and Nazi Germany are, or were, militaristic.

Both Israel and Nazi Germany are, or were, expansionist.

Both Israel and Nazi Germany do, or did, seek Lebensraum.

Both Israel and Nazi Germany are, or were, police states.

Both Israel and Nazi Germany do, or did, discriminate against religious and ethnic minorities.

Both Israel and Nazi Germany do, or did, emphasize racial purity.

How hard is it to see that NWO created both nations according to the same model and for the same reasons?

The Illuminati love these kinds of sick jokes.

The PATRIOT ACT is really an attack on America.


The American military is really full of satanic traitors.


And Israel is really a Nazi state.

And, since the Illuminati trace their roots to Babylon, the Israelis, who think they are free, are really in a new Babylonian Captivity.

Why are we giving them our tax dollars?


Israel gets the same tax dollars that are used for a nineteen-year-long war in Afghanistan, the world’s largest producer of heroin, at a cost of $1,000,000,000,000.00.

Israel gets the same tax dollars that are used to fight the alleged War on Drugs at an adjusted cost of $2,000,000,000,000.00.

Meanwhile we fight the alleged War on Terror at a cost of $6,000,000,000,000.00.

That’s after MOSSAD helped bring down the Twin Towers on 911.

And after Israel attacked the U.S.S. Liberty, killing 34 American crew members and wounding 171.


When something like that happened in the Gulf of Tonkin, we escalated the War in Viet Nam, so we could fight our other longest losingest war, at an adjusted cost of $1,000,000,000,000.00, in the world’s other largest producer of heroin.

People fell for Vietnam, they fell for Afghanistan, they fell for the War on Terror, and they fell for the War on Drugs.

But at the direction of NWO, which runs the news, suddenly, they are starting not to fall for Israel.

Armageddon is coming.


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44 thoughts on “NWO, THE NAZIS, & ISRAEL”

  1. I am from country named earlier USSR and I need to say everyon that Israel was created against USSR’s will.
    By the wa in 1953 Joseph Stalin wanted to give satanists death penalty — wagons for them were waiting around Moscow but he didn’t get enough time and was killed in 1953 by satanists.


  2. The evidence is overwhelming. They’re plan is to exterminate everyone. I’ve tried awakening others, to no avail (offline). Just look how they’ve treated their victims, TIs. The targeting is so horrendous, growing worse by the day, that I am highly concerned. My free speech is on the line. If I post, I’m attacked even more, Orwellian defines it. Yet, like you, I refuse to just sit by and allow them to isolate me any further, much less take my soul from me. Never thought my battle would be in the cyber world and against the CIA, NSA, MI5, whom I traced from a military base as a near newborn infant when they tried to abduct me at a military base outside DC, no longer there. Most of my love ones, my family, and pets have lost their lives, except the selfish, egotistical ones. Just so they could target me with their AI (Lokie, Leviathan, Demiurge, satan, lucifer) etc. Yet, my revelation has and remains steadfast learning all that I have of the past. I leave this world knowing the truth and boy have we been fed a ton of lies.

    Thanks for another good post. Look forward to your next one and giving me the courage to continue on.

    Liked by 1 person

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