What lies behind the popularity of the Nutcracker?

Walt Disney used it as the score for Fantasia.

There Mickey Mouse appears as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

Walt Disney was a freemason, and he was a child molester.

You can learn about his crimes in Thanks for the Memories.

The New York City Ballet performs The Nutcracker forty-seven (47) times every season.

That’s a masonic number.

So is seven.

No wonder the Mouse King has seven heads.

The Freemasons are involved in child molestation.

And The Nutcracker concerns a strange gift from the old man, Drosselmeyer, to his goddaughter.

E.T.A. Hoffmann wrote the story.

Hoffman describes Illuminist, satanic, and masonic themes.

The Devil’s Elixirs describes memory gaps and drugs–hallmarks of mind control.

The author of the Nutcracker describes double identities, alters, and madness–hallmarks of mind control.

The author of the Nutcracker describes hearing voices–a hallmark of mind control.

The author of the Nutcracker describes hypnotism–a hallmark of mind control.

Check out The Sandman.

The Sandman involves torture, vengeance, and the creation of a robotic girl.

See the tessellated pavement:  it’s just like a masonic temple!

Here’s another illustration from Hoffmann.

It comes from The Automata, which contains an android.

Just as The Nutcracker was made into a ballet, The Tales of Hoffmann were made into an opera.

Robots evoke cybernetics.

You can learn about cybernetics in Aaron and Melissa Dykes’ excellent documentary:  The Minds of Men.

The Illuminati didn’t invent this stuff not to use it; it’s been around longer than you think; and they can’t resist showing off.

Odd how Drosselmeyer, who gives Marie a doll that comes to life, is a clockmaker.

In the original story, by Hoffmann, Marie is brainwashed by the Mouse King.

She tells her parents what happened in the nursery, but no one believes her.

That’s common for survivors:  many do not believe my stories of what the CIA did to me.

In the Nutcracker, Marie is forced to leave her real life, forever, to inhabit a world of dolls.

The use of parallel worlds is a hallmark of MK-ULTRA.

This is picked up by Maurice Sendak, who participated in the version produced by the Pacific Northwest Ballet.

Maurice Sendak liked to scare children.

Here you can an illustration from his book:  Presto and Zesto in Limboland.

Maurice Sendak said of The Nutcracker,

When I did read it, I became very interested, because it was a very bizarre story.  It’s a very bizarre story.

Maurice Sendak compared the piece to Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

As in the Nutcracker, Sendak described parallel worlds, full of horrors, which children visit at night, in Where The Wild Things Are.

And he did so In The Night Kitchen.

See the tessellated pavement–just like in a masonic temple?

Spirit cooking anyone?

Like in PizzaGate–where people did not believe the stories of child victims?

Professor Jack Zipes says that Sendak’s version of The Nutcracker, with his sets and libretto, is the only one that captures Hoffmann’s original spirit.

Women starving themselves is not the only thing unhealthy about this ballet.


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10 thoughts on “THE REAL NUTCRACKER”

  1. Story scared me as a kid. It was too real.
    Let me share the similar story:,_%D0%B8%D0%BB%D0%B8_%D0%9F%D0%BE%D0%B4%D0%B7%D0%B5%D0%BC%D0%BD%D1%8B%D0%B5_%D0%B6%D0%B8%D1%82%D0%B5%D0%BB%D0%B8

    Author is a mason

    Черная курица или подземные жители

    Kind boy Alyosha saves a black hen from a bird of prey. The black chicken takes on a human form and takes Alyosha to a magical underground kingdom.

    Author is real life mason.
    Антоний Погорельский — Википедия

    BLACK CHICK in russian mythology are tied to satanism.

    So the story is a boy taken to underground kingdom and thanks him for saving his minister who takes shape of black chick and the king has give a golden seed (SEXUAL ABUSE) as reward. Using golden seed has made a boy bad one (ALTER) and has treatened underground kingdom by tellling people about them. In the end he has fall ill and whe he has recovered then no one mention underground kingdom ever again so the boy thinks it was a dream all along.


  2. I don’t believe The Nutcracker figured too much in my programming. Alice in Wonderland was definitely used on me. I developed a big interest in it (which I even thought odd) right when VHS became popular in the early 80s and Disney released their movies on video.

    I don’t really have associations with The Blue Bird or The Wizard of Oz either. But Sound of Music was another script I have in my programming.

    Currently I think they now use Harry Potter on new victims.

    The big nightmare fairy tale for me was Thumbelina. I would feel dread as a child when I read it. In fact all of Hans Christian Andersen stories creeps me out.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I have many questions and thoughts for you. I’ll start with this- first, I just found your page through a rabbit hole. I was looking up one thing that led to another and here I am. I LOVE this- thank you so much for all you’re doing.
    1.) Are you the owner of jonsnewplace?
    2.) I just read the part in the beginning of this page that said ‘if you’re reading this, they’re already watching you’. How do I know this for sure? How do I know I’m not just a nobody who came across a website that I really like and interests me? (I have more with this question I’ll ask later but I want to start with the basics).


    1. Thanks for writing. I am not the owner of jonsnewplace. In answer to your question, the New World Order is pervasive, and they have hacked not only all our computers, through NSA, but also our minds with neural dust sprayed in chemtrails, ingested in food, and drunk in water. Check out my articles on misdiagnosis and microwave harassment. No one is too small to interest them.


      1. Thank you for the response. So i guess you’re aware of this person who is totally copying your entire website?
        I have known about all the ways they try to control us in the examples you gave. I have more details about being targeted. Is there a way I can contact you directly wit more privacy than this public board? I greatly appreciate your time.


      2. I am fine with people copying and distributing my articles. I want them to do so. I think you should focus on yourself, rather than try to stir up trouble between me and another website owner. If you would like to talk in private, please follow me on Twitter, so we can direct message each other; but, frankly, your insistent and aggressive comments regarding another site do not bode well.

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