In addition to publishing my books in a small run of deluxe hardback editions, I have decided to distribute ebooks for free online.

Below please find a free PDF copy of Stories When Little, an epic detective story that covers my abuse under MK-ULTRA in relation to world events from 1969 to 1986.

And here’s a free PDF copy of Playboy’s Progress, which, like the earlier volume, explores the sexual programming imposed on all by the enemy, as it follows my life from 1987 to 1991.

Readers who would like to buy signed hardback copies, which are expensive, should contact me on Twitter.

Please download, read, and circulate these books as widely as possible!


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Our enemy depends on silence.

49 thoughts on “STEAL THESE BOOKS!”

    1. No relation–or you would have to go back very far to find it.

      My family settled in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, three hundred years ago, while Percy Shelley’s father, Sir Timothy, was born a little later right across the Delaware River in Newark, New Jersey, where his father Sir Bysshe made his fortune.

      Still, Frankenstein is an interesting book, if poorly written, since it has mind control written all over it. Among other things, Dr. Frankenstein works at the University of Ingolstadt, where Adam Weishaupt founded the Bavarian Illuminati on May Day.

      Frankenstein likewise draws on Galvani’s experiments in which he made dead frogs jump by running electricity through them.

      As indicated in my article below, they do the same thing today as they send electrical pulses through our body to move our muscles remotely in ways few people notice.

      The enemy was using microwave harassment even back then, in connection with “experiments in sound and electricity” by Ben Franklin and Matthew Boulton.

      Boulton was a member of the satanic Lunar Circle or Lunar Society, which met under the full moon in Birmingham.

      Franklin was a member of the Hellfire Club, who founded the federal post office so he could open people’s mail, and in whose cellar the remains of child victims were buried: 1200 human bones!

      The scum used hypnotism, drugs, and microwave harassment to drive King George III, a good and decent man, insane while they staged the so-called American and French Revolutions.

      Frankenstein is also interesting for its discussions of “the sublime,” in which Mary Shelley zones out to the Swiss Alps: this dissociation is key to mind control.

      The satanic and insane behavior of the Shelleys and the Byrons in the Illuminati hubs of England and Switzerland shouts mind control.

      So does what Mary Shelley took to be a nightmare–a fragmented memory, surrounded by drugs and hypnotism, of the monster in her bedroom, which undoubtedly involved horrific sexual abuse.

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  1. Two (or four) questions, brother.

    How much longer do we have to wait before the elite really lose control and slip for good? I’ve been reading both you and VC, among other sites, and while I don’t expect success overnight I can’t say that reading your website for the next 10 years is a prospect to look forward to. I’m hoping for the day when you can rename this site to FOUGHT MONARCH – AND WON! – what you and the others do is valuable, but what can we do to really turn this around?

    Second, since I mentioned 10 years from now and the official UN development goals have a deadline of 2030, are we approaching the final decade of their sick plan (including the proposed 90% of all life wipeout as per the Georgia Guidestones)? I ask because as things draw closer and closer to their aim, I’m wondering just how brazen these folks have to be as they gear up for a serious takeover – most people have bought into the alchemic programming over the centuries, the overall idea was for the elite to reveal themselves in the lead up to their “victory” and this would imply serious moves which cannot be ignored but (if successful) will not be met with much resistance. The people are consenting to too much and have consented to too much historically, can we expect them to give up all their attachments to modern life (which, as I’ve discovered, was rolled out in most aspects by the elite – from reading Michael Hoffman) and get a move on to stopping the show once and for all, and since I’m hoping for a “yes” is there 1 thing we can do as citizens to just open their eyes and help them become the characters that find your site and act on it, as the few brave souls of the world already do? I’d hate for a repeat of history where people only learn the lesson after tragedy has struck (and sometimes not even then).

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    1. Thanks for writing. I think it boils down to raising awareness, particularly of microwave harassment, not to mention what absolute subhuman scum we are dealing with. There are many people who will never get it. Most will die asleep, but more can wake. The more one awakens, the more one awakens, and the more one fights, the more obviously and desperately the enemy attacks, which leads to more awakening and fighting and so on and so on. Thus we destroy the subhuman garbage that seek to destroy all life. I think it is all about feeding the healthy cycle of awakening and fighting.


  2. Also, in addition to what I just asked, I was wondering if you might know or would like to investigate the effects of drinking purified water (or “vortexian” water) on the human consciousness – there is a passage here which has sparked my interest and might help you (from the book “Living Water” by Olof Alexandersson, regarding the life and work of Viktor Schauberger):

    Everything emerged from the water. Water, therefore, is the raw material of every culture or the basis of every bodily and spiritual development. The discovery of the secrets of water makes nonsense of every kind of speculation leading to war, hate, envy, intolerance and discord. It would mean the end of monopoly, the end of all forms of domination and the recognition of individualism in its most complete form.

    I am including this passage because if there is any truth to this, perhaps defeating the elite is as simple as getting people to drink pure water and wash out whatever bullshit they’ve been fed for years and years, or at least make them smarter and stop being “sheep” (of course, taking microwave technology into account – but maybe they’ll be aware of the enemy’s presence in their mind for the first time?). That way, your website would get more hits and people would get more courage and this time around THEY will tell YOU the true facts about society. Imagine that, people coming to you and saving you the trouble of opening your mouth about the facts!


  3. Finally! I applaud your courage, and appreciate your candor! I’ve been saying a large percentage of what I just discovered… you’ve been saying for years!!! I am a two year targeted individual, and my name is Edd. From personal experience I can tell you that THE biggest reason more people don’t know about this and why there aren’t absolute droves of people ready and willing to join this fight:
    Have you ever attempted to contact an actual person in ANY of the hundreds of sites from people like yourself, who claim to be “targeted” asking people to wake up and see what’s going on around them? (No offense and bear with me for my point.)
    In the beginning, I was scared and confused, and couldn’t get a valid or coherent answer from anyone on what was happening to me. Then I started having a little luck, with some random answers coming from emails I’d sent weeks prior, but it took months before I started truly putting some of the pieces together. Luckily by that time, there were a couple folks who laid out some of the real facts, and I’ve never been more grateful.
    I’ve been trying to help everyone that I possibly can by constantly writing facts from the endless supply of websites all over the huge windows of my minivan, as I drive all over the west coast! I’m stopped constantly by people agreeing with the factoids adorning my windows…high fives and handshakes aplenty! Tears are also a constant, as people look at me as I approach my vehicle, “I thought I was crazy,” or “thank God someone else knows what I’m going through!” I can’t tell you how many times in two years that has occurred…but it’s alot!! The opposite is also true! My writings anger people as well. I’ve been shot at…twice. I dug out and kept the 9mm slug that barely missed me. Have had my driver’s window blown out in traffic, and numerous sabotage incidents…luckily I’m very mechanically inclined, so my vehicle lives on!
    Now, I must ask the TI community for help once again, and hopefully it won’t take months to arrive… because frankly I don’t think I have that long! I’ve gone from respected professional worker in the healthcare field, specializing in assisting the homeless and at-risk population…to living in my minivan (still covered in factual news of the Deep State and TI’s) about to lose my vehicle, can’t obtain gainful employment and now facing several traffic fines as a direct result of being constantly mobbed in traffic, and when I react… Well, you know that story… I’ve been pulled over about 30 times in two years, and have had dozens of interactions with other law enforcement. Needless to say, they usually walk/drive away with nothing more than momentary conversation, as my “troubled days of youth” are far behind me. However, a couple occasions included a minor traffic violation. (There goes my twenty year perfect driving record.) I can’t be without a vehicle or I’m a dead man for sure!
    My contact info is Edd Berrigan, and my email is gangstalkersrevil at yahoo dot c o.m.
    5O3.896.O850 is my cell.
    Now I’m not asking for handouts or whatever. I’m being a hundred percent honest here and I’m hoping for some legitimate help with contacts, advice, anything that I can use to get this chapter behind me, and coordinate some real help reaching the people who so desperately need our help.
    One of the many sites I list on my windows (and use myself) is worldwide
    And now it requires a login password??? WTH is that all about? Now I just look like a liar when I refer people to that site!
    There is SO much more to my story and some of it involves witnessing some heavy duty stuff, corruption and other information that I cannot say on an open site…. BUT I REALLY NEED HELP from folks who actually believe what I say is legitimate and who can lend a resource or two. My honor and my integrity are intact, and that is my saving grace! But everyone has a breaking point and I’m rapidly approaching mine, so, for the love of all that is good and true ..I pray these words reach the right eyes.
    Thank you again for all your hard work, and I’ll continue reading all that you write…(we really do think alot alike on many topics.)
    In loving service to those that need,
    Edd Berrigan
    As*hole Extraordinaire & Targeted Individual


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