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  1. Fiona Barnet in Australia has exposed the Mk ultra and her experiences in Australia and her satanic ritual abuse and this up to Government House Australia. I have story this of most of the children students at St Johns school within school hours taken beyond catotonic state assaulted abused tortured. Details given to me by witness of all that was seen and children sent from class for hours by teachers who today still are staff at other schools. and a lawyer chris trevor had all my evidence of the fourteen pages details of torture abuse assaults details..Chris trevor had all evidence with his firm and another child too with litigation lodged with his firm. This child told me personally he was taken to office strangled tortured and seen by all the class at st johns being assaulted by the principal in 2004. I had named and lodged claim for the witness close to me who saw all the torture assaults of most registered enrolled at st johns in 2004. chris trevor at same time of lodgments is the solicitor and he is promoting st johns as support education for the Rudd government as well. Chris trevor more affliated with the diocese where there was litigation against the diocese and the very solicitor now promoting the child abusing school in Gladstone Australia for Rudd government. Chris trevor will now be handpicked by Kevin Rudd to be in his federal government. And then all my evidence was destroyed in pending case. no public exposure by this member of parliament no all covered up for the rudd government. Kevin Rudd himself had in the Goss government destroyed evidence in Heiner affair shredder gate in child abuse case. So complicit was chris trevor and rudd government to cover up and destroy my evidence and it was most of the children enrolled in st johns in 2004. Bob Atrkinson the police commissioner queensland had been sent information of the assaults at the school of st johns by ken smith director general of state education. Who i wrote to. and had the year before in 2003 had the previous principal forced resignation for altering my child testimony in the office of child abuse of another child who said they were in familial incest. I had reported this child out and by time it got to police the parents in class had been warned when i notified the teacher and principal the boy was familial. the child remained familial for years. The police Ian Hutchison dismissed that i had Laurence hoskig principal previous year forced resignation for altering my child story in the office a clear offence and dismissed by the police ian Hutchison. the child in familial told a mutal friend he remained familial for year and i had gone to all government departments wanting them to review case. all coverd it up. in 2004 the child again was harmed in office by new principal and staff at the school in 2004. The torture described on children and preschoolers sent to the office. the witness close to me said they paralyses the children and my child using metal ball method. throw the ball at the front of foot and then paralyzed the children. then they staff began to torture while the children could not move numb and cut and abused them. this testimony coming from my child as to what they experienced and saw. and covered up to government adn diocese level. even the local observer newspaper would not run the story as i got reporter to record the story. i told her chris trevor destroyed all my evidence in pending civil case and Observer too knew the mother of the boy in familial she had worked at the observer. So they covered up a huge satanic ritual child abuse of st johns and familial story that is how it all started in 2003 with the child saying they familial incest with whole family. this child only five at the time had younger siblings. and then the child was seen in the office school of st johns in 2004 being assaulted abused and child had no one to turn to home or school as victims remain in heinous situation. It was drugging of children, torturing, assaulting beyond what the child could cope with and chris trevor government rudd and diocese with local police in gladstone covered it up as did Brisbane. the police commissioner himself had the details of harm as did rod welford who i complained to an attorney general as early as august 2004. so if the harm of children continued all departments knew if continued into later years. i have all that evidence in which the lawyer tried so hard to destroy on the diocese and government behalf. all had to be involved in cover up to date. i have sent new information evidence to damien smith police in gladstone in 2019 and i have contacted other witness victims as well. So government adn diocese police still covering up mass satanic ritual abuse torture of children at st johns gladstone queensland australia. This will be exposed with all the evidence in time. This same bob atkinson police commissioner in 2004 was part of the royal commission into child sexual abuse institutional abuse. Yet this same commissioner did not close st johns in october 2004 when he had the information how long did the abuse torture continue. in time other victims will come forward. the other child who also lodged with chris trevor firm in 2006, i have the letterhead from chris trevor firm as the father of the child was turned away from the police when he tried to lodge criminal complaint. Yet i had given this name of the boy to the police and personal tapes and police tapes to the police this boy named six months before. yet no investigation wa there and the father of the boy then turned away from lodging six months later. the cover up is huge and all covered up by police now the newspaper, lawyer chris trevor who still a publics servant in Gladstone and has his firm. his partner lawyer years later flee australia for offences against him Dave mchenry. and had his business closed down by chris trevor when i pursue case with his partner lawyer. the story too huge adn details of torture drugging and assaults’ abuse horrific to go into detail. they start with the children and then when they act erratically try to say the child is the problem. Be silent no more shout all from the rooftops it did happen. my child so traumatised as well by police interview and had no victim support when he was interviewed and left in interview alone at six years old for fifteen minutes before the police rush in to interview him alone. having no victim support is unheard of especially for a child that young. So deliberate by the police ian huchieson who tried to traumatize the victim furhter into silence. I have the police tapes as to how they interviewed him intimidate a victim and witness to hundreds enrolled at st johns in 2004. One boy who the witness my child said he saw in the office being tortured by a teacher who became vice principal at st johns when one of the perpetrator staff left suddenly from her position at st johns when i confront the new principal shaun killian . this teacher had cut into the boy hips and then injected liquid into the boy hips and replaced the bone and cut into boy penis. Then the door was closed of the office. A few days later the boy came up to my child and started to tell my child that he had gone to the doctor as he had asthma. so the boy was trying to identify my child the witness at st johns. how many children had asthma in st johns boys in 2004. the boy said he went to the doctor for check up for asthma and the doctor who was he? saw the marks on hips ask the child whre he got the marks. the boy told him no doubt and the doctor said if he had not found the liquid which was flouride and ice the boy would be in a wheelchair or have pins. so where was that exposure and who was the doctor. did he reprot this full evidence of torture proof of it and the parents did they reprot it to police it would have been covered up.. If a lawyer who was a government federal minister destroyed my evidence for diocese and for government. evidence will be exposed and proof chris trevor with police government and diocese did cover it all up. Leesa jeffcoat lied to the observer 21 march 2014 that children are safe from sexual abuse at catholic schools so she lied. Perjured herself in black and white as it was leesa jeffcoat who had cooperated with ken smith in resigning of Laurence hoskin the 2003 principal at st johns. And it was all to do with the child in familial and this principal lied to welfare of the child situation and to police as i have the tony mgrady police minister letter lie is caught on the paperwork. All ensnared themselves and lawyer destroyed the evidence this was a federal member of parliament. Complicit in covering the crimes against children at st johns in 2004. .


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