Two weeks ago, I was forced to appear before a family court for approximately the thirtieth time in a seventeen-year period.

That is the nature of Zersetzung, as the Deep State attacks me through my daughter’s mother.

I will always fight for my daughter, and I encourage her to reestablish contact with me.

I have dedicated my books, which you can download for free, to my daughter.

I have no regrets.

But I did have a court appearance, driven by my enemies in the deep state.

Up the road from Lexington, I spent the night in Staunton, Virginia, at the bottom of the Shenandoah Valley.

After I checked in to my hotel, a former hay and fertilizer store, I went out for a drink.

I can highly recommend the Green Room, especially the Oozlefinch Ale, a delicous apricot sour.

There I conversed with the scum that seek to run me, by V2K, a constant feature of my life.

The enemy sent in some bar skanks from the neighboring women’s college, Mary Baldwin, actually thinking I would go for them….

You gotta be kidding me!

The presence of these slags, who ruined the atmosphere, drove me from the bar, although I later bumped into them, down the street, as they “coincidentally” engaged, through forced speech, assisted by forced movement, in a conversation meant to draw me in.

Coincidence, upon coincidence, piled up.

Exploring the town on foot, I went for more beer at the Shenandoah Valley Brewing Company.

After an initially friendly reception, I found myself talking with an older fellow who had spent time in the Navy where he served in several secret wars.

I had only just learned about, and written my article on, United Fruit, Dole, and Chiquita.

Now, suddenly, for the first time in my life, I was talking with a real live war criminal who claimed to have been part of an American “victory” in El Salvador.

In El Salvador, scum trained at Fort Benning, through the School of the Americas, now WHINSEC, killed an archbishop at the altar; raped and butchered nuns and children; tortured people with blowtorches; and murdered seventy-five thousand (75,000) civilians.

I went ballistic.

As I was yelling at the top of my lungs about atrocities in El Salvador, about which I had learned only the week before, the barmaid did an excellent job of walking me out before things turned ugly.

Then I realized I had been set up:  the coincidence was designed to get me arrested for some kind of public disorder so I would miss my court date in the morning.

But that’s not the only thing I realized.

Everyone at Shenandoah Valley Brewing Company was a homosexual.

It was all starting to fit together–especially since the military is full of homosexual rapists.

More disturbing was not only the teenage trans-sexual sitting at the bar, making eyes, whom I had earlier ignored, as we sang rollicking songs, but the advertisement, by the Government of Virginia, of not only this establishment but many others, which it promoted as LGBTQ+.

That’s L for Lesbian, G for Gay, B for Bi-Sexual, T for Trans-Sexual, Q for Queer, and Plus for MAPs.

MAPs stands for Minor Attracted Persons–i.e. child molesters.

Shenandoah Valley Brewing Company is a very short walk from six different schools.

Shenandoah Valley Brewing Company is a very short walk from the town’s two courthouses.

Shenandoah Valley Brewing Company is a very short walk from the local police station.

Shenandoah Valley Brewing Company is a very short walk from Shenandoah Pizza and Tap House.

As some may know from the horrific sexual trafficking of children in our nation’s capital, pizza is code for the rape of children.

Is it really a coincidence that we find the Star of Ishtar in the pizza shop?

The Star of Ishtar is another cartel signal, which you can find at CIA.

The Star of Ishtar appears in Eyes Wide Shut, which advertises the disgusting orgies of the Illuminati, as they occupy the highest places in the government.

The Star of Ishtar appears in Las Vegas, where children are trafficked in the shadow of Nellis Air Force Base.

There satanic rapists facilitate crimes against the American People.

Here you can see the Star of Ishtar used by the 30th Intelligence Squadron at Langley Air Force Base in Virginia.

Shenandoah Pizza serves beer from the Seven Arrows Brewing Company, just down the road, which uses the Star of Ishtar as its logo, and I saw one of the homosexuals in the Shenandoah Valley Brewing Company drinking from a mug just like the one below.

The Government of Virginia advertises Seven Arrows, whose beer is served at Shenandoah Pizza, as LGBTQ+.

Do you see the red-and-white checkered pattern for the masons, the masks for secret societies, the star on the lady’s tie-dye, and the leopard print?

Do you see all the children whose pictures appear on the FaceBook page for Shenandoah Pizza?

Here are some more of them….

Shenandoah Pizza has pies shaped like hearts.

Do you see the cartel signals used by child-molesters, or MAPs, which indicate child-love?

That’s from that hotbed of conspiracy theorists–the FBI.

Just as we see the checkerboard appear at the pizza shop, we find the tesselated pavements of the freemasons all over Staunton.

At first glance, Staunton seems like a cute little run-down mountain town, and it seems crime free, but now I’m starting to wonder….

Why don’t the local police, who are right across the street, investigate this stuff?

Former Staunton Police Investigator Roy Hartless says the police-handling of a double homicide spoke to a cover-up.

But James Williams denies it.

John C. Nuckolls, a former Staunton cop and school resource officer, tried to arrange an indecent meeting with a fourteen-year-old girl, when the police arrested him.

Is he really the only one?

The Western State Hospital, formerly the Western State Lunatic Asylum, or the DeJarnette Hospital, may have closed only eighteen years ago, but it is still a prominent feature in town.

What went on there?

How many did the police commit?

While the police eat pizza, and drink beer with child molesters, they put adults in Middle River Regional Jail.

And they put children in the Shenandoah Valley Juvenile Center….

Staunton Military Academy is closed, but other “troublemakers” go to Fishburne Military School, just down the road, only three miles from Seven Arrows Brewing Company, the LGBTQ+ establishment, whose beer is served at the pizza shop, while only two years ago, two fourteen-year-old boys were sexually assaulted in a controlled environment.

No charges were brought by the neighboring Waynesboro Police Department.

Virginia is full of this stuff, and so are its military academies.

Outside the valley, at Fork Union Military Academy, Gregory A. Moyer, a barracks supervisor, and the sponsor of the academy’s chapter in Boy Scouts, kept a diary describing his sexual preferences and containing photographs of naked middle school cadets.

Moyer was convicted of fourteen counts of taking indecent liberties with a minor, but, at a bench trial, three Virginia Judges reversed and remanded the case.

Meanwhile, the same Virginia courts have taken my child away from me, because I maintain this website, while I remain a lawyer in good standing and an educator with security clearances.

My daughter now lives in Crozet, just over the mountain, a small village famous for its pizza.

Back in the valley, Mia Khalifa went to Massanutten Military Academy.

How do you explain how this woman became the number one star on PornHub?

Ask yourself why this woman has been interviewed not once but twice by the British Broadcasting Company.

Mia, too, has been seen with pizza.

Through hijab porn, this Christian woman subliminally promoted rape as a recruiting tool for illegal wars in the Middle East.

Then the useful idiot promoted civilian disarmament through OPERATION GLADIO C.

But now Mia sends the message to young girls:  Doing porn can make you not only famous but respectable.

But if you search for Mia Khalifa and BBC, as I naively did, you get a whole different set of images….

Don’t do it–because the pictures of menage a trois are truly filthy.

Mia Khalifa is a product of the Shenandoah Valley.

Can we really dismiss all this as coincidence?


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12 thoughts on “MASONS IN THE VALLEY!”

  1. I live in Eastern Va but spend time in the Shenandoah Valley and to be honest I got creeped out while touring the Luray Caverns. There were hidden rooms locked off to the public and pitch black. Immediately my mind shifted to underground Satanic rituals. I’ve heard stories from the region but your connections and observations are spot on. I’ve spent time in Staunton and Lexington. Beautiful areas but it feels like there are a lot of secrets


  2. Hello beloved victims
    I experience your things since my birth, however, these experiences were erased after my kindergarten. Again and again. The kindergarten where this happened is in Wetzikon/ZH. The kindergarten teacher worked with a governmental Stasi agency. The underground facility is under this kindergarten and goes in the direction of the fire department, probably on to the Catholic church. There are such facilities all over the country. Conspicuous children with green or blue eyes are used for tests. It is about our ancestors who are aliens. The state wants to create a god-like person in order to abuse them for its own interests. Unfortunately, these persons are manipulated and observed in their later life in order to carry out their own crossbreeding as they see fit. Criminal organizations are brought in to fund these abuses. The state gives these organizations a free hand. All actions of the victims are influenced to their liking. Child abuse is the order of the day. It is always Zionists/Freemasons. They are represented in all state institutions and have all medium and large companies already in their hands. Worldwide. Share my story. It’s about your ass !
    Telegram :

    Another underground complex for these experiments on humans (Cern) is located under Chion Castle. An entrance is located in a school building in Territet. Please act accordingly. My life is in the highest danger and I am tormented here in Oberdürnten by the whole quarter. The entire Huebweg in besieged Oberdürnten is being used by intelligence agents to destroy my parents (slaves) and me. My parents have been fitted with RFID chips. They don’t know anything. My brother is involved in this. They all belong to this secret society (Freemasons) I have written to them several times and hope they take this seriously.
    Kind regards
    Jerome F. Jenny


    1. Dear Jerome:

      Thank you for writing, as I read your comment with interest, while the enemy moved it into my spam folder, as they tried to stop us from communicating.

      Among other things, I was interested to learn about the places you mention in Switzerland, and I share similar experiences and insights with respect to forced amnesia, kindergartens, cybernetics, underground facilities, and the splitting of families–not to mention Zionists and Freemasons, who both use the Seal of Solomon, with which they marked the Jews in the Death Camps and the Jews in Israel, state agencies, as STASI has always worked with their American, British, and other counterparts, the Catholic Church, and companies like IBM, DuPont, and so on.

      I cannot agree with your statement about aliens–especially given government programs like PROJECT BLUE BEAM.

      Still, I would agree that different people are genetically different, as, evolution continues, and they separate roughly into subhumans, humans, and superhumans; and I agree that blue or green eyes are a marker of superior blood.

      The things you say ring true, and, here, in Pennsylvania, I know another member of the Jenny Family who come from Switzerland!

      Lately, I have become more and more interested in the enemy’s breeding program, which is extremely foolish in that they are breeding people like us, who will invariably fight against them, while they train us to be strong and to hate them, and they never leave us alone, so we have nothing to do but destroy them.

      Meanwhile, as they destroy each other, the enemy are uneducated losers, who surround themselves with their own kind, in a race to the bottom.

      What else can one expect from a group of insane addicts?

      I touch on this, increasingly in my third book, which is now in progress, as I describe the bloodline of my daughter’s mother, the French Montgomeries, who descend from Odin, in addition to my own family, who were lesser Norman aristocrats.

      In my books, which I hope you read, I also describe the enemy’s attempts to breed me with an ultra-blonde member of the Botha, or Booth, Family, who seem to be Sephardic Jews with blue eyes, on a luciferian holiday, as she descended from John Wilkes Booth, the assassin who killed President Abraham Lincoln, and she seems to be a distant cousin of the wife of Prime Minister Tony Blair, of England, and Prime Minister P.W. Botha, of South Africa.

      Later, there was another attempt, through arranged meetings, and hypnotic attraction, to breed me with another beautiful and exceptional blonde woman from the House of Neville.

      If I may say so, you should write a book, or you should set up a website, because it is very plain that you have a fascinating and educational story to tell.

      Don’t be selfish: it’s your duty! Plus, nothing could be more fun or meaningful.

      Otherwise, if you would like for us to correspond, away from the public eye, please send a comment below with your e-mail.

      I will not post the comment, so no one else will see it; but I will see it, and delete it, and I will write you back.

      And, of course, I hope you keep posting more public comments otherwise on my site.

      Yours in the fight,



  3. Hi,

    It is interesting that there are certain points of /\elta across this land of ours. We know of pentagr/\ms and other symbology on the geography of the District of Corruption, obvious example.

    Here is one in an area that gave us the likes of Beyonce, Sandra Gillette, Lizzo, Christopher Theofanidis, Brian Garcia (Grammy-winning producer), Elliott Segal, Carmen Cusack (T0m H/\nkz Beautiful Day in the Hood), “Burnie” Burns, Chris Ayres, Tobe Nwigwe, Brandon Sandefur, Big Red Sun “33” (Dylan Robertson)…the Elites love to consecrate VARIED showbiz/entertainment demographics.

    Can you see three items here? 🙂,-95.6001699,949m/data=!3m1!1e3

    This area is rich with it beyond these…perhaps for further discussion.


  4. Furthermore, looking at that very carefully…two huge co-ed public high schools sitting next to each other. That duality, hmm. With whom (or what) can we ascribe that concept to? Duality. Twins. A “North” and “South” House each, just like them towers of olde somewhere. Heck, the newer of those two schools even has the literal stylish double pillars at an entrance, very symmetrical architecture. And then its mascot. Dark story with those two high schools’ timelines…in an area rich with, ah, monuments.


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