I have written about the use of spinning to cause dissociation in children.

It’s like the Mad Tea Party, at DisneyLand, where Brice Taylor was abused under MK-ULTRA.

It’s like the spinners who used to go to the Dead Shows, which grew from Kesey’s Acid Tests….

And it’s like the waltz craze, more than one hundred years ago, in Vienna, at the fin de siècle.

That’s what Frederic Norton wrote about, in A Nervous Splendor, a book I read at Andover, about which you can read in my memoir, downloadable, for free, below.

Andover is where the Bushes send their brats.

The Bushes are scum.

And I mean scum.

I learned this stuff, at Andover, because The Preppy Handbook, which they published to make the Bushes look cool, and to mess with people, enriched my life,

As you can read in my books, the enemy’s imbecilic plots often backfire.

There are many awesome people, like me, who went to Andover—-not to mention Humphrey Bogart, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and John F. Kennedy, Jr.

My history teacher, Jeanne Murphy, told me I should write a book, so I’m glad I finally did it, doubling down, and writing two, available, for free, below.

I didn’t cover waltzing, but it plays into the scene where Freud came to prominence—first pushing cocaine, then pushing hypnotism, and next pushing perversion.

They used Vienna to start World War One, and they used World War One to end Vienna.

Some called Vienna the City of Dreams.

That makes sense since people were asleep.

Like a bunch of zombies—only it’s supposed to be glamorous.

Vienna at the turn of the century was like Paris in the Twenties—when they called young people the Lost Generation.

Or San Francisco in the Sixties—when they called young people Dead Heads.

People disassociated, phasing out, through drugs.

People disassociated, phasing out, through music.

And people disassociated, phasing out, through dancing.

It didn’t matter whether it was cocaine, classical, and the Waltz in Vienna—-or booze, jazz, and the Charleston in Paris—-or weed, acid rock, and what passed for dancing in San Francisco.

Plus, with all that stuff going on, it was a good place to drug people….

Look at the paintings that came from Vienna more than one hundred years ago—when they were stylized.

Look at the paintings that came from Vienna more than one hundred years ago—when they were natural.

Does this look fun, glamorous, or intelligent to you?

Why do schoolbooks promote these times and places?

It all comes from the Tavistock Institute.

Learn to see the pattern.


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