Why would Norway’s most popular novelist write a book in which the Secretary General of NATO is a suspected rapist and murderer?

And why would that strange book be published in the exact same year that Jens Stoltenberg became Secretary General of NATO?

Because it’s a veiled warning from others, behind the scenes, that Secretary General Stoltenberg had better do as he is told—especially now that things are heating up in the Ukraine.

The NInth Circle, the Illuminati, and the Masons love secret signs and symbols—like the one they left on President Kennedy’s assassination when he messed with the Federal Reserve.

Similar warnings were delivered to Robert De Niro, when he was implicated in child rape, as his masters reminded him how they can use the courts and the press to expose one of their own who does not play along.

That’s why Prince Andrew was exposed as a rapist, while many others who visited Jeffrey Epstein’s island never came to the public attention.

And that’s why the shadow-players threatened Jens Stoltenberg with exposure through the publication of the strange book about him: Knight’s Cross.

Jens Stoltenberg has been implicated in the largest scandal to hit NATO (OTAN).

Jens Stoltenberg has been implicated in a further scandal involving Norges Bank.

The little coward is being threatened.

He had better watch his step….


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  1. And…the actor of Ukraine is nominated for the Nobel prize 😂🤣🙃 it’s to laugh out loud

    Jens leads first Norway as PM and now the NATO/OTAN the spell is the way of the game, don’t get trapped in an upside down world. Stay close to yourself in your own power. Nobody is allowed to have power over you.

    Thanks again for all you do for humanity 🙌

    I like to introduce you to Patrick who is reporting from Ukraine since more than 8 years

    Two others are Graham Philips and Gonzalez Lira
    The Truth Vs propaganda…

    Truth will come out for many more soon

    It’s all for the children to live free on planet Earth

    Does anybody care about the women and children in Yemen…No, because hardly anybody knows what’s going on over there!!!


  2. And why did the zelensky puppet masters do everything to provoke Russia?

    Because their covid scam was failing and they needed people to look elsewhere.

    Now that they have fooled the planet, they are playing the new staged event “war in Ukraine’ to hide what is really going on in the background:

    A- The takeover of all nations constitutions by the criminals of the WHO (one of the perpetrator of the covid crimes) under the guise of a ‘pandemic treaty’

    B- In the UK, the US and the EU, they are, as we are focused on Ukraine, building the next step of fascism with DIGITAL ID’S, CDBC (digital ‘money’) and once these are in place (by 2023), they will control not only your body integrity but what you can buy, read, listen to or where you can travel to.

    They, of course are not doing it publicly or asking anyone’s opinion and even less going through a democratic process, votes or anything like that. No it’s been decided by the same criminals behind the FAKE PANDEMIC (WEF, WHO, UN, gates, rothschild, rockefeller and other globalists).

    Last week they even had a ‘world government summit’.

    But everybody is busy with Ukraine, so very few know what is really going on.

    And by the way, while people ponder about Ukraine, in fascist shitholes like Italy, a non elected banker made dictator is exterminating and starving his population if they refuse to get injected with the DEATHVAX. Muzzle are still ‘mandatory’, same for the ‘vax passports (modern age yellow badges) and no restriction has been abolished.



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