False flag attacks form a vital part of the New World Order’s tactics.

So does control of the media.

This can be seen most recently in the atrocities reported at Bucha.

NATO has created the War in the Ukraine, and now it is torturing, raping, and murdering people while it blames its atrocities on the Russians.

The whole thing is a classic false flag—just like NATO’s creation of ISIS.

NATO funds terrorists, just as it did in OPERATIONS GLADIO A, B, & C, and it uses their actions as an excuse for repression, aggression, and its own criminality.

So it’s no surprize they’re up to their old tricks in the Ukraine, where they support the criminal government of Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy.

Although Zelensky is a Jew, his government is supported by a gang of Nazis.

The Azov Battalion!

The CIA has been training Nazis in the Ukraine, who have been committing atrocities, which are blamed on the Russians.

Like ISIS, the Azov Battalion is straight out of the Pentagon!

That’s from that hotbed of conspiracy theories:  Veterans Today.

Here’s more of the same from YahooNews….

The CIA itself brags that it has been following the models it used in Afghanistan, where it created Al Qaeda, and Syria, where it created the Islamic State.

Here you can read the United Nations’ report on atrocities committed under the aegis of CIA—long before the Russian invasion.

Why would they stop torturing, raping, or murdering people now that a war is on?

Why would exposure stop them?

Why would they not blame their crimes on the Russians, just as they blamed the torture, rape, and murder of tens of thousands in Bosnia, which they arranged, on the Russian-allied Serbs to justify NATO’s continued existence?

The Bucha Massacre is a false flag attack arranged by criminals in NATO, trained by CIA, MI-6, and MOSSAD, just like the chemical attacks in Syria.

It’s very similar to what Gonzalo Lira predicted only a short time ago, as he broadcast from the Ukraine.

If you know how they move, the enemy’s attempts to manipulate public opinion through staged atrocities are very easy to spot.

Don’t fall for their lies.

Think for yourself.


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Our enemy depends on silence.


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