Although there are exceptions, college is nothing but an expensive con, designed to plunge you into debt, while the best degree may not lead to a job.

But the fraud that passes for education in this country is not limited to fleecing college students and their parents.

There is also state-mandated public education, which is nothing but a plank of the Communist Manifesto, designed to brainwash your children, destroy their creativity, and make them obedient little slaves.

And, of course, a big point of public education is to force children to receive vaccines that destroy their health, at the taxpayers’ expense.

That’s when the schools aren’t making children wear masks, as their social skills are destroyed.

Or when the schools aren’t making children take classes online, as part of the New Normal.

No wonder the takeover of our education system comes from the Tavistock Institute.

You can read Matthew Arnold, whose father reformed a famous boarding school, write directly about the conflict between the family and the school, and the school’s desire to destroy a child’s relationship with his or her family.

No wonder teenagers end up the way they do.

Schools are bad for children.

And I mean bad.

Homeschool your child.

It’s easy, it’s healthy, and it’s fun.

You can learn more in a special issue of The New American, published by the John Birch Society, which you can read and download, for free, below.

Stay out of school.

That’s from a man who has a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, a doctorate, and a law degree, from the most prestigious schools in the world, and a father who teaches college.

But what would I know?

I am only the man you will be paying tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to teach your child.

Stay out of school.

It’s just that simple.


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31 thoughts on “STAY OUT OF SCHOOL!”

  1. Pedo hunting grounds, all kids organistaions included. Also easy for Hivites to pick kids all in time. In 2020 in the time of COVID kids from schools that were evacuated have never come back and their familes have never been seen again.

    And no useful knowledges. I have to pay for English myself because my school didn’t give me a choice.
    All they do to indoctrinate us with their fake history and worship satanic pedo monsters as heroes of our nation. All real knowledges they gave their own for us they gave only lie.


  2. Excellent article, Tim. Thank you for your research and brilliant analysis.

    I’m glad I left college after my first “try” and returned much later in life to earn a degree in Communication Studies. It may be the last liberal arts discipline that teaches critical thinking, and at my school, the media and rhetorical criticism classes between 2012 and 2016 were still so rigorous that many of the millennial snowflakes would cry seeing their favorite Disney movie, or magazine, or music “artist,” or Hellyweird actor being dressed down. A few even ran out of the classroom. The trauma-based indoctrination and entrained celebrity worship is BAD.

    Also, I cry every time I see people in real life or in video/pictures, especially children, wearing face masks.


    1. Thanks, pal.

      You are a shining testament to the strength of a good communications program, which not only draws people like you but gives them critical tools and skills that strengthen them further.

      As you know, I teach communications, among other subjects, and my students do learn things, but they also overpay the school, and other things come with it. The enemy is always working to mix bad with good.

      And, yes, as for the masks, I find it deeply disturbing to see children wearing these as their spirits are crushed. And for some, who are denied contact through facial expression in their early formative years, the damage is irreversible. They will never learn to be human or normal, much like feral children who failed to acquire language in their early years.

      Maybe it’s a boy-girl thing, where women have to cry a bit before they kick ass, but I would say, though, personally, it is better to get angry than to feel sad.


    1. Okay, Alice Cooper, so we might look at stupid, rather than intelligent, resistance to the brainwash, in the following video, as the enemy tries to control the opposition, alienating worthless children from not only their parents but also their teachers….

      And while you’re noticing how absolutely bizarre the Muppet Show video above is, and wondering why the Muppets were seen as wholesome, or were so popular, check out my article on Jim Henson:


    2. School sucks. It is a waste of time. But if we don’t enroll our children we are criminals. Mandatory school started because of the Rockefellers, John D Rockefeller said “I don’t want a nation of thinkers, I want a nation of workers” (aka pawns). Most of the ministries of so called education and culture in the world belong to them. For what? For getting a “degree” (of insanity maybe) and go find a job in the Rothschild slave market I mean work market. I studied psychology. How come people take serious scum like Freud, Jung and Lacan? And even think they are “treating” anyone? May God have mercy upon their souls! “Education” is there so that when we finish it we hate studying. And believe real knowledge is conspiracy theory.


  3. There was a kindergarten in Brazil (Rio) where a former nun and now protestant christian took the children from school to be abused by people and then brought them back! There was another where small children had their arms tied (even babies) in a bathroom with lights off and deprived of food! Parents only found out the truth about these two cases after noticing change of behavior in their children and going to the police for investigation. Bully in case of teenage is also sick. School is sick. Whenever I asked a question that was “not to be asked”, the funny thing was students seemed so programmed they censored me and the teachers or professors only agreed with them. The teachers didn’t even need to tell me I shouldn’t ask some things. A few students themselves did this job. I’ve always found it grim.


  4. They’ve been constantly showing at the news teenagers who carry a knife to school to stab someone they had a problem with. Even if it is a teacher. They even put fire at schools! And you know they are always mind controlled! I know that because of the family I’ve come from, so many thoughts of violence have invaded my head, and they don’t come from me, but I found God (without these crazy religions full of zombies who would even kill their pets if their leaders told them so) and He kept me from doing anyhing, whenever weird thoughts come to my mind I think about God and it gives me patience and very much hope in the Hereafter. He saved me. This school knife psychopathy is a trend here and not something extraordinary. And I’m talking about private schools! In a country where underaged people don’t go to jail… besides they don’t teach history at school. They teach the death and ressurrection of their luciferian phoenix. School history starts with a bit of stone age and then all attentions to egypt and mesopotamia (sumeria), then classical greece and rome (aka luciferian governments). Then they teach about a “dark time” when europe (“the world”) was taken by religion (actually luciferian version of Jesus’s message) called “middle” or “medieval” ages. Theorically a time the “world” was dead immersed in the darkness of a religion the luciferians themselves created. Then “light” comes again with Renaissance and then industrial revolution and then this brand new world where we pay more and mpre to live in smaller and smaller flats, we can’t walk in the street or even malls without being robbed by criminals who don’t want our money or smartphone only, but also spank and torture us (slums gladio c), thanks for this blog friend!!!


      1. I have read (and re-readl almost all your articles, also Andy Pero’s, Brice Taylor’s and Cathy Obrien’s books and vigilant citizen site. I am very grateful for the wonderful work, I can’t show that because I haven’t won the lottery lol

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Watching and reading from Fiji as usual. I am always blessed and look forward to your mails. I am always mindful of the fact that it takes alot for you to bring these truths.
    Warm hugs. For that I will always cherrish what you do and send.
    Much love from Fiji

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  6. Note how fewer than ten days after I wrote this article, YouTube terminated the entire account of the poster of one of the videos to which I had linked, as the fascist police state uses its control of YouTube to censor people who advocate homeschooling.

    For more on the control of the internet, which grew from ARPANET, through DARPA, and Silicon Valley, funded by CIA’s IN-Q-TEL, please see my article on LinkedIn, which Bill Gates bought for twenty-six billion dollars ($26,000,000,000.00), while he advocates vaccines, and pushes FrankenFood through Monsanto-Bayer, and puts forward the Core Curriculum.

    Bill Gates is spending a lot of money to destroy your life and your children’s lives, and a lot of his focus is on the schools: controlled subject matter, bad food, and vaccines that cause autism.

    But what does his power do here? It only affirms the validity of the points in my article above, since who would take down the homeschooling video and why would they do it roughly a week after I wrote about it?

    I am getting to them, and you can help me hit them harder by spreading my articles and books far and wide.

    Thanks for reading,



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