Who’s Watching?

If you are here, I hope you used a TOR browser.  It will give you some privacy, but it probably won’t be enough.  They are watching you as you read….

They are watching me as I write, and threatening me, but it will not stop me.  I owe it to myself and others.

Who are they?  CIA, MI5, and Illuminati trash . . . but who else?

In the week I set up the site, I got roughly fifty views.  Not a bad start.

74% were from the USA, 12% from the UK, 8% from Spain, 2% from Ireland, and 4% from China.  China?  You got to be kidding me….  Internet censorship is extreme there, so it has to be the bad guys; and that means CIA and MI5 share information about American citizens, British subjects, and PROJECT MONARCH with the Red Chinese.  It really makes you wonder….