Who’s Watching?

If you are here, I hope you used a TOR browser.  It will give you some privacy, but it probably won’t be enough.  They are watching you as you read….

They are watching me as I write, and threatening me, but it will not stop me.  I owe it to myself and others.

Who are they?  CIA, MI5, and Illuminati trash . . . but who else?

In the week I set up the site, I got roughly fifty views.  Not a bad start.

74% were from the USA, 12% from the UK, 8% from Spain, 2% from Ireland, and 4% from China.  China?  You got to be kidding me….  Internet censorship is extreme there, so it has to be the bad guys; and that means CIA and MI5 share information about American citizens, British subjects, and PROJECT MONARCH with the Red Chinese.  It really makes you wonder….

More importantly, though, other visitors are people, victims like me, whom I met through “the program.”  Through artificial telepathy (AT), they put targeted individuals together, trying to turn us against each other.  They want to create misunderstandings–to turn white against black, rich against poor, man against woman, Brit against Yank, and so on, and so on, and so on.  They don’t care who we are, or what we believe–they just want us to fight.  They’ll get you to curse out a bad guy named David, and play it for a nice fellow with the same name.  You’ll call one of them pervert or degenerate, and they’ll share it with a brave, decent, and intelligent homosexual who never hurt a fly.  They play and show tapes out of context, and they speak over or blur out key bits.  They always lie.  Divide and conquer is their strategy, so don’t fall for it!  I try my best to reach other people and inspire them to fight.  Others have done the same for me.  There are some real heroes among us, brave people who have had enough!

I tell everyone to visit the site.  I hope some of you made it.