Your articles are unique and will be causing the powers that be much trouble.  From the moment I came across your work, I thought it was amazingly powerful.

You are doing a great job of fighting!

–Cathy Fox


Just read this Paris article and watched the videos.

Springtime in Paris: They Just Don’t Get It


Well done, my friend.  You should have a million followers.

–Andrea Davison

British born intelligence agent,

whistle blower re arms deals & child abuse,

author of Shoot The Women First

This is such a comprehensive article. Cheers. Thanks for the great share. I will save this to my research files. Certainly the term ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ comes from CIA to stop critical thinkers. Whistle-blowers are multiplying and the NWO is dying by exposure. Hats off…  The best part I like about your writing is that the incidents are so well dovetailed yet chronologically lucid.

–Sarosh Yakoob Mehdi

God wouldn’t have allowed you to endure all you have unless you were a very strong and special creation of his….  I so admire people like you who have been through hell and back and yet still are standing shouting the truth to whoever will listen.

–Laurel Glaze

Author and editor of 50 Shades of Pissed Off

(shut down by our enemies)

Based in my memory, my favorite so far is probably the short one you did called “About Me.”

About Me

As I was reading your articles, because you write in such a compassionate voice toward women and children, I imagined you were female.

–Rebecca Niose

“This is our enemy. I will fight them until my last breath.”
In fact this is the enemy of mankind… and all of us truth seekers are together in this fight – we are fighting various expressions of human baseness in our own way… however a few like yourself who are born into this cult environment of RSA have admirably chosen to carry a far bigger burden than the rest… simply by breaking away from this gross expression of falsehood. Wish you well at every step.
–Zara Ali

“Once, in a hypnotic session, when I was drugged and tied to a chair, Jesus, St. Michael the Archangel, and Al Hallaj came up. (That can happen when you’re facing death). One of my programmers said, “I can’t do anything with any of this….” Now, that’s what I like to hear.”
You know I so totally get that… what amused me is the mention of Hussein Ibn Mansur – al Hallaj… one of the greatest Sufi Masters… you are so blessed to have such blessed souls watching over you…

— Zara Ali

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