I recently wrote an article on cyberattacks, fake and foreign traffic, on my site.  As I noted there, CIA, NSA, DHS, or FBI seem responsible, as they conspire with the Red Chinese, and they seem particularly stupid.  I wrote to these agencies by Twitter, forwarding my article; but, as usual, there was no response. 

The League of Morons – Fake and Foreign Traffic on this Site

dumb and dumber

You don’t have to look hard to see that CIA, NSA, DHS, and FBI are full of traitors and child molesters.

Child Sexual Abuse Underlies the Deep State

FBI Special Agent Ted Gunderson and his Fight against CIA’s Satanic Child Rapists

Today one of the deep state’s imbecilic trolls stopped by.  The cowards call themselves Brothers Campfire.  Look at the satanic gibberish on their site where they speak of knowing the Beast, newly trained scouts and guards, groups of hardened criminals, and the King of La Longi.

Satanic Shitboys – About Brothers Campfire

Brothers Campfire 2

As the moronic white trash brag, Brothers Campfire is “financed by the king.”  Is it really a coincidence that these sick creeps attack me immediately after I write of fake traffic connected to the deep state?


So what do the satanic trash from NSA, DHS, or WTF have to say to me? Insane as always, they choose to follow my site and they call me a liar.

Brothers Campfire

The insane action speaks for itself.  Normally I would just delete garbage like this, but today I have had it.

conspiracy theory

You can see below that contrary to the rude assertions of my insane satanic follower, Brothers Campfire, I do indeed have 3600 followers, and I also have 271,000 hits.  Anyone could find this information by scrolling to the bottom of my main page, or by doing a find search on my main page, but the moronic trolls sent by the deep state just run their mouths like the cowardly white trash they are.

3609 Followers Bottom Page

Here’s another screenshot that shows a further breakdown of my followers, not to mention the insane satanic troll, Brothers Campfire, that calls me a liar immediately after it follows me.

Fighting Monarch Followers 2

If you like you can tell the freak show losers at Brothers Campfire what you think of them on their contact form.   

Brothers Campfire Contact


Brothers Campfire are nothing but white trash gang stalkers.


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Our enemy depends on silence.



  1. I have been targeted since 1995.

    They have engaged in everything your diagram shows.

    In my case, Ron Wyden from Oregon sitting on the Senate Intelligence Committee is running a CIA psyops team on me, even marrying my ex-fiancee.

    Since you are a survivor, how do I exit?

    I am dying from their abuse and my identical mirror twin brother is already gone (having hit one of them).

    Thanks for your reply and any information about becoming a survivor and not a victim.



    1. There is no exit. There is only fighting back.

      We will always suffer attacks. As you say, you’ve been going for twenty-four years. I’ve been targeted since birth, fifty years ago, and this site is my way of fighting back.

      Read this site, connect with other targeted individuals, and start a site of your own through WordPress.

      Take the fight to them!


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