I am a college professor, lawyer, and father who is being subjected to a campaign of electronic harassment and sexual assault under PROJECT MONARCH f/k/a MK-ULTRA.

This includes ongoing voice-to-skull, dream manipulation, sleep deprivation, hypnosis, and other attacks. Immediate physical attacks have included one incident where I was drugged and taken from a local bar to a safe house, which I can identify, and another in which I was sexually assaulted in my own home. My memory was wiped by a combination of hypnosis, drugs, and electro-shock; but I have subsequently recovered the memories.

Although there were earlier chapters, my story clearly began in 1986, when a man from Zimbabwe, formerly Rhodesia, came to our house, along with my father’s boss, who studied at the Wharton School of Business and who worked at E.I. DuPont de Nemours. I was drugged and hypnotized, and I was given the “suggestion” to have sexual fantasies about raping WonderWoman. Throughout my life, several women with blue eyes and black hair would appear, apparently in my controllers’ hope that I would rape one of them and become subject to blackmail and extortion.

My mother was raped in front of me during one “session” and I have been forced to witness the rape of multiple friends and loved ones by V2K and related technologies. Rape doesn’t begin to cover it for, as one survivor said, “This isn’t even rape.” People have had pets killed in front of them, been raped by dogs, had their faces and privates cut with knives, and been smeared with feces. For some incomprehensible reason, my tormentors continue to think this will turn me on; but I find it only repulsive, as I invariably identify with the survivors of these assaults. The survivors themselves do not remember what has been done to them, as I formerly did not, so it is futile, counterproductive, or even dangerous to try to let them know of their abuse. Resistance is strongly programmed into subjects, in connection with hypnotic aversions; and people are given gamma and omega programming in case they “wake up.”

There were also attempts to program racism into me, particularly in connection with South Africa, where my father did business, and later my controllers tried to use Rhodesia as a trigger. I was told during one hypnotic session, which I later recovered, that “Rick Creole,” the name that my 1986 programmer used, would “put Rhodesia in the newspapers.”

One year later, on my daughter’s birthday, I was awakened from my bed, put in a hypnotic trance, and shown an article about a mass shooting that occurred that day in a church in Charleston, South Carolina, by Dylan Roof, who was wearing a Rhodesian flag on his jacket—a fact noted by commentators. That night I was introduced to a woman who was referred to as a “grande dame,” I was forcibly sodomized, and my eleven-year-old daughter was sexually assaulted when a fishhook was inserted into her privates. I forgot the memory, but for better or worse, I have since recovered it.

I have approached local authorities, as well as the FBI, but to no avail. The harassment continues; and there are constant attacks on me, my friends, and my family.

I can tell you that the perpetrators always lie and there is no reasoning with them. As one of my programmers once said, “He still thinks he can make a deal….” But now I know that I cannot. The enemy is insane, they seek to destroy everything in sight, and they cannot see their own interest. Most of them are poorly educated and unintelligent losers, and all are traitors and sex criminals.

I can also say that they work not only in teams but in pairs of men and women. It may be different for others, but the times they have “gotten into me”—i.e. been successful in laying in an otherwise repugnant suggestion—it has been because I ran, under trauma, to an apparently sympathetic woman controller.

That said, they are deeply anti-woman, anti-child, and just plain anti-human.

There is no option but to fight them, and this website is my way of fighting back.


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Our enemy depends on our silence.



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