The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here. It’s called the New Normal, but you can see some very old mind control patents below. For decades Hollywood has advertised fembots. You can see a gynoid, Sophia, below. People are full of nanotechnology. Animals are full of nanotechnology. No wonder there are… Continue reading ROBOBEES!


James Olds implanted rats with cybernetics to control their behavior in the 1950s. Jose Delgado implanted a bull with cybernetics to control its behavior in the 1960s. Then he implanted chimps. As Aaron and Melissa Dykes show in their excellent film, The Minds of Men, these techniques have been used on humans… Continue reading DYNOMUTT IS REAL!


Fascism depends not only on an alliance between corporations and big government, to trample our rights, at our expense, but on computers. Like many companies, IBM proved instrumental to the Holocaust. Computers helped to torture, rape, and kill tens of thousands of innocents in the War in Vietnam. Now they're using this… Continue reading JAMMIN’!


Fascism involves a team-up between the government and big business at the expense of individual freedom. This was apparent in Nazi Germany. And it was apparent during the War in Viet Nam, which cost the taxpayer an adjusted amount of one trillion dollars ($1,000,000,000,000.00), while more than one million people (1,353,000) were killed, in the… Continue reading THE PHOENIX PROGRAM, FASCISM, & COMPUTERS


Computers are a vital part of the attack against humanity. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger knows that! There is the Fourth Industrial Revolution, through which people are implanted with cybernetics. There is the internet, which the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, created. Silicon Valley crawls with spooks. IN-Q-TEL, a seed fund run by the… Continue reading HOW IBM CAUSED THE HOLOCAUST


I have been working on my book, Wonder Women:  Growing To Manhood under MK-ULTRA, which follows my life, and accompanying world events, roughly, from 1991 to 2000, with some lookback. This is the third volume of my five-book series, on MK-ULTRA, and it will come out by the end of the year. You can… Continue reading DEBORAH DRIGGS – A TRUE STAND-OUT