I have written before about cyberattacks on my computer, which have continued.

CIA Attacks My Computer


I reported death threats to the FBI, but they did not even bother to follow up.  That’s hardly surprising given the Bureau’s history of criminality, not to mention recent article in The New York Times in which the “Justice Department’s inspector general on Wednesday painted a bleak portrait of the FBI as a dysfunctional agency that severely mishandled its surveillance powers” that made mistakes from “gross incompetence and negligence.”  Frankly, that seems too kind an estimation.

The New York Times Is Forced To Admit The FBI’s Incompetence

j edgar hoover

You can read more about the criminal and sexual deviant, J. Edgar Hoover, who headed the FBI for 40 years, in my articles below.  No wonder they don’t want to protect me.

White Zombie, Mind Control, and Sexual Slavery

Shirley Temple, Pedophilia, & the Deep State

j edgar hoover 2

Then there are the criminals in the CIA.  I often call them out, and either they or the NSA either created fake traffic on my site last year, or they used it to distract attention from the Yellow Vests, as my first article against George Bush suddenly received 1,700 FaceBook shares.  Then when I wrote a story about it, the same article mysteriously dropped to zero shares, and three hours after I wrote about the fluctuation it was back to 1,800 shares….

The Murder of George Bush and the Rise of the Yellow Vests


Now the National Security Agency or one of their affiliates is trying this nonsense again.  Hoping to make me complacent, these idiots hit my website with over 1000 hits in 150 minutes.  In over two years of traffic, the ratio of visitors to views has never gone as high as 3.0, but now it is more than 7.5.  That’s the morons trying to be sneaky….

December 15 Traffic

Almost all of that traffic comes from the United States, which lies within the jurisdiction of the FBI.

December 15 Distribution

Where else does traffic come from?  Well….  I have a lot of “readers” in Indonesia, which lies within China’s sphere of influence.

Geographic Distribution - Indonesia

I also have a lot of “readers” in Malaysia and Singapore, which lie within China’s sphere of influence.

Geographic Distribution - Malaysia and Singapore

Meanwhile I have significant and growing amounts of traffic directly from Red China, where internet use is highly restricted, from Vietnam, which lies within the PRC’s sphere of influence, and from the enemy of communist China, Taiwan.  Maybe it has to do with the article I wrote on the plot to blow Three Gorges Dam….

The Plot To Blow Three Gorges Dam

Geographic Distribution - China

Chinese Hong Kong is a more frequent visitor, as are Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia.

Geographic Distribution - Pakistan

All those muslim readers must really like my article on the Illuminati’s enslavement of their prophet and the CIA’s crimes in Egypt and Libya.

Raping the Prophet in the Cave of Hira – How the Illuminati Created and Run Islam

Lara Logan, Osama bin Laden, and Benghazi

cia isis 4

Then there’s the stuff that’s just plain weird–like traffic from Zimbabwe, Kazakhstan, Yemen, Libya, and the Palestine Territories.  Especially given my programming regarding Rhodesia, formerly Zimbabwe, the idiots in the deep state are plainly trying to manipulate me.

PROJECT ECHELON & OPERATION GLADIO C – My Website Traffic over the First Ten Months

Geographic Distribution - Zimbabwe

Still I’m doing all right.  This website has 270,000 hits and 3,600 followers, and some of that traffic has to be real.  Also, readers repost articles on other sites, so there is more unseen traffic.  You can help build real traffic by sharing articles with others.

Fighting Monarch Statistics

Meanwhile, the morons at the NSA are certainly playing games with the odd traffic to my Shirley Temple article.  See how it got almost 2500 hits in August, and almost 3000 hits in September, but a small fraction of that for the four surrounding months?

Shirley Temple Stats

Do these pedophiles actually think they can lead me to do articles on child pornography with attendant illegal searches? Do they actually think this stuff looks attractive to me? I know it does to them.

Shirley Temple, Pedophilia, and the Deep State

J. Edgar Hoover and Shirley Temple - Kiss 1
28 Jun 1938, Washington, DC, USA — Original caption: 6/28/1938- Washington, DC: America’s little sweetheart visits head G-man. When little Shirley Temple of the movies came to Washington, the name of G-man J. Edgar Hoover topped her list of “persons-to-see.” So here we have little Shirley being greeted by the G-man leader as the little glamour girl visited crime-busting headquarters. — Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

The idiots at the National Security Agency have played further games with other articles.  For instance, I wondered if my Raquel Welch article would get 2,000 hits in its first month, and it got exactly that number.  What are the odds of that?

CIA’s Manipulation of Raquel Welch & Her Fight against the Scum


Raquel Welch Traffic

Given the deep state’s satanic roots, is it really an accident that only six days ago, in addition to this other tinkering, a day’s hit count was 666?

December 9 - 666

The Bush Family is full of satanists.

The Bush Family, Satanism, and Crimes against America

USAF, whose supercomputers at Schriever Air Force Base are used against us, is full of satanic child molesters.

The Air Force is Full of Satanists, Rapists, and Child Molesters

I have written before on the use of televisions and cell phones to surveil us.

Your Television Is Watching You

I encounter trolls on Twitter and this site.  Idiots who have measured Raquel Welch’s feet in attempts to prove she is a man would be only one example.


But today’s fake traffic is a whole new brand of idiocy.  These imbeciles are what the fusion centers send against us, and this is how they use their fancy computers….

dumb and dumber

I don’t care how much money and how much technology they have.  Whether the enemy comes from NSA, DHS, CIA, FBI, or WTF, these deep state morons don’t have a chance.

Stay vigilant, arm yourself, and watch for their mistakes.


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Our enemy depends on silence.

five eyes


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