The Cochrane Library has published a major new study to conclude that surgical masks make absolutely no difference when it comes to the coronavirus.

That’s exactly what I said more than two years ago, when I looked to already-available science, not to mention common sense, and I showed that masks only hurt people.

Read my article above to learn why we were really made to wear masks….


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Our enemy depends on silence.


  1. Timo, I still cannot look at people or photos of them (especially children) wearing those face masks. It hurts my soul to think of them cutting off the breath of the Divine.

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    1. Yes, my friend, they are truly evil. They delight in twisting good instincts to do horrific harm, so a mother’s natural desire to protect her child is perverted and she hurts her lovely child irrevocably. For nothing–not even for money. These sickos need to die.


  2. Thes are not masks, they are muzzles.

    They are forced on us and our kids for submission purposes. Dogs, slaves and freemasons wear muzzles…

    Worse are the scumbags ‘parents’ who force this shit on their children, shame on these criminals.

    However, just refuse to wear them and fight those who want to force you.

    People are sheeple, they always follow, you will see that when you stand your ground, sheeple will follow.

    Also, shame them, treat them like slaves for that’s what they are.

    A muzzle wearer is a dog, treat him/her as such.


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