Fiona Barnett is a hero in our fight against NWO, CIA, MK-ULTRA, satanic ritual abuse, and child sexual abuse.  

Witness Statement by Fiona Barnett re Satanic Ritual Abuse (online)

Witness Statement by Fiona Barnett re Satanic Ritual Abuse (archived)

This brave lady is a survivor of a pedophile ring in Australia, still operating, that includes a former governor general, three former prime ministers, a former education minister, other high-ranking politicians, judges, and police.  

Fiona Barnett witnessed hundreds of crimes, as high profile child molesters engaged in child abduction, torture, rape, and murder.

No wonder CIA conspired with the Australian government to disarm the Australian people, taking their guns, as part of OPERATION GLADIO C.  When you’re committing these kind of crimes, you don’t want honest people to be able to fight back, whether it’s with firearms or with words.

GLADIO C: Gun Rights, False Flag Attacks, & Manipulation of Public Opinion

Port Arthur Conspiracy

I encourage everyone to visit Fiona Barnett’s website.

Fiona Barnett: An Australian Experience of Ritual Abuse and Mind Control

I also encourage everyone to read Fiona Barnett’s book, Eyes Wide Open, which she has just published and distributed for free as a public service.  You can read it for free below. 

Eyes Wide Open by Fiona Barnett

You can learn more about Fiona Barnett in the documentary, Candy Girl, which you can watch below or at her site.

Fiona Barnett is one of several brave survivors who have spoken out.  Cathy O’Brien is another.

Cathy O’Brien: An American Hero

Susan Ford, writing under the pen name, Brice Taylor, wrote of similar abuse.

Brice Taylor – Thanks for the Memories

Cathy O’Brien, Brice Taylor, Cisco Wheeler, and others have written about abuse at Bohemian Grove, where children are hunted and raped.  Below, too, you can hear Fiona Barnett speak about it.

Books by Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler on Illuminati Mind Control

Ronald Bernard, a currency trader who worked for the Illuminati, likewise spoke about the satanic ritual abuse of children and the extraction of adrenochrome by so-called elites.

Ronald Bernard, Satanic Ritual Abuse, & Adrenochrome

Child Sexual Abuse underlies the Vatican.

Bergoglio: Pope Francis Is The Anti-Christ

Svali Speaks: Breaking The Chain

Child Sexual Abuse underlies the Deep State.

Child Sexual Abuse Underlies The Deep State: A Conspiracy of Silence

FBI Special Agent Ted Gunderson: His Fight Against CIA’s Sexual Abuse of Children

Let’s give Fiona Barnett, a brave lady and a true hero, our support and encouragement.  She is fighting a fight not just for herself, not just in Australia, but for us all.


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Our enemy depends on silence.



    1. I am in shock that so much of the government is part of this #deepstate coup attempt. So many of the people are “woke” now, I don’t see how 80,000,000+ to a full half or more America, who are recently “woke” can allow the continued infiltration of our government by enemy agents who promote slave trafficking & pedophilia. When violent subversive groups like antifa burn, rape, murder loot and pillage for soros and the #deepstate it is “peaceful protest” but when America spontaneously rises up for justice it is not ok? They are calling actual, real protests, by concerned patriots “subversion.” I wonder how long the #fakenews is going to beat that drum? Justice for Ashli Babbitt. These fraudulent voting machines have been stealing elections for decades. I truly wish a max headroom type commandeering of the airwaves could occur long enough to broadcast the truth to the masses.

      Lin Wood in a recent fireside chat mentioned the fact that Issac Kappy was murdered, and that he had a “kill switch” that was released upon his demise. Lin Wood called the Bush, Clinton, Obama, and Bidens all international crime families and asserted there was “a special place in hell” for them, gates and soros. . Sidney Powell asserts that our justice system is so corrupt that at least 10% of the current prison population is innocent and that a full 50% of those in jail had such poorly conducted trials they should be retried.
      Please note: I have a rather delicate, but I believe highly relevant, question that I pose to the moderator and the cathy fox blog but that I ultimately would like to hear the witnesses answer.

      The question is a multi-faceted one: There is little question in my mind that there has been serious and malicious abuse of both O’Brien and Fiona. The terms “adrenochrome” and “spirit cooking” were so crazy to me, it must have taken me a week or two before I ever asked my co-worker to repeat what they were. After the research..truly horrific….and now blatant orwellilan censorship of a clearly stolen election. Clearly Americans are subject to a false agenda by the “msm” mockingbird media.

      Here’s the question: Can we believe that every single person these ladies have accused were the actual abusers? Can we conjecture that there are reason they have not been murdered by the #deepstate? (I am not discounting the very real possibility of Divine Intervention), but can we, for the sake of contingency planning, propose the conjecture they were spared for a reason by the cabal?
      (I am not the msm piling up conjecture on conjecture. I assert that I am asking this question in good faith and sincerity and in no way intend to diminish the gravity of any of this.) I find it possible these people were spared by the cabal for a reason. I propose such reasons could include:
      1. the #deepstate thinks their power is so complete they are allowing their own perverse obscenities to come to light so as to begin to desensitize the masses & add more perversions 2 the lgbqt?”community”
      2. Some of the alleged assaulter could have been body doubles or people wearing mask, in order to implicate innocent people that would have every reason to defend their own innocence.
      3. Specifically, It seems obvious that George HW Bush was a key player in the Kennedy assassination, and was even present at the scene. Many years and much bloodshed later H.W. prospered from the fact that while he was V.P., there were 3 attempts on Ronald Reagan life, after which George likely ran the government. It seems unlikely to me Reagan was a part of it if Bush was trying to off him the whole time, and then essentially ran both of Reagan’s terms. I see Reagan as more of a deceived figurehead.

      I also remember those weird president masks people started sporting around the Reagan era. The ones that were used by the bank robbers in point break. You see what I am getting at here, I’m sure. Could they have used doubles, masks or other mind control methods to imprint a patsy on these victims; in order to undermine the integrity of any future criminal investigation into the real perpetrators?

      Being a Christian, I was shocked to find out about Billy Graham. He seems to have perverted the word of GOD in order to desensitize America to the anti-Christian, gay agenda. I have seen some of Fiona’s testimony to the international citizens court regarding same and also Chernoff’s statement re: s.r.s. But what about Nixon? He surely attended Bohemian Grove but he seemed to be an outsider that called out bohemian grove and the wealth of San Francisco for the overt homosexual agenda and behavior.
      Issac Kappy and Holmeseth both seemed to think Fiona was a not entirely legitimate in a conversation wherein they also both pointed out Pence was #deepstate too. The Pence accusation seems to be accurate after what just happened on the 6th. He could have, & should have, stopped the steal if he were a patriot. Clearly Pence is now, at the very least, in the traitor category.
      Kappy also asserted, on what was apparently one of his last communications, that he had recently committed a grave injustice. He would not say what it was but responded to several question about what it was not which cleared murder and child abuse from the possibilities. Whatever seemed to be “eating at his soul” with guilt seemed to be something to do with possibly falsely witnessing about one of the good guys. Kappy seemed to indicate he did the resistance a disservice and compared himself to Judas. I’m not sure what he meant by it. But especially since Lin Woods has now brought Kappy back to the forefront of the conversation, it could be a very important question. I can’t figure Holmeseth out. If he weren’t actually associated with JSOCK I can’t see that the powers that be would allow him to assert that. On the other hand where are the indictments? Clearly something has got some of these victims and whistle blowers having a bit of a back and forth. What is this all about?

      Surely it is possible, but is it also likely probable, that the discrepancy could be over the name of someone innocent to which the victim was negatively imprinted by a body double?

      Specifically, I pose the question about Reagan; but also for any one else who seems to be an “outsider” and is somewhat “marginally” implicated within a field of clearly, demonstrably evil, likely perpetrators.

      I was shocked about Ford, but the tie ins with Ford to Robert Byrd + Clintons, Obamas, Bidens,(bohemian grove s.r.s of Kevin Collins in 1984+ HW+Graham+Buffett+Aquino+Willie Brown) +Harris and the rest of the #deepstate are perfectly clear after doing the research. Ford, the only president to never be elected president or vice president, was on the Warren commission.

      It looks like Kanye and others have broken free of the Cabal. Others like Mel Gibson and Downey Jr. have come forward as whistle blowers. Perhaps the rash of “doorknob suicides” were murders of people trying to get out of/ or come forward with information about the cabal. Downey Jr. was on Kappy’s list but professes he is innocent of child or animal abuse.

      Do we have a vetted list of good verses evil? I’m checking both columns twice and don’t want any mistakes.

      Everything biden says is a lie, and hussein, who apparently thinks he is the anti-christ is poised to run the shadow government behind the puppet biden if the unthinkable happens and they take power.
      Where are the indictments. Harris typifies the dirty cop. Her visible record alone is beyond the pale, much less the association with Willie Brown and satanic orgies. Where is justice?
      P.S. And very important point: I believe the “rapture” theory to be false doctrine that was not believed or taught until a few decades ago. The anti-christ will comes first and many will be deceived.
      Put on the whole armor of GOD: Ephesians 6
      John 3:16


  1. I would just like to humbly offer a few suggestions of staying off social media and news sites, not watching movies or tv, not eating animals or animal byproducts or dairy, and getting some type of astral healings for free by perhaps lucid dreaming or a site calledthe reiki help page and this page and also having compassion for others. There is also this page for your own development:


  2. Wonderful site you have here but I was curious if you knew of any community forums that cover the same topics talked about in this article? I’d really love to be a part of community where I can get advice from other knowledgeable individuals that share the same interest. If you have any recommendations, please let me know. Many thanks!


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