Joni Mitchell used to be my hero.

I wrongly saw her as a rugged individualist, who blazed her own trail, while she wrote works of artistic genius like Hejira—not to mention Court and Spark.

I tried to ignore sappy characterizations, as I made excuses for Joni Mitchell.

But when I saw her recent performance, where the woman I thought was a righteous snob sang Circle Game with a bunch of losers, I was forced to reexamine the person I had wrongly admired, and I was shocked to find I didn’t know her at all.

Joni Mitchell removed her music from Spotify, as she claimed that “irresponsible people are spreading lies” about vaccines.

Joni Mitchell doesn’t know what she is talking about, as she shills poison for the big pharmaceutical companies, she was a lousy mother and a lousy grandmother, and now she is actually telling parents to vaccinate their children.

Joni Mitchell allows her image to be used on masks.

Joni Mitchell doesn’t know what she is talking about, as she shills the psychologically damaging masking of children, she was a lousy mother and a lousy grandmother, and now she is actually telling parents to muzzle their children.

Joni Mitchell took a stand against George Bush, but she endorsed Joe Biden.

Joni Mitchell has no right to be in our country, or to offer opinions on its policies, since she comes from Canada.

Heroic women like Lara Logan have exposed the illegal fixing of the election.

Heroic women like Judy Mikovitz have exposed the illegal fixing of the plandemic.

Joni Mitchell stands against real women while she is held out by scum as a feminist icon.

Never mind that Joni Mitchell used to hang out with rapist trash, like Jack Nicholson and Warren Beatty, who frequented the Playboy Mansion.

Or that the artiste dressed up like a black pimp for the album in which she pioneered world music—i.e. the stealing of artists and ideas from third-world countries.

So how did I fall for it?

What was going on in her music?

Did she even write any of it?

Certainly, Lookout Mountain played a big part in her music, while she chose to make her home in Los Angeles.

But you don’t have to believe in mind control to see that Joni Mitchell is nothing but a mildly talented artist who rode to fame on the backs of others.

Blue depends on the contributions of James Taylor and Stephen Stills, who are barely credited.

Hejira depends on the contributions of Pat Metheny and Jaco Pastorius, who are barely credited.

Court and Spark depends on the contributions of a whole bunch of studio musicians, who are not credited.

Joni Mitchell did not write this stuff at all, as she gave nonsensical directions to the people who did, saying things like, 

Throw some Elvis on it….

Joni Mitchell was never able to come anywhere near her performance on these albums, which she claimed to have written by herself.

The studio tried to put her with other artists who could carry her water, like Charles Mingus, Herbie Hancock, and Wayne Shorter, but Joni Mitchell stunk up their performances.

Joni Mitchell does not deserve your admiration.


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Our enemy depends on silence.


    1. Yep, I feel sad for her, too. I wonder if I can still listen to her music, where I used to feel like I could hang out with a kindred spirit. Time will tell.

      In many ways, Joni seems to resemble Sting, with whom she identifies. I still enjoy his music with the Police, although it turns out it’s largely Stewart Copeland, the drummer, who led the band as he made the songs sound great. As with Joni (who calls Sting “Son,” because she feels like he’s her spiritual successor), Sting cannot replicate his earlier success, because it wasn’t just him.

      Like Mitchell, after whom Sting deliberately modelled, posing like Joni on Hejira when he made Dream of the Blue Turtles, Sting rode on the coattails of others, while he was used in attempts to promote depression, and they later tried to use him to promote their political causes, not to mention tantrism, but it didn’t work, as he lost his real listeners.

      It is nice to see the enemy’s plans totally fail on people who are completely unaware–fighting, flipping, and ignoring commands in their sleep–as the Tavistock Institute judges others by themselves and they try to do stupid things that won’t work.

      Otherwise, as with Mitchell, Sting’s enormous ego prevented him from seeing how he was being used and what was really going on, while he pushed real people away.

      What worked on him didn’t work on his listeners, as my friends and I, who were a bunch of eighteen-year-old college students, made fun of his pretensions way back in 1988….


  1. Good evening. What if she had undergone some traumatic sessions that ended up shaping her like that? All these worldly famous “artists” seem to be heavily mind controlled even if some of them seem shaped to act spontaneously. One day we find out that they were nothin but puppets after all. We should pity them because who knows what type of mind control was used to make it possible for them to become so big. The Prince$ of the world wouldn’t take the risk to let someone out of their traumatized dissociated cattle to become influential and be able to speak against them without paying a price. Either she has always been a slave or they taught her a lesson (unfortunately).


    1. I used to make excuses for her along those lines, but when I look at her early career I can now see she never was the person I imagined her to be. The enemy has made it impossible for me to listen to her because of constant attacks as they try to take me over with directed energy weapons. This is hilarious because it means they have also destroyed margaritas since I used to drink tequila and mezcal while I listened to Joni Mitchell and only when I listened to Joni Mitchell. I am happy to say I just threw every one of her CDs in the trash can. That makes me like every real man she ever encountered, as she said herself:

      “Late last night I heard the screen door slam.
      And a big yellow taxi took away my old man.”


      1. You know, I truly believe I’ve been sent back to church (to have renewed “psychological heart attacks” at the absurds I see there) due to cybernetics, but exactly on Easter Sunday, which was kind of “obligatory” to go, because it’s Sunday yada yada yada, there would be lunch and easter egg hunt for the kids, we were actually eager to go, especially me and everything made it impossible for us to go, we ended up staying home and that made me extremely upset and guilty at the same time for having missed the Mass. I’m pretty sure they’re playing with my mind and feelings just like they played with you using Joni because I love religion to the point I can say I’m addicted to it although I know the bunch of nonsense it’s full of.


      2. I think you understand their attack perfectly. They want to drive people to things, and ruin them, and drive them away at the same time. Spotting these tensions in ourselves, as they attack us with cybernetics, is the name of the game.

        The satanic enemy is insane. They are a bunch of losers who want to stop their betters, which would be everyone on the planet, from enjoying or doing the smallest thing, and they are willing to pay with their lives, as they destroy themselves for less than nothing, only to lose.

        My solution is to do only things that are healthy, that benefit me and others, or that destroy them. Then it doesn’t matter if I enjoy the activity or not. They can not stop me from reaping a benefit, which harms them.

        Don’t ever let them make you feel guilty: it’s what they want.


    1. Dear Margie:

      Thanks for writing.

      As you say, sharing information is the name of the game, as the enemy hide information from themselves and good people work to expose their plots and to understand themselves.

      As I note above, Lookout Mountain was an Air Force Base at the top of Laurel Canyon where Joni Mitchell and others in the Los Angeles music scene used to live.

      That’s why Laurel Canyon was the center of a certain scene, while Air Force is deeply involved in the conspiracy through what they call the Mission.

      Here’s another video, which I haven’t watched, that seems to connect Lookout Mountain to Bob Hope.

      Hope was a total scumbag, exposed by Susan Ford (Brice Taylor), and you can read more about him in my article below.

      People think of the counterculture as coming from San Francisco, but it’s just as much, if not more, Los Angeles.

      Times haven’t changed, even with Lookout Mountain sold into private hands, and the Playboy Mansion effectively closed, as Hollywood continues its association with the Democratic Party, and aging stars come out of the woodwork to tell us what to think.

      Best regards,



      1. Thanks for the memories…

        It’s all over Europe too…
        Bilderberggroup is only one other it’s set up in the Netherlands by Bernard (prince) Kissinger to mention two of the four.
        The Bilderberg is a hotel where they had the first meeting are still the 4 big paintings including the 2 I mentioned.
        Berg means mountain…
        That small country under sealevel is very much involved in many satanic ways.




  2. Agreed. Holland versus Belgium is only one of many false choices, and that family is so blind that they sent Prince Bernhard to a university run by the Jesuits (Georgetown) when the whole story of his country is rejection of the Roman Catholics. That, and the Dutch are whores pure and simple…..


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