My dear friend, Cathy Fox, has just told me of an important new book that everyone should read.

Check out An Illuminati Primer by Veronica Swift.

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Like each of my books, it’s free!

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  1. I went straight to the chapter about the Catholic thing, you know… because, in the end, I can’t keep from being Catholic, although a very disgusted one, because of everything I had to go through and see. Brazil is a cradle of Satanists disguised as Catholic leaders (priests, friars, nuns, monks). It is sick. The amount of h0m¤s3ctu@!$ who aren’t there because they understand their situation an even so want to practice with due respect. These ones exist. But there are the ones, who don’t choose to be merely at the church’s benches or as oblates, they look staight to the leadership positions. Damn demons. I hope Saint Michael throws them amidst a well of clokriches (ew) in Hell. But it would still be better if they repented… Because I don’t want to go to that hell, too. Even inside convents and monasteries they’re full of relativist theories, Freud and Jung psychopathy. In most churches the Masses are actually messes and they disrespect God in the altars so much it looks like the altar is actually a stage. Whenever there is some good parish or group doing eveything right, the media finds a way to attack them with fake news. The good part is that they resist.

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    1. It’s curious you went straight to the chapter on the Roman Catholic Church because I went straight to the chapter on the Mennonite Church. Three hundred years ago, when my family came to Pennsylvania, as original settlers who bought large tracts of land from William Penn, we were Mennonite after having spent about one hundred and fifty years in the Low Countries. The Mennonite thing is not important to me, especially since I am not even a Christian, and I am happy to be an “atheist,” or a “pagan,” but the Mennonite chapter did describe the efforts of Jesuits, if I remember rightly, to infiltrate this religious group within the Pennsylvania Dutch, a/k/a Pennsylvania Germans, who also include the Amish—not to mention a greater majority of Catholics and Lutherans. Mennonites and Amish are often very shady people, with the mindset of landed gypsies, so this doesn’t come as a surprize to me.

      My point is that we each went straight to a chapter on a religious sect connected to our family, our experience, or better what the enemy saw as our religious experience, which says to me that we were each mind-controlled with cybernetics to go to that chapter. I would bet money that everyone who opens this book follows a similar hypnotic command, relayed by cybernetic radio, to go to a chapter about what the enemy sees as that person’s religion. I would not have seen this pattern, which was completely insignificant to me, but now has become somewhat interesting, unless you had written to share your experience.

      Thank you for helping me see one of the enemy’s plots, as its pattern manifests across different readers, and don’t let the enemy get into your head about this matter.


  2. Talking about cybernetics I believe most Marian apparitions are nothing but cybernetics. There is one in Brazil’s Northeast (Our Lady of Angüera) that has made numerous false predictions and she is stll there predicting to the soothsayer who, the first time he saw her, fainted and then didn’t remember anything that happened afterwards.. hmmm….

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