Two weeks ago, I wrote about the derailment involving Norfolk Southern, at Palestine, Ohio, in what seems to be a false flag attack arranged by the House of Payseur.

I always welcome useful responses from honest people, unlike the trolls and agents whose comments I delete without reading, so I was very happy that one intelligent lady wrote about insider-trading at Norfolk Southern preceding the “accident,” while she gave me a solid lead. 

In short, there was a significant sell-off by insiders at the railroad, over the last two years, while there were significant resignations, with two events timed to luciferian sabbats that are completely unconnected to fiscal dates and financial quarters.

While CNN failed to disclose a corrupt spin doctor, the rocked flipped over to show some creeping and squirming lowlifes:  JPMorgan, Jim Squires, Alan H. Shaw,  Clyde H. Allison Jr., and Steven F. Leer.

Here is an article I found, dated on one of the eight luciferian sabbats, Longest Night, describing how one of Norfolk Southern’s directors, James Squires, sold five million dollars worth of shares, last year, at about two hundred and forty-six dollars per share, as he divested his holdings in the company, while other insiders did not buy any shares at all.

Here is another article I found from last year, which cites Defense World to show that Jim Squires sold far more than indicated by Simply Wall Street, as he sold more than twenty-six million dollars of the railroad’s stock, or more than two-thirds of his holdings in the company he directed, in the year before the “accident.”

Jim Squires resigned as chief executive officer last year, while the effective date of his resignation fell on another of the eight luciferian sabbats, May Day, as he was replaced by Alan Shaw, who sold significant holdings in the company in the two years preceding the “accident” and his rise to the position of chief executive officer.

Alan Shaw hails from the programming hubs of Virginia Tech and Harvard Business School, while he was previously Vice President of Marketing (managing the image of the company), so the appointment of this spin doctor as the railroad’s head, less than a year before the “accident,” on a luciferian sabbat, seems suspicious to say the least.

While Shaw has pledged “to make it  right,” “to support the community,” and he says he is “deeply sorry,” he has repeatedly failed to turn up at town hall meetings.

Clyde H. Allison also retired from his position as Vice President and Controller  last year, as he sold his holdings fewer than twelve months before the derailment.

And Steven Leer is still on the board, although he sold significant holdings, while he is connected to Arch Coal, Cenovus, Parsons, and USG.

Meanwhile, in the corporate shake-up, Ed Elkins, a locomotive engineer, who served as group vice president for chemicals, was promoted to executive vice president—shortly before the disaster involving locomotives and chemicals.

JPMorgan and Lazard sold a lot of shares last year, while, like the other rats, they deserted the sinking ship.

So, they made the required filings with the SEC, which would be easily searchable, for free, on EDGAR.

Insiders to sell in the last two years appear to be as follows: Alan H. Shaw, Clyde H. Allison Jr., James A. Squires, and Steven F. Leer.

Conflicting sources cite conflicting figures, and I have not checked any of these with Edgar, but, in the two years before the “accident,” insiders appear to have sold a total of 210,120 Norfolk Southern shares for a total of $53,953,726.36 sold, as they reduced their holdings by two-thirds from 0.31% to 0.1%, while this seems to be the only significant sell-off by insiders in the last ten years.

It all reminds me of the false flag attack on 911, another satanic holiday, where there was enormous insider trading before the attack, which the SEC failed to investigate.

Here’s another video on the news-reporting of the attack with respect to which not only did the Federal Bureau of Investigation fail to conduct a proper investigation, but so did the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Do you think the SEC will investigate the leads above, which, with my background practicing corporate law at the highest level, for twelve years, I managed to find, without using Edgar, in a single hour of research?

Or is the homosexual mafia too busy chasing after women like Martha Stewart?

The problem is not only that the federal government is weaponized but that it fails to use its power to make real investigations.

While not losing his focus as the head of the Subcommittee to Investigate the Weaponization of the Federal Government, Jim Jordan, with others, should not only investigate the criminal, or negligent, behavior of Norfolk Southern, but they should also investigate the failure of the Securities and Exchange Commission to do its job.

The SEC is deeply complicit in the criminality of the deep state, corporate bad actors, and the banks.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is controlled by Monsanto-Bayer.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) is controlled by Big Pharma.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is controlled by the child molesters in the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

And the stock market regulators are controlled by the criminals who buy and sell on the exchange.

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  1. It’s me again from Fiji. Thank you for your work. It’s so easy to hate these evil people… But now I just feel sorry for them for what is coming to them… I get so mad at the blindness of people and the ever growing stupidity of this generation. It’s beyond me.. Fiji has its share of corruption sex trafficking and drugs.. I admire your work. I really do. And your strength. Much love from Fiji. 🙏❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tim, Thank you again and again for your research. Because of you and others who do this research, we are exposing the inverted, perverted, black magic cult connections. I mean, it should be obvious to anyone sane watching tv or video or looking at magazines or internet stuff these days. But OH. Right, most people are out of their flipping minds.

    Liked by 1 person

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