As my website enjoys extraordinary popularity this week, my articles attacking George Bush have been trending heavily.

The Bush Family, Satanism & Crimes Against America

Remembering George Bush: Pedophilia, Cocaine & Murder


At first I thought that–like the death of war criminal, traitor, and pedophile George Bush–this was just good news; but now I see that CIA is using my articles to distract attention from other events.

I say this because my first Bush article suddenly received 1,700 FaceBook shares.

Now I know my writing is good, and my articles are insightful; but they’re not that good.

(And you know what:  the day after I wrote this story that same Bush article suddenly had a total of zero FaceBook shares; and three hours after I wrote this sentence, it was back to 1,800 FaceBook shares; and who knows what it will be tomorrow….)

CIA controls the media through OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD.  That’s not only why the recent news carries many stories about Bush but also why it portrays an evil man who raped a child as a civil servant who wore funny socks.


As for FaceBook, on which my Bush article was mysteriously shared 1,700 times, CIA not only controls but also created that platform.


So why is CIA pushing the Bush story? even to the point of promoting my site, which attacks them?

Clearly, CIA wants to draw attention from some other piece of news, and they have succeeded with me, with a large part of our movement, and with America.

If this is so, then it seems very likely that George Bush was murdered to create a distraction.  He did not just happen to die when something enormous was going on, but they killed him.

That’s how New World Order treats its own.  At one time, Bush was Director of Central Intelligence and President of the United States, but last week he was an old man in a wheelchair who had to go.

bush obama

Bush may have wanted to leave the planet.  When I asked Andrea Davison, formerly of British Intelligence, she said, “It’s interesting you thought Bush might have been murdered because the Satanists seem to have this thing about being murdered by their own people at the end rather than dying.”

The father of Bush’s wife, Aleister Crowley, died on December 1, 1947, which the World Health Organization made World AIDS Day, immediately after Bush was elected president.  Crowley was a homosexual, so there may be something to this.

Bush died seventy-one years later, to the day, on November 30, 2018; so there may be some magic in the date.  I have written elsewhere of the Illuminati’s use of special days, and CIA’s use of marker days, such as Walpurgisnacht, 322, or 911.

Lara Logan, Osama bin Laden & Benghazi


I’d be curious to know if it was December 1 in England, the same day Crowley died, because of the difference in time zones, when Bush met his end.


Things seem even more suspicious since Bush’s cardiologist was murdered only four months before his death.  Only two weeks later, the suspected killer was shot, and the coroner ruled it suicide.

Bush Doctor

Something’s going on.  It seems that Bush was murdered on a day significant for satanists, and his death is being used to draw attention away from another world event.

It’s an old sleight of hand trick.  Watch my right hand, while my left picks your pocket….

Watch Bush, reminisce about him, or hate him, while something else goes on.

sleight of hand

But what is the something else? What do they want us to miss?

One answer lies in France and Europe.  (And I hope people share others in comments below)

Since November 17, 2018, Yellow Vest protestors have blocked roads across France.  They have successfully forced the government to rescind the fuel tax, as they call for the resignation of the arrogant New World Order stooge, President Emmanuel Macron.  Prime Minister Édouard Philippe even cancelled his appearance at the COP24 Climate Change Summit, a NWO event, to meet with Marine Le Pen and the Yellow Vests, since the protests are the strongest to shake Paris since 1968.  Over thirty thousand people have taken to the streets.

Two-thirds of all French back the protests, while three-quarters say Macron’s attempt to alleviate their demands is insufficient.  You can watch the Paris Protests for hours below.

Police arrested over five hundred people, as they deployed tear gas, water cannon, and stun grenades against the protestors.  Eighty-nine thousand police deployed nationwide, with eight thousand policemen and a dozen armored vehicles in Paris.

Macron is hated, but Le Pen is adored.  She has called for parliamentary elections.  Thank God!


The people have had enough.  They reject the immigration policies that globalists have foisted on them.  I have written elsewhere about the connections among CIA, muslim immigration, and taharrush, in which women are gang-raped in public by muslims who violate their bodies with objects.

How The CIA Promotes Sexual Attacks By Muslims


The French have had enough, and four-fifths of the citizenry do not want more migrants.

Le Pen, the hero who leads the National Rally, lashed out at Macron when he signed the UN Migration Pact, demanding that the president “renounce this act of betrayal.”

Macron, the automaton, has a seventy-eight percent disapproval rating.  Accordingly, even left-wing parties will discuss a vote of no-confidence in the country’s government.  Maybe that’s because, in the middle of the Yellow Vest Protests, Macron hides in his palace, whose renovation he discussed with Le Monde.

Macron Palace

Following France’s lead, anti-globalist protests have spread to Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, and Sweden.  That’s understandable given the horrific effects of globalist policies.

The Rise of Taharrush

Coming Soon To Your Country: The Illuminati’s Sick Experiment In Sweden, The War On Cash, Taharrush, & The Persecution Of Julian Assange

Meanwhile, we are still waiting for Brexit, but the collapse of the European Union may be just around the corner.

Vive la Liberté! Vive la Révolution! et vive la France!

Vive Le Pen!



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  1. I will add some analysis, which of course falls into the grey area between opinion and fact.

    It is plausible that Bush Sr. died on the day he did because of a demonic soul contract, that he had an appointment to keep. Fortunately I wasn’t in the cult long enough to know the ins and outs of these things, but I have pieced together enough fragments to say that soul contracts with bound, captured or corrupt souls, the harvesting of souls and soul fragments, and the soul recycling system are areas of special interest to them. This also manifests in arranged marriages, often characterised by love at first sight, where the couple will produce a child with a genetic-soul match that the cult are aiming for. This does not always go to plan.

    Whether the erratic behaviour of your Facebook statistics is entirely due to malicious agents I do not know. I doubt actually that humans have much to do with the running of Facebook any more. Maybe your shadowban was lifted? Maybe you’re being gaslit by AI? I don’t see how sharing news of the death of globalist criminal Bush distracts from the French riots which also have an anti-globalist component. I get the distinct impression that there is a two tier surveillance of the population, a deeper black high-tech AI based system, and a lower level dogsbody criminal system corresponding to the traditional intelligence agencies.

    France is traditionally a left-right polarised country. In the 19th century France had one of the strongest, if not the strongest, working class movements in the world. Rioting is popular among anarchists, country folk, ravers, the traditional urban working class, students and the large marginalised underclass.

    In the UK and other countries the political left has been gutted by the globalist progressives allowing the street right to pick up some of the slack. I think this is the case in France too.

    The fact that the revolt is colour coded is strange too. Is this a parody on the Soros colour revolutions, or have sleeper programs being activated by puppeteers who will steer by infiltration the huge burst of energy which has been released?


    1. Really interesting…
      We are plagued here with 5G projects which will en feeble our immune systems plus the wind turbines being erected at a frantic pace. How to disrupt all these?


  2. P.S. My friend Rebecca Niose wrote me as follows: “I would like to share with you that I received a communication from a friend well over a month ago confirming that Bush Sr actually died, I believe sometime in October (probably during the occult ‘harvest’ season). If so, then the family was aware of his death before they released the information publicly. When they released the news of his death last week, it must have been planned for the reasons you describe in your article.”

    That, too, seems possible, and I heard a similar rumor that Bush’s body was kept on ice. In this regard, it seems interesting that his cardiologist was murdered in July and the killer was suicided almost immediately thereafter.


  3. WOW LOVE Your Insight Keep in Investigating NCC WCC AGENTS ARE have been working on them for more then 30PlusPlus Years God Bless Love Always NCC WCC WE WON SHOW TIME Shock and Awe To Hit All Evil World Wide


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