Like others, this site is devoted to fighting the conspiracy run by the Illuminati and the so-called intelligence agencies that lies behind “Project Monarch,” a program that developed out of MK-ULTRA.

Millions of people are subjected to abuse under this program. It involves mind-control, hypnotism, cybernetic technology, sexual slavery, rape, and torture.

Two excellent books to read are by Cisco Wheeler, the daughter of a general and an American hero in her own right:

Books by Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler on Illuminati Mind Control Techniques


Also excellent are the websites set up by Dr. Katherine Horton, who holds a doctorate in physics from Oxford University and who worked at CERN:

Stop 007

Joint Investigation Team

Here, too, is a whistleblower site started by several former members of the NSA:

Bigger Than Snowden

And finally there is Cathy O’Brien, an American hero and survivor of the program, who woke up and fought back:

Trance Formation


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Our enemy depends on our silence.



  1. I am a victim of the mkultra project. My ex husband, his cousin and one woman were involved to get this started. I know how to find their names. I believe they are almost complete by making a clone out of me. I now have no fingerprints, no hair, and am losing my vision. Their names are Eddie Jason sands of Marietta ga and his cousin Neal. Whose mothers name is Annie Mae. The girl I can find out through nest cam . I have been tortured since 2015. Right after I lost my leg in a so called car accident while I was jogging I was struck by a car going 93. I need help. Seems like some voodoo is involved as well. He messes with my phone as well. My email too but try this one… 9122459819. Please I’m begging for help. This started because I wanted a divorce


  2. I have hundreds of photos and videos to back me up. When I go get help no one will even look at me. Like they are under a trance. I have no reflection in my eyes as well


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