The Kennedy Assassination – Jackie’s Dress

In Project Monarch, which is the modern successor to MK-ULTRA, people are classed in different groups, among them “alpha” leaders (like JFK and RFK), “beta” sex-slaves (like Jackie Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe), and “delta” killers (like Lee Harvey Oswald and Sirhan Sirhan).

An important element of the program is the use of hypnotic “suggestions.”  And in this regard, I was struck by the statement in the New York Times that Jackie Kennedy rejected “suggestions” that she not go on television in her blood-stained dress. As this American hero said, “I want them to see what they have done.”

As you may know, the New York Times was then owned by Henry Luce, who was connected with Allen Dulles, the head of CIA, and his brother at Sullivan and Cromwell in Manhattan.

Sounds like someone was trying to get a message out….

P.S.  Otherwise, I watched Oliver Stone’s film “JFK” with my daughter the other weekend.  I am always trying to reach other people, and wake them up, to give them something they can process about the conspiracy against which we fight.

But you have to be careful not to turn people off, or et them think you’re crazy, as they are programmed to do….


In this regard, I would recommend “JFK” as an excellent film to introduce people to the conspiracy that surrounds us.  As I say to others, “Do you really think CIA killed our president, and then his brother, only to stop there….”


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