Here is a snippet from Uri Dobenko’s review of Thanks for the Memories, by Susan Ford, writing under the pen name Brice Taylor.   The book describes what CIA did to her, and it is a valuable resource.  

Brice Taylor is a valiant survivor of trauma-based mind control. Having endured a lifetime of high-tech slavery, she’s written an extraordinary book, an autobiography which documents in stunning detail her abuse at the hands of celebrity perps like Bob Hope, Henry Kissinger, and many others.

“What most of you have not been allowed to know is that years ago, at the outset of the Cold War, permission was given to a hidden group of so-called ‘professionals and leaders’ to experiment on the unsuspecting American populace in an effort to further a variety of advanced technology,” writes Taylor in Thanks for the Memories.

The technology gleaned by the American leaders, medical professionals and scientists was and still is in the form of bio-electromagnetic frequency medicine, genetic engineering, mind control, brain research, near-death experimentation, paranormal/psychic experimentation, remote viewing, time and space travel and other advanced research that make our everyday human understanding look antiquated.

Brice Taylor has suffered from man-made artificially-induced Multiple Personality Disorder, also called Dissociative Identity Disorder. This trauma-based conditioning technique can produce many discrete “personalities” inside a single person. These personalities can then be programmed like a computer to perform specific tasks, as either sex slave-prostitutes, couriers, or ‘mind-files,” accessible only to the person who knows the special “codes” that will access the ‘program.

Many years of therapy, healing and reconstruction of her own life’s memories — obscured by ritual abuse and mind control programming — have allowed Brice Taylor to tell her horrific life story.

Otherwise, Barbara Roberts was kind to send me more on Susan Ford, a.k.a. Brice Taylor, to which I have linked below:

Brice Taylor Speaks Out Regarding Satanic Ritual Abuse

Brice Taylor Interview (archived)

An Excellent Article on Brice Taylor’s Abuser Bob Hope

I strongly recommend that people read Brice Taylor’s book, which is available at the link below, and that you also buy a copy.  I have found it to be a useful resource.

Thanks for the Memories


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    1. look under Project looking glass, Project Paper Clip, Project Gutenberg it’s just you they’ve affected it’s goes much much further than anyone could imagine . ? everything you thought you knew or was taught.


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