I remember being fascinated by “The Prisoner” for years before I woke up. I thought it was just a great show that dealt metaphorically with interesting questions.

But now I see that Patrick McGoohan was really speaking to what was then MK-ULTRA but what is now Project Monarch. There is so much in the show. People are hypnotized to extract information. They are drugged, they are electro-shocked, and the next day they remember nothing. Through trauma, drugs, and hypnosis, alters are created. With modern technology, dreams are sent to people to manipulate them. Loved ones are raped, and you can’t do anything but fight or give in. (But even if you do give in, or don’t know what to do, you can still spring back up and fight!) Computers don’t know anything, television is used to brainwash people, and elections are meaningless. Sound familiar?

Some are thugs, some are slaves, and others are prisoners. Some are martyrs, but most die like rotten cabbages. Number Two never lasts, and you never find out “Who is Number One?” Maybe it’s because the ones “at the top” are all slaves.


P.S.  You can watch all of the episodes of The Prisoner here:

The Prisoner (1967): I Am Not A Number–I Am A Free Man!!!


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Our enemy depends on our silence.


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