I became a vegetarian more than a year ago through the partial influence of my friend, Andrea Davison, a former agent for British Intelligence, who blew the whistle, when she wrote Shoot the Women First.

Sometimes, I cheat, but I never miss meat, since I learned about nutrition, farming, and propaganda, while I made absolutely no other changes to my diet and continued to lift weights!

It’s something that Grace Van Berkum, another freedom fighter, who identified the covid plot would also recommend.

I cannot begin to tell you how much more energy I have since I gave up meat!

I was never a slave to Monsanto, which seeks to control our food supply.

But I did grow up as a yuppy-browser while my father worked in agribusiness.

Meanwhile, my friend, Sharine Borslien, has started a food site.

She’s a teacher, a writer, and a freedom fighter, too!

Check out her new venture!



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15 thoughts on “VA-VA-VEGAN!”

  1. So you’ve been awake 5? Did a specific event wake you up, or your walls just come down and you thought about the past, triggering an upheaval?

    When I turned 25 I found out, about 10 years ago, I had time release programming designed to go off on my birthday. Going conscious. Pain in the ass. I didn’t quite make it all the way. Like a stuck sh*t.

    Anyway, good on you for what you do. I like to raise awareness, and organize safety, myself.

    Reach out, I’m not a fan of other males or conversing, but for the real/actual greater good, I’m willing.


    1. Thanks for writing. I had the same thing. They deliberately woke me up on my 47th birthday, since that is a magic number for them, while my birthday is also a magic day for them. I remember the sessions in which they programmed me to wake up, while they revealed their responsibility for a church shooting under OPERATION GLADIO C, which they arranged because they thought I would like it! They are imbeciles, completely insane, perverts, slaves, and losers, that seek their own destruction by awakening good and strong people to whom they provide constant motive, means, and opportunity to fight back. Every day I help them destroy each other in ways I could never have done if they had left me to sleep. Works for me!


      1. Ha talk about magic numbers, had some major stuff go down at an eclipse on my generational birthday. Weird stuff. Anyway, why do you think they ‘woke you up’? In hopes you’d destabilize and take yourself out of the game? Or something else?


      2. Dear Grey:

        You ask why I think they woke me up, so here are four theories.

        1) Most importantly, they are insane imbecilic degenerates who regularly do things to destroy their own competing interests, while they lie to themselves, so their motives aren’t worth parsing.

        2) They still think they can take me out of the game, since I drive them crazy, but they fail.

        3) They want me to suffer, since my morale is always high, but here they also fail.

        4) As they script the coming world war to the Book of Revelations, crafting news to prophecy, in order to drive foolish Christians to a puppet they will set up as the apparent Second Coming, since my birthday is Michaelmas, and Michael the Archangel kills the Dragon, or Satan, in Apocalypse, they wanted to use my resistance, website, and books to lead people to false mysticism, false prophecy, or other weird beliefs, but here, again, they utterly fail.

        I love that these losers fail in everything they do, as I motivate them to destroy each other, and I am very glad that they woke me up, since I tried to wake up for years in programming sessions–so now I can really fight back!

        Why do you think the moronic slaves woke up you, or others, since I assume you have some theories of your own?

        Best regards,



  2. I’m so glad (and completely unsurprised) that you figured out the problem(s) with eating animals, and with the poison “food-like substances.” I feel the same way, I don’t miss eating animal flesh. I choose local and organic — or at least non-GMO — real food (plus we grow what we can on our postage stamp property) and I feel great.

    And, oh my gosh, there’s my book, haha!

    Speaking of books, I’ve got your Vol. 2 open and will read some this weekend!

    Happy Saturday!

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      1. Jasmin, yes. I have two books. “Cravings, Ravings & Misbehavings” is a non-fiction book that includes recipes (this was written and published before I went totally plant-based) and is available in paperback and e-book. My other book is “Gratitude 365 Photo Journal,” featuring a highly stylized photo plus narrative for each day of the year, available as an e-book only. They are both available on


  3. Also, that “Boycott Monsanto” image is powerful! I haven’t eaten any of that garbage for over two decades, and it’s been longer for some of those junk-“food” companies’ crap. I chop and cook the vast majority of our food from scratch using raw or frozen vegetables, tons of lettuce and greens, beans/legumes, fruits and non-THC cannabis leaves for smoothies, nuts and seeds, lots of mushrooms, and nut-based milk substitutes! I love knowing that I, personally, am the one putting my loving effort into preparing food for my family, friends, and clients.

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    1. For me, the last to go was Mexican Coca-Cola, which I used to enjoy with rum, lime, and ice. Sometimes, I do rum and cokes with organic cola, but even that has phosphoric acid. Yikes!

      Like you, my food is from scratch, largely coming from farmer’s markets.


      1. That cocktail sounds yummy, and I don’t even drink hard alcohol!

        Last to go for me was salmon. I kept telling myself I was eating it for the Omega-3s, but now I get them from flax seeds!

        And *thank goodness* for farmer’s markets!🤗

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  4. Thanks for your comments. Is there a link for your book(s)?. Eating the dead is neither natural or healthy. I found this out over 25 years ago when I became vegan. Eating animals ages us and suppresses our soul; it is a violent diet that results in a violent world, The world is changing to the truthful light but it has been a bumpy road in the process. The truth will set us free from the enslavement and horror we have been living under and co-creating, but it will be difficult for many humans to swallow. God bless the children. namaste’ and love, rachel.


    1. Thank you for sharing, You will find this interesting, its’ one more of hundreds of reasons not to eat the dead (and their secretions, eggs and dairy). Seems like the gentle, abused, slaughtered farm animals were injected with or fed the Covid poison jabs and are “magnetic” from the Graphene Oxide within them. Also, humans who got their jabs (and nasal swabs?) have magnetic evidence in their bodies as well. This has been out for over a year, but some may not be aware. The truth will set us free, but first we must be woke. Peace be with you.

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