Let me tell you something that derives from my knowledge of Shakespeare.

I learned a little at Pomona College, from which Lady Rothschild also took a degree, as you can read in my second book.

I learned more at Cambridge University, where the brother of King Charles went to my college.

Then I took a doctorate from the University of Virginia, with a specialty in Shakespeare, as you can read in my third book.

The big question of Shakespeare’s Henriad concerns the strange change in the personality of King Henry, as he moves from the playboy prince, Hal, into the man who conquered France.

Shakespeare puts forth the completely unbelievable story that the prince pretended to be a playboy, as part of a cunning plan to get in with the common people.

Shakespeare also puts forth the completely unbelievable story that God created miracles around King Henry.

Here’s a better explanation.

Henry V was shot through the head, with a big arrow, at the Battle of Shrewsbury.

This gave Doctor John Bradmore a chance to operate on his brain.

So, there are two alternative and realistic theories to explain why Henry V had a complete personality change after he was shot in the head and received brain surgery before he was used for economic and political purposes.

Maybe, they implanted cybernetics into his head, as they did elsewhere—something I discuss in my article on medieval neurosurgery.

Or, the real prince was killed, and they swapped in an impostor, because no one can survive that kind of arrow wound—something I discuss in my article on the use of doubles.

Either theory is more plausible than Shakespeare.


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