As I have recently written, the metric system was a plot to divide England from the largest power in Europe, preventing trade and military alliances, so that world wars to advance globalist interests could be created.


But did you know that the metric system had a time element?

Through the French Revolution, the Illuminati were actually trying to push decimal time.


So why was every other part of the metric system accepted, across Europe, but not the bit on time?

Because the conspirators did not only want England to split from Europe, but they also wanted to build England’s power through its navy.

The Royal Navy depended on clocks, hours, minutes, and seconds.

On their ships, the English used a clock to calculate longitude, and our clock is based on fives, twelves, and sixties.

You can read more about John Harrison’s longitudinal timekeeper and how it changed the world below.

And did I mention the freemasons, who lie behind all these plots, are really into pocket watches, like the one my great-grandfather, the master mason, shriner, and jester carried?

Those masons love their symbols, and they don’t like people messing with them.


The English System derives from an earlier Babylonian system in which the thumb of the right hand is used to count the twelve segments of the four right fingers, while the five fingers of the left hand are used to count sets of twelves, so the five twelves give us sixty minutes.

Those minutes are not only used to calculate time, but they also appear in longitudinal measurements, as the meridians that start with the Prime Meridian, running through England’s Greenwich Observatory, go for six times sixty minutes to make a 360 degree circle around the globe.

Here’s some more on Metric Time, Decimal Time, and Anglo-Babylonian Time.

Here’s an extremely simplified conversion table.

And here’s a conversion clock.

Switching over to this nonsense would have weakened the Royal Navy, and that would have completely undermined the masonic conspiracy.

Joseph Conrad, a foreign sea captain, who sailed for the British, almost tumbled to the plot when he wrote one of our finest novels, in his third language, about a false flag attack, arranged by a foreign power, to blow up the Greenwich Observatory.

That’s when he wasn’t writing other novels, based on his experience, about brainwaves, arranged meetings, apparent coincidences, corporate interests, political assassinations, the Panama Canal, and Greenland.


The conspirators wanted England isolated, so it would build its empire, but they did not want to mess with its navy or its maps, as it recruited foreign officers, who were metric-accustomed, to serve in its merchant marine, while they spurned opportunities in lesser continental navies.


That’s why metric time never took off.

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