There is a conspiracy behind the metric system.

It was put forward in the French Revolution, which every Frenchman knows was staged by the Illuminati and the Freemasons.

This history is taught in France.

What was the purpose of the plot?

To split England from Continental Europe, so, with two different measuring systems, train track would not match train track, bullets would not match guns, and England would not trade with Europe.

This would drive England to build its empire, so it would have its own trading partners.

The metric system would stop the British Empire from trading with the Continent.

So, the lack of trade would alienate the Continental European Powers from England.

Not only would there be a lack of trade between England and the Continent, and a lack of accord, but there would not be significant military alliances—except where the masons wanted to draw England into a war to reshape the European Map, as the bankers lent to both sides, since money, unlike military stuff, was easily exchangeable through neutral countries, riddled with banks, like Switzerland.

Switzerland is connected to the Vatican, which is deeply implicated in the plot, as it purports to stay majestically neutral.

As a result of the measurement split, caused by the metric system, through the French Revolution, engineered by the Illuminati, and the Freemasons, England’s foreign policy was always to oppose the largest power in Continental Europe.


So they engineered two world wars.

The First World War allowed the redrawing of the map in the Middle East, so that British Petroleum could grab the oil in Iraq, and British Intelligence could set up the rival movements of Wahabbism and Zionism.

The Second World War allowed the creation of the United Nations, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the financing of the rebuild through the Marshall Plan, which led to the Common Market, which became the European Economic Union, which became the European Union.

The Second World War led to the expansion of the Soviet Union, which had been created by the bankers to begin with.

The Second World War allowed the creation of NATO, a criminal organization that exists to oppose Russia, while the conspirators always bank on both sides.

And the Second World War allowed the creation of Zionist Israel, on the same lines as Nazi Germany, so the whole process could be repeated, with a religious prophecy flair, through PROJECT BLUE BEAM.

The Freemasons spraypaint the neighborhood of the world with their ridiculous gangsigns, as they advertise their own crimes.

They are like a foolish criminal calling in clues to the police or leaving calling cards at the scene of the crime.

That’s why we see the Seal of Solomon among the Freemasons.

That’s why we see the Seal of Solomon in the Nazi Death Camps.

And that’s why we see the Seal of Solomon on the Flag of Israel.

What other signs did they leave?

They left some in the metric system.

We know the horrific regime they supported, which allowed a redrawing of the map, after the Napoleonic Wars, just as the horrific regime they supported, which allowed a redrawing of the map, after the Second World War, were both created by Freemasons, who brought Nazis to the United States to work for our government in OPERATION PAPERCLIP.

And we know the metric system greatly contributed to the wars they used over the past one hundred years.

So what signs did they leave?

Thirty-three is the highest degree of Freemasonry, in the Scottish Rite, and they use this number extensively.

Since each of the forefinger and the index finger have three joints, the sign flashed by the peace movement signals thirty-three.

That sign is used by the Freemasons, as they flash the stacks, so we see the war criminal, Winston Churchill, often making it.

It also means fuck you in England, so there is a further meaning.

Thirty-threes show up elsewhere.

In the Fahrenheit system, which the enemy also created, ice turns to water, or water to ice, at 32 degrees, the highest degree in the Masonic York Rite, while the Scottish Rite, whose highest degree is 33, is signaled through the metric system, and the Seal of Solomon shows a triad moving up, interlocked with a triad moving down, as a symbol of transformation.

Do you think that is a coincidence?

Fahrenheit is converted to Kelvin, which eliminates degrees, by subtracting 32 before dividing by 1.8.

Do you think that is a coincidence?

In the metric system, a meter is 3.3 feet or 3 feet and three inches.

Do you think that is a coincidence?

In the metric system, a liter is 33 ounces.

Do you think that is a coincidence?

In the metric system, a kilo is only two ounces more than 33 ounces.

They must have had a scale that was slightly off—because the money-changers were cheating people with the thing.

The Illuminati, the Freemasons, and the Bankers are not only so stupid as to leave clues to their crimes in the measuring systems they created, but they even messed up one of the gang signs, which they left on purpose, because they stupidly thought this made them look powerful, when they used a crooked scale.

That’s the enemy for you.

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8 thoughts on “THE METRIC SYSTEM IS A PLOT!”

  1. Of course… (***or maybe not so obvious***)
    I remember the schools trying to teach (aka: program) us into that system back in the 70’s -we (US citizens) weren’t having any of that.

    Even though I live and work in the US, it’s a French-owned company -sooo… I hate that system and won’t use it unless it’s absolutely necessary.


  2. FM, everything is connecting in your articles; they only didn’t establish this system because it would go against them at some point, as you have written. Metropolis is all about that message of “love” while ceasing to be a person and to have one’s own personality in order to become used by handlers- mind control- and behind it all there is the inverted pentagram – the deep state, luciferians, etc. So now there are elections in Brazil so there are two Marias rivalling (lol), with their specific voting cattle fighting against each other, but the Marias never attack themselves totally in order to reveal the whole plot, because at some point, in this plot, they cease to be rivals and dance the same dance.

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