When I was a boy, we used to go to the movies.

It was fun, and it seemed innocent.

You can read about my childhood, which I remembered as happy, in my books.

You can click below for free copies, which I hope you will download and distribute.

I did not know our cute little town was a facade for a satanic cesspool.

NSA, CIA, and MOSSAD were attacking us.

So were MI-6, CSIS, and CSEC.

That’s true of anywhere in America.

They’re part of the Five Eyes.

The scum in the military attack our country.

The Air Force is full of satanic traitors.

Army bases provide launching grounds for mass shootings under OPERATION GLADIO C.

And Navy attacks us through one of the largest programming centers in the country, known as China Lake, Inyokern, or NOTS.

DEA attacks us with the War on Drugs.

But we fight wars to make sure heroin flows into our country.

That’s why they staged 911, so they would have an excuse to invade Afghanistan, hide the two trillion dollars they had already stolen, and get six trillion more to take our rights in the War on Terror.

Check out the figures for opium production before, when, and after we invaded the Graveyard of Empires, without declaring war, in a trillion-dollar engagement we are still fighting twenty years later.

ISIS is a false flag attack.

MOSSAD is behind it.

Like MI-7, they were behind 911.

CIA calls the disinformation program OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD.

But, in England, MI-7 spreads propaganda through the British Broadcasting Company.

Don’t get fucked by the BBC.

NWO created COVID.

Bill Gates, on whose platform you are probably reading this article, is behind it.

Henry Kissinger, a war criminal responsible for untold deaths, wants us to be vaccinated while we shut down our country.

Although Henry Kissinger depends on the military to commit crimes, like all the conspirators, he puts down the slaves that help him.

The scum in the military rape anyone, male or female, stupid enough to sign up.

Agents of the deep state break into people’s houses, so it’s important to keep your home safe.

Plus the scum lift people from bars.

Most don’t remember because they are drugged.

Sometimes there is unaccounted-for time.

Sometimes people are given cover memories, through hypnotism, so survivors believe that aliens attacked them with anal probes.

It wasn’t aliens: it was the perverts in the deep state.

As Cisco Wheeler shows, the trash rape our children in secret installations.

Her grandfather’s brother was the Head of Joint Chiefs.

But what would she know about top secret programs?

People don’t understand what’s going on because they are brainwashed through computers, television, and movies.

The scum control the news.

The scum control the entertainment industry.

And, stupidly, the scum signal our abuse.

Like the burglars in Home Alone, whose star, Macaulay Culkin, was abused and trafficked in Hollywood, they leave clues through which we can connect their crimes.

See the symbol on the moron’s head?

You can learn about cartel signaling if you search for the term on my site.

Let’s look at Steven Spielberg.

We can start with a movie I grew up with.

Close Encounters seemed like a fun bit of nonsense, with crazy special effects, but it is full of cartel signaling.

I have written about the deep underground military bases, hidden in the mountains, that lie inside Japan.

Our country is just as bad, and so is any.

But, in Close Encounters, secret military bases look benign.

They look like they are making friendly contact with aliens.

It’s like E.T.—-only on a larger scale.

But, really, there is a secret program, PROJECT BLUE BEAM, through which NASA and USAF plan to fake an alien invasion.

The shut-down they can get from a fake alien invasion will make the Coronavirus look like nothing.

Here’s Bill Clinton talking about how an alien attack would promote one world government.

Here’s Ronald Reagan saying the same thing at the United Nations.

The New World Order wants to use a fake alien invasion, and the threat of aliens, to drive us to the UN.

AATIP exists to create wrong beliefs in aliens, so they can stage a false flag attack.

Through movies like Close Encounters, and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Steven Spielberg promotes beliefs in extra-terrestrials.

Working from Spielberg’s movie, the History Channel made a documentary about crystal skulls and ancient aliens.

Working from Spielberg’s movie, the Smithsonian Institution made a documentary about Close Encounters and Project Blue Book.

Don’t forget: that’s different from PROJECT BLUE BEAM.

Steven Spielberg made War of the Worlds.

It’s based on a book by the man who wrote The New World Order.

The original ends with a virus taking out the aliens.

The Illuminati want to drive us to one world government.

You can learn about the plot from Myron Fagan.

NASA does not seek to explore space—-but to control the earth.

Do you really think this jalopy flew to the moon?

Steven Spielberg says it did in his film: First Man.

The film itself seems to acknowledge the improbability of the government’s story.

Steven Spielberg produced First Man, but, for its director, he chose Damien Chazelle.

Chazelle was the director of La La Land.

That’s exactly the kind of joke the Illuminati love to make.

People believe in the moon landing for exactly one reason—-because the government, the television, and the movies told them it happened.

No one questions the space program run by a Nazi.

NASA stands for mind control.

The New World Order will put up more than a hundred thousand (100,000) satellites in the next eight years.

Today there are only 6,542 satellites, of which 3,372 are active, and 3,170 are inactive.

You can watch the satellites, in real time, below.

Satellites are used for microwave harassment.

So are radio towers.

So is HAARP.

And so is the super-computer in Schriever Air Force Base.

Together with the television, the movies, and the internet, all these things are used for mind control.

But Close Encounters attributes mind control to aliens.

In Close Encounters, mind control is wonderful!

Get a grip!

If you hear voices, have weird impulses, or are forcibly sodomized, it is not aliens.

And it’s not good.

It’s microwave harassment—-or worse.

And it’s connected to implants, brainwashing, and horrific abuse.

You can learn more in an excellent film by Aaron and Melissa Dykes: The Minds of Men.

NASA comes from a Hebrew word that means deceive.

Steven Spielberg is working for them.

Steven Spielberg’s father worked for RCA.

The Rockefellers run RCA.

They’re behind the whole thing.

Steven Spielberg has partnered with their boy, Bill Gates, in DreamWorks.

Steven Spielberg’s business partner, Bill Gates, is a known associate of the child molester, rapist, and pimp, Jeffrey Epstein.

The “personal engineer” of Steven Spielberg’s business partner, Bill Gates, was arrested at his mansion for possessing and trading more than six thousand (6,000) images of child pornography.

Steven Spielberg grew up in a hotbed of mind control:  Phoenix.

You can learn more about the strange masonic city, where Steven Spielberg came of age, at the Phoenix Enigma.

Not only do Steven Spielberg’s old stomping grounds have some strange pyramids, to go with their traditions of masonic abuse, but they’re also the home of Sparky the Sun Devil.

He’s based on a child-molester who made children’s movies.

Walt Disney!

Steven Spielberg lived in the mind control hub of Laurel Canyon—-below the Air Force Base at Lookout Mountain.

Some people say that’s where Stanley Kubrick—-who made (i) Clockwork Orange, which graphically reveals Tavistock’s rape programs, (ii) 2001, which describes a computer out to get us, and (iii) Eyes Wide Shut, which shows an Illuminati orgy—-filmed the fake moon landing.

That’s when Stanley Kubrick wasn’t hanging out with Steven Spielberg, who admired his pictures.

Below Lookout Mountain, in Laurel Canyon, where Spielberg later lived, Jim Morrison, the son of an admiral, told us to do drugs, while he wrote poems about voyeurs and sang songs like “The Spy.”

Below Lookout Mountain, in Laurel Canyon, where Spielberg later lived, the Byrds told kids to do drugs, while they sang about aliens.

Below Lookout Mountain, in Laurel Canyon, where Spielberg later lived, the Monkees told kids to do drugs in movies like Head.

Why do the Monkees have a flying saucer and a rocket on their album?

Look at the poster above: do you see the crown for the Crown Corporation?

Look at the poster above: do you see the umbrella for the bankers, masons, and spies?

People entrust their children’s entertainment to the Monkees, Steven Spielberg, or whatever else shows up on the television or the movies or the radio or the internet.

They shouldn’t.

The Monkees were doing drugs and having sex with teenagers.

Would you have let your daughter visit their house?

Here they are at the beach.

The Monkees didn’t just promote unhealthy food, while parents abandoned their children to the television.

The Monkees led children to the Beatles.

Then, the Beatles led teens to drugs, sexual promiscuity, and environments where criminals could take advantage of them.

The Tavistock Institute lay behind the Beatles, as it lay behind the L.A. music, television, and movie scenes.

Check out this video on the use of Lookout Mountain, above Laurel Canyon, where Steven Spielberg lived, to control popular culture.

Los Angeles is bad news.

Hollywood crawls with child molesters.

Steven Spielberg is a known associate of the child molester, Roman Polanski, whom he wanted to direct Schindler’s List.

Here’s a picture of Steven Spielberg with his pal, the rapist, Roman Polanski.

Steven Spielberg is a known associate of the child molester, Tom Hanks, with whom he has collaborated on several movies.

They worked together on Band of Brothers, which promoted fake patriotism, as it was staged at exactly the same time as the 911 attacks.

Patriotism is not about foreign wars.

Patriotism is not about depriving us of our liberties—-like in the PATRIOT ACT.

Steven Spielberg’s pal, Tom Hanks, is a child molester.

Below you can read more about Tom Hanks.

Steven Spielberg has seven children.

They’re like a rainbow!

Here’s Steven Spielberg with one of his daughters.

Steven Spielberg’s daughter, Mikaela, says she was groomed and abused by monsters.

Steven Spielberg’s daughter, Mikaela, says she wants to capitalize on her body.

Here is Steven Spielberg’s daughter with her fifty-year-old boyfriend.

Steven Spielberg supports his daughter’s decision to do porn.

I wonder if he’ll make a movie with her.

Steven Spielberg had a close relationship with the serial rapist, Harvey Weinstein.

Steven Spielberg served as a member of the national advisory board of Boy Scouts of America.

Prior to 1994, there were roughly two thousand (2,000) claims of sexual abuse against BSA.

Since it had two hundred (200) lawsuits pending against it, and one scout got more than eighteen million dollars ($18,500,000.00) for the crimes against him, the Boy Scouts of America filed for bankruptcy.

When BSA filed bankruptcy, eighty-two thousand (82,000) people came forward to file claims, so they would not be cut off in the restructuring.

Steven Spielberg resigned from his leadership position in the Boy Scouts, not because he had a problem with endemic child rape, but because he said they discriminated against homosexuals.

Although he took this stand to support homosexuals in a group rife with child molestation, Steven Spielberg feels no need to speak against any of the rapists he knows in Hollywood.

Steven Spielberg feels no need to speak against any of the rapists he knows in Washington.

Pizzagate is real.

Steven Spielberg’s pals, in the Democratic Machine, are in on PizzaGate.

So are the Bushes!

Steven Spielberg loves his pizza.

A website called “Pizza – A Love Story” bragged about their customer as follows:

What made director Steven Spielberg send a private jet to the local New Haven Airport to pick up fifty pies for his son’s wedding?

How does that make sense?

Maybe pizza was code for something else….

Isaac Kappy, who was admittedly unstable, accused Steven Spielberg of molesting children.

The authorities say Isaac Kappy “forced himself off a bridge.”

How do you do that?

Diana Napolis, who seems to have gone off the deep end, said that Steven Spielberg was part of a satanic cult that raped children.

The cult sounds like PizzaGate.

The cult does spirit-cooking to extract adrenochrome.

Diana Napolis was a child protection worker for roughly ten years.

Her accusations against the child molester, Colonel Michael Aquino, ring true.

Colonel Michael Aquino was a member of the Church of Satan who founded the Temple of Set.

Why shouldn’t we listen to these people?

The death of Heather O’Rourke, who appeared in Steven Spielberg’s film, Poltergeist, looks like ritual satanic abuse involving forcible sodomy with objects that culminated in murder.

Those are the crimes of which Diana Napolis, the child protection worker, accused Steven Spielberg, before they put her away.

Doctors said the sudden death of the twelve-year-old in connection with the inflammation or rupture of her lower bowel was “extremely unusual.”

Why was there not a criminal investigation?

It sounds as though the child was forcibly sodomized with an object.

This is something satanists did to hundreds of small children at the McMartin Preschool, which had secret tunnels, at Manhattan Beach, in Los Angeles, where Steven Spielberg lived.

You can read more about that in my books—-because I used to swim there.

That’s when I went to Pomona College, which Lady Rothschild and Roy Disney attended, a school named for the Goddess of the Harvest.

You can download and distribute my books, for free, below!

It breaks my heart to see what the scum are doing to California.

It breaks my heart to see what the scum are doing to America.

I write to expose their crimes because I care about our country.

You can help by reading, downloading, linking, sharing, and distributing books and articles!

The horrific abuse at the McMartin Preschool, in Los Angeles, was happening exactly when Heather O’Rourke, who starred in Poltergeist, by Steven Spielberg, mysteriously died.

Heather O’Rourke was murdered on a major satanic holiday: Imbolc.

Heather O’Rourke was one of four people to die in connection with Steven Spielberg’s film: Poltergeist.

For those who don’t believe in aliens, this led to a different smokescreen.

The Poltergeist Curse!

It’s not a coincidence, and it’s not a curse: It’s a conspiracy!

The satanists are behind it.

They’re in Hollywood.

They’re in Washington.

They use pedophilia to blackmail and control each other.

The Playboy Mansion—-with its tunnels, cameras, and girls—-is only one of the places these things came together.

The police didn’t do anything about that, and they don’t do anything about Hollywood.

In Beverly Hills Cop, they joke about who runs the show.

Hugh Hefner kicks the undercover cop out of the Playboy Mansion!

What the hell!

Steven Spielberg and his pals have the power to make their accusers look crazy, to imprison them, and to kill them.

Why wouldn’t they use it?

A common technique of Zersetzung is to make a person look crazy.

This STASI method, used by DHS, is called gaslighting.

The scum make fun of dissociative identity disorder, which is nothing but the misdiagnosis of MK-ULTRA, in series like The United States of Tara—-produced by Steven Spielberg!

I don’t like the look of this guy.

And I don’t like his association with Bill Clinton, a known associate of the child molester, Jeffrey Epstein, who has raped several women.

Here’s Steven Spielberg playing golf with the trash that raped Juanita Broaddrick, sexually assaulted Leslie Millwee, and exposed himself to Paula Jones.

Steven Spielberg is close to Hillary Clinton, whose crimes were exposed by Linda Thompson.

Steven Spielberg’s business partner, Hillary Clinton, is as crooked as a barrel of snakes.

Steven Spielberg’s business partner, Hillary Clinton, has killed a lot of people.

Steven Spielberg’s business partner, Hillary Clinton, raped Cathy O’Brien.

Steven Spielberg’s business partner, Hillary Clinton, raped Susan Ford.

Steven Spielberg’s business partner, Hillary Clinton, is tied to child-trafficking.

A woman who investigated Clinton’s crimes turned up dead.

Here’s Clinton at the Children’s Defense Fund.

Here’s Clinton with Steven Spielberg—-in her role as executive producer.

The Clintons can often be seen with Steven Spielberg.

Hillary Clinton and Steven Spielberg are working together on The Woman’s Hour.

Did you know Hillary Clinton was not only a politician and a criminal but also a new Hollywood talent?

Plus she’s a feminist!

Here’s Steven Spielberg with the rapist, Prince Andrew, another friend of the Clintons’ pimp: Jeffrey Epstein.

Like the Clintons, Prince Andrew visited not only the island where Jeffrey Epstein kept girls in slavery—-but also his rape farm at Zorro Ranch.

Steven Spielberg made a movie about the swordsman.

Something Evil is another film by Steven Spielberg.

Steven Spielberg is daring us to call him on his bullshit.

It makes me think that S.A. Kripke, the author of Hollywood Sinister Pedophilia, has a point.

I haven’t read Kripke’s book, and, frankly, I don’t want to know more; but, on the cover, the author asks,

Are Steven Spielberg and Friends, K. Spacey, D. Hoffman, A. Kreisberg, Bryan Singer, the Weinstein Bros, R. Polanski, Part of a Hollywood Pedophiles Ring?

This creep makes children’s movies.

Steven Spielberg doesn’t just hang out with criminals: his films are full of cartel signaling.

Everything he does screams MK-ULTRA.

Jaws is another example.

Jaws scares people, as sharks are used, through hypnosis, for an aversion.

That’s what programmers use, in MK-ULTRA, to create an amnesic wall.

Fear of sharks is irrational, but it drives people.

Hook also recalls MK-ULTRA—-adapting a work by a child molester, as it speaks to PETER PAN PROGRAMMING.

Empire of the Sun shows mind control techniques, much like those in Shogun, as the subject bounces from one controller to another.

The programmers want you caught in double-binds, as they present false choices.

But one of the worst Spielberg films is A.I.: Artificial Intelligence.

This is truly sick, as it describes the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The mind control programs, which NASA puts forth, turn us all into robots.

Nowadays, everyone has cybernetics inside them.

Smart dust is in your food.

Smart dust is in your water.

Smart dust is in your air.

And smart dust is in the vaccine.

It’s the new normal!

Good thing you can fight back!

Study the techniques on this website, study yourself, and study the world around you.

It will teach you to fight.

But, if that’s too crazy, there’s a simpler way.

Boycott Steven Spielberg!


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Our enemy depends on silence.


  1. Thank you for compiling so much info. My DH worked for NASA when it was Goddard Space Flight Center. Never knew the true meaning. This will red pill my family, I pray. God Bless you and your daughter.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I saw gremlins some days ago and the young main actor looks like he’s “on” all the time. Very weird. Plus lots of cartel signaling/mind control triggers, since the beginning of the film and Corey Feldman is in it, a poor rich child with mk ultra written all over him.


  2. I remember also Judith Eva Barsi (June 6, 1978 – July 25, 1988) — She provided voices for animated characters in The Land Before Time and All Dogs Go to Heaven. She and her mother, Maria, were killed in July 1988 in a double murder–suicide perpetrated in their home by her father, József Barsi.
    All movies were made by Spielberg company.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What about River Phoenix, Joseph Mazzello, Drew Barrymore, Henry Thomas, dead or alive we can see there is or was something wrong with them.


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