Benjamin Franklin was distrusted by everyone in the colonies.

Before he worked to free America from England, he sought to convert Pennsylvania to a Crown Colony.

The founding fathers distrusted him, while his own family disliked him, disregarded him, and milked him for money.

Benjamin Franklin had at least fifteen illegitimate children and who knows how many others as he left their single mothers to their own devices.

Benjamin Franklin’s known sexual partners include Anna-Louise d`Hardancourt Brillon de Jouy, Madame Helvetius, Margaret Stevenson, Polly Hewson, Madame Foucault, Countess Diane de Polignac, Countess Wilhelmina Golowkin, Catherine Ray, Georgiana Shipley, Madame Le Veillard, Madame Le Roy, and Countess Houdetot, while he wrote of breaking maidenheads, and growing weary of wenches after three days, that he frequently had intrigues with low women that fell in his way….

Benjamin Franklin owned slaves, and his newspaper ran advertisements for the sale of slaves and rewards for the capture of runaway slaves, as he supported rape in the Pennsylvania Gazette.

Benjamin Franklin targeted the Pennsylvania Dutch, as he compared them to black savages.

Benjamin Franklin was the richest man in the colonies, although he started with little, because he cheated others on a regular basis.

Benjamin Franklin started the first federal post office, although letters had been delivered across the colonies for more than one hundred years, so he could open people’s mail.

Benjamin Franklin was connected to three different satanic societies.

Benjamin Franklin was connected to the Freemasons.

Benjamin Franklin was connected to the Medmenham Monks a/k/a the Hell Fire Club.

Benjamin Franklin was connected to the Lunar Circle.

Why did he bury the skeletons of children in the cellar of his house in England?

The answer is simple.

Benjamin Franklin was not only a piece of garbage, despised by everyone who knew him, while he consorted with luciferian criminals, but he was a child molester who killed his victims.

No wonder the Federal Reserve puts him on its largest banknote….

No wonder the National Security Agency uses his methods….

No wonder our schools keep telling us he was a great guy.

No wonder our television keeps telling us he was a great guy.

Like the publishing houses, these are instruments of mind control.

Benjamin Franklin does not deserve your admiration.


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