Recently, I wrote about my experience growing up in Westfield, New Jersey, where a filthy satanic cesspool masquerades as a cute little town.

The Jersey Devil: Satanism in Popular Media, Mind Control in Children’s Books, & CIA’s Promotion of Homosexuality


When I was a boy, Westfield’s famous native son was Charles Addams, the man who made satanism look fun….

gomez addams

He’s one of them.  But my favorite Westfielder is one of us, a beautiful woman who was abused, just like me, under CIA’s obscene MK-ULTRA program.  Marilyn Lange was not only Playboy‘s Playmate of the Month for May 1974, and Playmate of the Year for 1975, but she was the first woman drafted by the North American Soccer League.  

marilyn lange 3 copy

I was drugged, hypnotized, and abused at a soccer camp run by the YMCA at Linden High School, in Union, New Jersey, and I would bet my bottom dollar Miss Lange was, too.

Wonder Girl: MK-ULTRA at the YMCA (1976-1978)

linden high school

Soccer was an unusual sport back then, so we must have attended the same soccer camp.  To learn soccer where else would she go?


At that camp, CIA entrained our sexuality.  One of us would pose for Playboy, while the other would fantasize about the women in the magazine.

The Playboy Mansion, Blackmail, and Rape


Television was used to entrain us both, as were superheroes.  In my case, it was Wonder Woman, who was created by William Marston, a psychologist who invented an early polygraph and had strange ideas about submission and bondage.  Wonder Woman was promoted by Gloria Steinem, an avowed agent of the CIA, and The New Adventures of Wonder Woman was a vehicle for implanting rape fantasies. 

Wonder Woman, Mind Control, & Rape

The Whore of Babylon: Lynda Carter, Fake Feminism, & the New World Order


Wonder Woman was not a television show in Marilyn Lange’s day, so she would have been entrained to Batman, which hit the airwaves in 1966, and possibly to Star Trek, which ran at the same time.


As Playmate of the Year, Miss Lange traveled North America, including to the crime hub of Montreal–where I would buy my first Playboydoing car shows with Batman and Robin, while she posed with the Batmobile.


Born in the luciferian enclave of Westfield, New Jersey, the Playmate of the Year grew up in a house like mine, where she went to Westfield High School.  She played on the school sports teams, the Blue Devils.

blue devils 

On June 18, 1970, The Westfield Leader announced Miss Lange’s high school graduation, in an edition that led with a satanic number:  “Junior Highs Graduate 666.”  Satanists love to put out little markers, advertising their control of a community.

Playboy and Satanic Cartel Signaling

westfield leader

Miss Lange loved to play sports, especially softball and soccer, and she saw herself as different from the cheerleader types.  She rode her bike, she climbed mountains, and she swam.  She didn’t wear make-up, and she wore her hair in a natural style.  She was very chesty, at 39DD, but she felt uncomfortable as a sex object.  As she told The Honolulu Star, “When I was in high school I kind of knew that people were always–well, looking.  So I wore great big tee shirts and loose blouses to make myself less conspicuous.”

marilyn bw

On April 9, 1970, The Westfield Leader announced Miss Lange’s engagement to Jeffrey Pelosi, whom she met when she was a high school senior, a few months before.  The couple married at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, on July 18, shortly after her high school graduation.

 Pelosi had been a drummer in The Critters, whose hits included John Sebastian’s “Younger Girl,”  which charted in 1966.

That song has beautiful music, but its lyrics disturb me deeply, strongly suggesting mind control, as does Miss Lange’s life.  The song speaks of memory and forgetting, as the singer cannot rid his mind of the image of an innocent underage girl–kind of the same way CIA projects sexual images into people’s heads through the use of image-to-skull (I2K) technology.  In response to this image, the singer wonders whether he should groom his victim, or whether he should engage in statutory rape, eventually deciding on the latter.

Should I hang around, acting like her brother?

In a few more years, they’d call us right for each other.

But why? If I wait I’ll just die….

A younger girl keeps rolling across my mind.

No matter how much I try, I can’t seem to leave her memory behind.

She’s one of those girls who seems to come in the Spring.

One look in her eyes and you’ll forget everything….

The tactic is simple.  The whole purpose of image to skull (I2K) and voice to skull (V2K) is to cause the victim to commit crimes, here, statutory rape.

Mind Control and Misdiagnosis of Physical & Behavioral Symptoms

v2k patent 2

Jeffrey Pelosi did not rape Marilyn Lange, but he married her.  They took a honeymoon to New England, and she enrolled in secretarial school.  She loved animals; so she would have preferred to have become a veterinarian, but it was something.  Little did she know CIA would use her education to break up her marriage. 

In the Summer of 1972, Jeannette DePalma was murdered in a satanic ritual, six miles from our home in Westfield.  Mrs. Pelosi, née Lange, was twenty years old, and I was almost three.

watchung.satanic.murder copy

About a month before that happened, Mrs. Pelosi visited Hawaii on a two-week tour with her secretarial school.  She met Kip Palmer, and they spent the second week of the vacation together.  Then she divorced her husband, dropped out of school, and moved in with Kip.  She had left secretarial school “on an impulse,” moving to the Island of Oahu.  There she lived, first unemployed, and then as a cocktail waitress in a bar where her boyfriend played music.  Miss Lange’s description of her attitude is telling:  “I love being in love, and I’m willing to be a little slavish in order to make my guy feel good.”

That story has mind control written all over it.  How many secretarial schools take their students on two-week vacations to Hawaii? It is also very easy to hypnotize someone to fall in love.  I’ve had it done to me, and I’ve seen it done to my own girlfriends.  And what was the result? The destruction of a marriage, making a person drop out of school, putting economic pressure on a woman, and isolating her from her family.


Aside from isolation, lack of money, and a questionable boyfriend–not to mention mind control–what else could lead a modest housewife to pose for Playboy?  Miss Lange and her boyfriend were on the beach when they met Ron Popeil, the president of Ronco Industries, whose offices were located in the Playboy Building in Chicago.  Popeil does not seem to be a predator, and he had nothing else to do with Playboy.  He was just an inventor and a marketing personality who coined the phrase, “But wait, there’s more,” useful for selling Ginsu knives and other widgets.  Still, of all the people in the world, it seems surprising that Miss Lange followed up with him.  When she and Kip were touring the mainland, with his soft rock quintet, Long Distance, they decided to drop in and say hi to Popeil.  Somehow this led to her to her posing naked for black-and-white photos, although Popeil was not affiliated with Playboy.  He was only their tenant.

When coincidences start piling up, you can bet MK-ULTRA lies behind them.  The job you get just when you run out of money.  The person you happen to meet who changes your life.  The funny story where something kept leading you together, causing you to say, “Small world, isn’t it?”  It’s not kismet.  These are signs the scum at CIA want you to do something.

cut board

In Miss Lange’s case, it was pose naked.  At first she couldn’t do it, but her boyfriend pressured her into it, an act she framed as an exercise in personal development:  “Kip’s like that.  He gets me to do a lot of things I’m afraid of.”  Half-recalling her sexual abuse at our soccer camp, and in Westfield, she was terrified.  As the modest lady said, “I was really afraid of the photographer at first, thinking he’d attack me.”  She described the ordeal as painful:  “At first it was really painful for me to have a stranger look at me naked and take photographs.”  But nothing was as bad as Westfield, where the half-recalled memories lay, so Miss Lange got over it.  “I always said I’d never do it.  But when you finally do it, and it’s all over, it isn’t so bad.”


Having first posed in black-and-white for Oui, Miss Lange went on to pose in color for its affiliate Playboy, who flew her back to Chicago a dozen times.  That alone seems odd.  Does it really take that many trips to pose naked? 


Miss Lange was often a guest at the Playboy Mansions, and she claimed Hefner was a gentleman; but he often drugged and raped his guests.  Under drugs, hypnosis, and trauma, victims lost their memories, just as I did mine.

Why We Don’t Remember: CIA’s Use of Date Rape Drugs

GHB - Date Rape Drug

Marilyn Lange’s centerfold was shot at Laguna Beach, right next to Laguna Niguel, where a college friend of mine grew up.


CIA had moved Miss Lange to Hawaii, to break up her marriage, but they didn’t want her to live there.  That’s the way the scum operate.  For a while, she had to live in Chicago and tour the country to satisfy her Playboy commitment.  Still, the Islands called to her, and the scum could not trash that part of her dream.  In Chicago, she said, “I’d like to move back to Hawaii, get married, do some television news announcing, have a garden, and children.”  As soon as possible, she made her way back to Oahu, happy to return to her island, where no one made a fuss about her.  


Constant abuse by CIA has made me hate my body and sex, becoming slovenly and fat, so I’m not surprised the same thing happened to Miss Lange.  In 1974, when she was interviewed by The Honolulu Star Advertiser, she appeared wearing faded blue jeans, a loose-fitting tee shirt, and horn-rimmed glasses.  There, she said, “I can’t think of one advantage to being big busted.  Disadvantages?  Yes.  Like finding clothes and getting over the hang-up of everyone looking at you….  I can’t stand to walk down the beach….  I wish I was normal sized.”  Meanwhile, she had to change her telephone number, delisting it, because so many perverts bothered her, making obscene phone calls.


Not content to stop her from getting a degree, break up her marriage, get her to pose for Playboy, do a porn movie, and hate her body, the sickos at CIA tried to make this beautiful woman go for a sex change.  No perversion is beneath them.  They are always dissatisfied, and they always want more.  As Miss Lange said, “I wish I weren’t like this at all.  I’ve always wanted to be a guy.”  Likewise, when the Chicago Sting drafted her, making her the first woman ever drafted by a pro team, she declined, saying, “I wouldn’t want to play against the guys the Sting play.  They’re too rough….  I wish I were a guy so I could really play.”

marilyn soccer 2

The trash also tried to destroy Miss Lange’s love of sports.  For a while, she stayed with her women’s soccer team in Honolulu, the He Pua Paaini, where she played forward.  I don’t know how long she stayed with that, but the degenerate programmers made her quit softball.  As she told The Honolulu Star, “I can’t play sports like I used to.  In high school, I loved to play softball.  Now I feel funny about running.  I don’t mind hitting the ball if someone runs for me.”


I can easily imagine the hypnotic session that led this beautiful athletic woman to feel self-conscious about her breasts, where commands were given for her to abandon the things she loved, as she tried to negotiate with her satanic abusers.

“You won’t play softball anymore.  Everyone’s looking when you run.”

“Okay, I’ll hit, but I won’t run.”

“Good….  Now you won’t hit.”

That’s how the scum work.  I’ve been in sessions where my abusers used hypnosis and threats to take one thing after another from me, whether it was riding horses, or playing tennis, or reading books, or anything.  They are trash, and they will not stop until they destroy us in the foulest ways imaginable.

What They Want To Take from Us (Part One)

What They Want To Take from Us (Part Two)

octopus political cartoon

Under PROJECT MONARCH, programmers will often threaten a beloved person or animal, a subject will comply, and they will kill the pet, rape the woman, or molest the child anyway, breaking their promise to abstain from further attacks.  The satanic trash love to torture animals, to hurt people, and to break promises.  They get off on it.  If you do not know what kind of trash they are, the love of an animal or person can make you vulnerable. 

How The Illuminati Create A Totally Undetectable Mind Control Slave


Miss Lange’s love of animals marked her as an easy target, just as it showed her to be a good person.  As much as she could, Miss Lange used Playboy as a platform to deride the cruelty in hunting and to express her love of animals.  She named a single turn-off in her data sheet–not dirty ashtrays or sarcasm, which are legitimate bêtes noires–but rather “People who shoot deer with telescopic lenses on high-powered rifles and track the deer on trail bikes.”


Miss Lange also received voice-to-skull (V2K) transmissions by microwave technology.   A symptom of V2K is talking to oneself or to pets, plants, or inanimate objects.  Miss Lange liked to garden, so she would talk to the spinach and tomatoes growing on her lanai.  Forced talking, where a phrase forms in a person’s head, and CIA tries to force the person to repeat it, is another symptom of V2K.  So is inner talking.  Seeing these patterns in herself, Miss Lange took a meditation course, in which she tried to overcome her “internal dialog.” 

V2K – A Simple Explanation of Voice To Skull

How To Spot Mind Control through Unusual Speech Patterns


Miss Lange took the course because of another coincidence.  The boyfriend who led her to Playboy signed himself up, had to cancel, and challenged her to take it.  The course was run by Erhard Seminars Training (EST), which borrowed techniques from scientology, mind dynamics, and subud.  EST was a mind control cult, which developed its techniques, in part, on federal prisoners.  Somehow it also shared an affiliation with The Hunger Project, an organization that reached into Africa.

MK-ULTRA: The Scientific Basis of Kundalini Awakening


Miss Lange wanted to improve her life.  She had an open mind, a sense of adventure, and a love of animals.  The trash twisted these qualities, so she ended up doing things she should not have done, losing things that were important to her, and falling prey to a cult run by Central Intelligence.

Be on guard:  it’s what they do to us.


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  1. The actress who played catwoman in the sixties was at a bar restaurant in the late eighties in Los Angeles. I was working in the garment district, a place connected to the entertainment world and was told to go to this cool bar…..I had just gotten off a plane from england, was young and naiive. I went in with a girlfriend and we ordered and immediately I saw this striking woman who I recognized from the old Batman tv show. She had a younger male with her, looked like it could be her son, he had downs syndrome. Strangely enough, yrs later, I went to another fancy hotspot for dinner and Adam West came to my table to invite me over for a drink…..he was gross and pervy imo, I declined. My entire life since then I have been introduced and have interacted with many mk ultra victims. I have done massive research into it and still cannot find the connection in my mothers family exactly. She exhibits signs of it and hid tons of info from our family. There is one huge missing piece of info and that is her connection with the jehovah witnesses. The 2 uncles she was involved with in that org completely disappeared from our family and nobody ever said a word about it. One summer she said she traveled with them in their camps….whatever that means! She is now guarded and refuses to tell anything now that she knows I am on to her. Her abuse was very typical of mind control and being a handler. I am the only one who got out of the family and escaped her wickedness. All my siblings married abusive, evil people.


    1. Thanks for writing!

      Other programs were used against me, but I wrote a short piece on Batman, which is used heavily in many forms.

      Batman has also figured in GLADIO C, as evinced by James Holmes and Mia Khalifa.

      You are right to see your “chance” encounters as enemy action.


  2. I absolutely love your site, so well done and full of information and links and easy to share photos, I use it quite often and I’ve always been impressed and spend way too long on it every time I come back. Bravo. And thank you. Praying for you


    1. Thank you, my friend.

      The site would be nothing without brave, good, and intelligent readers like you.

      I hope you retweet, or otherwise share, my articles with others–and thank you for your prayers.


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