The very day my friend, Andrea Davison, a former intelligence agent and whistleblower, was banned from Twitter, Elon Musk announced his acquisition of financing to acquire the company, and she was reinstated, which made me smell a rat, as the enemy used their control of the banks, the media, and Musk to make people complacent as to their presence on a social media platform that had always been deeply compromised.

But I held my peace, until, today, I visited Twitter for the first time after only four days ago—when I wrote my take-down of Elon Musk.

Now, suddenly, Twitter will not allow me to view direct messages, it refuses to let me follow new people, and it claims that more than two retweets exceeds my tweet limit.

This is far worse censorship than anything I previously experienced, and it is the result of direct action by the imbecilic liar, Elon Musk, who has suspended other reporters from The New York Times, The Washington Post, and CNN.

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Just as Elon Musk fears my articles, which he tries to quash, he has censored the British Broadcasting Company.

What a loser….


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  1. I’m angered that you (like many of my friends) got booted off Twitter. I didn’t trust Elon Musk from the moment I saw him and heard him speak. I’m pretty sure “he” is a demon who has taken over a human body. He is a top-tier programmer and handler in the field of exotic technology, serving his Luciferian masters. I hope your account gets re-instated so that new people can learn about your Targeted Justice work and all the other exposing of the Liars Club you do so well.

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    1. Thanks, pal. Technically, my account is active, since I’m still allowed to view the tweets of others, but who knows how long that will last…. It amuses me that Elon Musk, like his masters, is so stupid that instead of ignoring my article on his work with weather weapons and the deep state, which would be the best way for him to minimize its impact, he attacks me on Twitter, so he validates everything I wrote. You can see this stuff is real from the way this imbecile reacts. That’s them all over….

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  2. I’m shocked the American public continues to remain ignorant of the fact that these platforms were created by DARPA (FB, Amazon, Google, Instagram, etc.,), which wasn’t that big of a secret at the time, all to manipulate the public via propaganda and/or fake news while collecting data and censoring communication. Musk, like Bezos, Zuckerberg, Gates, Fauci, etc., are ALL agency agents/assets managing front corporations/organizations for the agencies. Propaganda focusing on them as individuals and/or “independent” owners/heads of those fronts is used to distract the public, when the public should be following the money trail to see how billions have been funneled through them for agency purposes, including the billions spent on the seemingly limitless number of spy satellites littering the sky around the globe, also used for engineering weather. At least some have also been equipped with laser weaponry. The public should view them ALL as vile puppets spouting fiction, like mainstream news, press conferences, etc., and ignore them.

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    Larry Romanoff • November 21, 2022

    The important point is that the planning for these sector take-overs seldom originates with the public face of the operation. Instead, these are often connected parts of a worldwide long-term plan for control of these sectors. I covered some of this in a prior article titled ‘Today’s Jewish Corporate Heroes – Virgin Births All’,[68] dealing with Google, Facebook and a few others. It is apparent that neither Zuckerberg nor the Google Twins were capable of creating almost instantly a world leader in their respective sectors. To accomplish such a result requires unlimited financing and the application of enormous amounts of financial and political pressure, plus determined planning and intense media support. This applies equally to others like Wikipedia, Amazon, Starbucks, and many others who seemed to come from almost nowhere to being world leaders in a very short time. The process has been the same in all cases, and it certainly applies today to the current “Richest Man in the World”, Elon Musk.
    All you have to do is think. Using Elon Musk as an example, the man appeared to come from literally nowhere and yet suddenly “owns” the world’s largest auto manufacturer. Musk at the same time began an aggressive program of launching tens of thousands of communications satellites, and then SpaceX, “Elon Musk’s private spaceflight company”, the maker of the Starship, planning International Space Station missions, no less. Then we have Musk buying Twitter for $44 billion.

    This article is worth your time to investigate!


    1. Dear Buddy:

      Thanks for writing, as the article gives food for thought.


      The same is true for popular phenomena, when something like Rubik’s Cube, The Beatles, or whatever becomes wildly popular for no apparent reason (even if it’s a reasonably good product). You can tell there is an unseen hand behind the sudden and mysterious popularity (which other excellent products do not enjoy nearly as much), so this leads to the question: why is the enemy trying to promote the popular phenomenon, product, or technology? What is their real agenda? How can a good detective trace the lead they have stupidly left?

      As for the article, I do find it interesting, although I think it is somewhat unfair to repeatedly label these interests as Jewish, since most Jews, although brainwashed to defend the families described, have absolutely no stake in the conspiracy, while the luciferian inner circle uses them as human shields and chumps.

      The Vatican and the Jesuits seem to be an enormous part of the conspiracy with power and wealth to rival families like the Rothschilds, while there is also an outer circle of Roman Catholic helpers who have no idea what is going on (as the luciferians on the inside attempt to use them). So we find the same model with the Papists as with the Jews.

      It is interesting how the gospel story of the crucifixion involves Rome teaming up with the Jewish Temple and the bankers to kill Jesus, while these seem to be separate but allied interests, and then they create a false story of Jesus, destroying his political movement, while the adulterated story seems to come out of a propaganda school in Alexandria, Egypt, just as parts of the Old Testament come directly out of the literature and mythology of Babylon and Egypt.

      The Roman Empire had enormous power that predates any held by the Jews, as far as I can see, and the Jews, with their spin-off religions of Christianity and Islam, seem to come from other centers of the conspiracy: Egypt and Babylon. The enslavement of Jews in these countries forms a big part of the plot, as the Egyptian Moses led what clearly seems to be an asset strip.

      Meanwhile, it seems very clear that the Freemasons are manipulating the Jews, and I am not aware of any Jewish connection to the House of Payseur–which seems somewhat opposed to the Vatican.

      Then there are the Parsees, who are openly luciferian at their heart, as the Zoroastrians come out of Babylon, at the same time as the Jews, while, again, most of the Parsees are nice people who have no idea what is going on.

      More importantly, I can add that I am getting slammed by a lot of Jews through microwave harassment, and what these Jews, or their masters, want is to lead us to anti-semitism, so they can engage in ad hominem attacks. They want to discredit us by making us anti-semitic.

      These same Jews, who purport to speak for honest Jews, but do not, continue to insist to me, by voice-to-skull, that Jews are important and that they run the conspiracy, so your email looks suspicious.

      On top of that, these agents, who are bothering me at this moment, are expressing dismay, defeat, and frustration that your comment has failed to make me anti-semitic.

      That means one of two things: either you are an agent, or you are being manipulated by a hypnotic suggestion, delivered by voice-to-skull, as any honest person may be.


      If you are writing honestly, and not because they put you up to it, you should be careful that they do not play you, as they seek to use counter-revolutionary tactics to control opposition by making it needlessly anti-semitic.

      Zionist, Luciferian, or Sabbatine Frankist might be better words than the J-Bomb, whose repeated use will alienate people.

      Finally, I’d point out that the enemy’s plan under PROJECT BLUE BEAM is to destroy Israel in a fake armageddon, and they purposely killed a very large number of Jews as part of the secret agenda of World War II in order to create Israel to advance this plan, so the conspiracy doesn’t seem very friendly to Jews on the street….

      Still, I was interested in the particular details of the article you sent, from the Unz Review, which I have linked above, as it exposes important players in the conspiracy.

      And, as for the connection to London, there is certainly something to that–although those fools are not as important as they think either!

      Best regards,



      1. P.S. And I guess we have an answer to my question as to whether you are an honest person being manipulated or an agent, because as I was writing this, apropos of nothing, you sent another comment, which I did not publish, on a totally separate article, with “JEW!” in ALL CAPS. This, too, is connected to the enemy’s futile attempts to make me delete the comment I posted above–something the fools will not achieve. Shouting racial slurs does not advance honest causes. You are plainly a troll, you are not welcome here, and you are speaking for what you call Jewish Interests while you pretend to oppose them. You fool no one, and your masters are powerless imbeciles. Don’t write back.



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