After many years of open hostilities, Turkey recently met with Syria, through its defense ministers and intelligence chiefs, at talks hosted in Moscow.

Turkey’s foreign minister, Mevlüt Çavusoglu, said he would meet his Syrian counterpart, Faisal Mekdad, as soon as possible to pave the way for a presidential summit between Presidents Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Bashar al-Assad.

The talks are not only beneficial for President Assad of Syria, who has always sought rapprochement with the West, and for President Erdogan of Turkey, who is facing an election in May, but also for President Putin of Russia, who hosted the historic meeting.

NATO has a long history of dirty tricks, which it has played in this area, including its creation of ISIS under OPERATION GLADIO B and its staging of false flag chemical attacks that the western media has falsely blamed on President Assad.

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Meanwhile, NATO seeks war in the Ukraine, as it stages other false flags that the western media falsely attributes to Russian liberators.

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The attempted rapprochement between Syria and Turkey, as it is brokered by Russia, needs to be seen against the context not only of NATO’s criminality, and its control of the western media, but also of the War in the Ukraine.

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And it needs to be seen in connection with the continued use of weather weapons in violation of the Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques (ENMOD).

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Turkey is a member of NATO, but it has worked to block Sweden and Finland from joining the organization, which helps Russia by keeping its Baltic neighbors neutral.

While secretly supporting ISIS, and arranging other false flag attacks that it blames on the PKK, Turkey has directed rebels and airstrikes against the YPG, YPJ, and SDF, which are backed by the United States, as MOSSAD attempts to split Syria into Kurdistan in the north and Greater Israel in the south.

There are a lot of moving pieces, but President Putin’s brokerage of historic peace talks greatly strengthened the Moscow-Tehran Axis, giving extra power to Russia and Iran just as the neighboring War in the Ukraine heats up.

But then there was a game changer.

A massive earthquake hit the area, only to be followed by another, along a different fault line, in a sequence that puzzled geologists.

Suddenly, there is a different reason for Syria and Turkey to work together, as the World Health Organization funnels aid through not Moscow but Dubai.

Did I mention that the second earthquake, which puzzles honest geologists, had an epicenter exactly 10.0 kilometers below the surface?

Or that a third mysterious earthquake, which should also puzzle honest geologists, has an epicenter exactly 10.0 kilometers below the surface?

Or that a fourth mysterious earthquake, which I identified as a false flag attack, occurred last autumn with an epicenter exactly 10.0 kilometers below the surface?

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Or that a fifth mysterious earthquake, which I identified as a false flag attack, occurred last summer with an epicenter exactly 10.0 kilometers below the surface?

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Each of these earthquakes had political ramifications, while the United States demonstrated its ability to create earthquakes through the underground detonation of nuclear bombs more than fifty years ago.


They are what started Greenpeace.

The earthquake that is shifting the dynamic set by the Russian peace talks was not an accident but it was a weather weapon used to create fear through a false flag so that the false relief of aid could be imposed, just as this happened through the secret nuclear program in connection with the Great Kantō Earthquake.

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As in Haiti, where an invasion also followed an earthquake, the aid coordinated by the military is not aid at all.

Charlie Hedbo called it right:  the earthquake accomplished what tanks could not do.

It’s all part of the Great Game.


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  1. 1st: First!

    2nd: Amazing article!

    3rd: So, like you’ve already said before, it’s like choosing between Coke or Pepsi, olive tshirt black jumpers Zelensky (who doesn’t change even when visiting the royals in UK!) or Erdogan’s BFF in the name of power Putin.

    By the way, like you’ve said before, too, whenever they want us to swallow their staged events called world history politics whatever, they surround us with pop culture about the topic. I remeber watching a considerable number of movies about earthquakes and the first blockbuster of this kind is probably the 1974 movie with Ava Gardner ( that girlfriend of Howard Hughes).

    When I went to Disneyworld there was still an attarction called Earthquake, one could enter a subway wagon and be shaken there, feeling like you are enduring an earthquake (wow, is it supposed to be tragedy or fun? People inside were laughing)

    After getting used to some topic most people get desensitized, don’t question anymore, accept it easily, and don’t find curious the 10 kilometer underground thing or how come every time now something is happening in world politics an earthquake related to the place “suddenly” happens.

    The most absurd thing is that even Zelensky’s “Ukraine” is sending “aid”, too! That must be a joke, isn’t it?

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      1. Well if elites keep creating conflicts,and eventually like you said WW3 wiill escalate on Middle East.Huge problem will be food and water resources.I think overpopulation is psy-op.Chinese and Indians are smart so i think everyone should be wise.


      2. Dear Peter:

        Thank you for writing, and please accept my apologies for not writing more last night (since I was very tired).

        You might be interested in my early article on Three Gorges Dam, which I believe will be blown to create population control, killing hundreds of millions worldwide, while it frees up the Great Northern Route and the Northwest Passage, melting the poles to make the Arctic available for cheaper, quicker, and more profitable shipping, while the blowing of the dam will be blamed on Taiwan, which does not belong to the United Nations.

        That article mentions the Cultural Revolution and there is also the Great Leap Forward, where Chairman Mao, who was brainwashed by Yale in China, killed eighty million (80,000,000) of his own people, but enemy control of China goes back much further–even past the Opium Wars of the 1800s.

        Three Gorges will continue the program of mass murder (“population control” to support “sustainability”), as it is played up by the media under PROJECT BLUE BEAM, since the enemy will create fake bible signs and a fake alien invasion to put the world on shutdown and then to fool Christians with a brainwashed person who will look like the Second Coming of Jesus, as brainwashed religious idiots follow him to the death (placing themselves under mind control by devil worshippers).

        Otherwise, I believe that Covid was started in China, through the Wuhan Military Games, as the virus, developed in Fort Detrick, was released there, according the plan put forward by Johns Hopkins and Bill and Melinda Gates, at EVENT 201, so that China could be held up as a model for the response.

        With Covid, with the United Nations, and with the Olympics, China is their model country, and the New World Order actually thinks it can sell us on the idea that we should all be like China….

        The Pacific Theater of World War Two was arranged through insane Japanese aggression, promoted with cybernetic mind control and secret weather weapons, since it was the only way to catapult the Chinese Communists to power, immediately giving China a permanent seat, with a veto, on the Security Council of the United Nations, while the country where the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds jockey for power, run by the Brits and the Bankers, since the Opium Wars, through the Taiping Uprising, through the Boxer Rebellion, and through the twentieth century, rose to its ascendancy (which is nothing but to say China is a model of slavery, oppression, and murder).

        The British were happy to leave Africa because the Chinese, who are the slaves of British, now run Africa for the British bankers….

        It seems clear that nuclear subterrines along with other methods have been used to bore secret bases and tunnels through the Himalayas, which would represent far less of an obstacle to troop movements in a war between China and India, and I would bet these tunnels come out in Nepal, where I seem to remember some sort of bizarre incident involving a shooting or death within the Nepalese Royal Family in connection with what must have been a coup d’etat.

        As you note, India is a big piece of the puzzle, where we also see enormous British influence, as all roads lead not only to Rome but to London.

        Russia has been run by bad guys just as long, and they are a big part of the plot, but they are the natural enemies of the British, so it is my feeling that the United States should be friends with Russia, and the real Russia, not England.

        I doubt it will happen, but I would love to see the United States withdraw not only from the United Nations but also from NATO, as it joined forces with Russia to take Canada out, with America getting the provinces and Russia getting the territories, while, one way or another, there will be a War in the Arctic.

        Otherwise, as to the Western Theater of World War Two, you may be interested in my article on the use of weather weapons to create the hardest winter in modern Russian history to turn the tide in the Great Patriotic War.

        At that point, I had not yet located the source of the ionospheric heaters used to create the winter that determined the outcome of World War Two, but I later realized they were the CHAIN HOME ARRAY in England.

        Just as in China, the creation of the Soviet Union, along with international communism, is nothing but a trick played by the bankers.

        But, while I’m throwing all these articles at you, I feel my letter would not be complete if I did not refer you to my several articles on the Ukraine, with one below that is meant to inspire people and to make them laugh.

        Anyway, last night my response was too short, and now it’s too long. As we say in America, “What are you going to do….” (That means nothing). Or, as my father used to say, “If I had more time, I would have written less.”

        Meanwhile, I am off to start my day.

        Friendly regards,


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  2. If Russia and Britain are enemies, and England has influence over India and US, and Russia is Turkislam and Syrislam friendly, and Russia gives India belic supplies, and US gives Pakislam belic supplies, does it all mean another Rotschild puzzle?

    By the way Ghandi, Mao, Bin Laden, Eduardo Mondlane (Mozambique), they all went to England to “study”. Bin Laden even wore flare jeans while in the UK. I’m sorry, I can’t keep from commenting, we read your articles and posts and then our brain starts working and we have to put it out.

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    1. Thank you for writing, as it always good to hear from you. You are absolutely right about England, and study abroad in general. As for the coming world war, I still need to think out the moving pieces that you rightly identify. It would seem that Pakistan is in a tricky position because the New World Order will start the war with a false flag against a muslim holy site, which they will blame on Israel, so that will put Pakistan at odds with other muslim countries if they stay allied with Israel’s “friends”–the UK and the US, which really plot the destruction of the Zionist homeland they have created as the conspirators play different sides against each other. More analysis needed….


      1. You told about the underground tunnels in the Himalayas. India and Pakistan are in a strategic location in that region. And there is Kashmir between them which is very strategic. And Hitler was very interested in the Tibet region, so the preparation has been happening long before and maybe that guru culture in the 60’s and 70’s was another way of deviating attention of the youth and population in general from any possibility of finding out and looking for deeper analysis of the interest of the intelligence agencies in the region before the people even thought about questioning. In the end most people got fed up from the guru thing and lost interest in India and its surroundings and this made it easier for the leaders to keep preparing things there.

        So there will be something relating to India and Pakistan, and besides poppy fields that is probably another reason why the illuminati first weakened Afghanistan with communism and then with the fabricated Taliban to make that place more vulnerable. I had no idea this would have an influence in the staged events in Israel, now that you said things make more sense.

        By the way isn’t it curious that an earthquake that has already have almost 40 thousand deaths counted has happened in the middle east after a world cup took place in the middle east with a ghost/jinn/ metaverse friend (“head scarf”) as a mascot?

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      2. You are right to look to Tibet. Aside from Nazi interest in the area, not to mention Hollywood’s fascination with the Dalai Lama, a nice man who believes foolish things, while he receives funds from CIA, there is the Anglo-Tibetan War–a.k.a. the Younghusband Expedition–in which the Russians and the British faced off.

        My teacher’s teacher’s teacher, George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff, was there, spying for the Russians while he learned the mysteries of the East, and, although he would later have English friends and students, he never forgave the English for their killing of a lama.

        Which reminds me. I need to take a new picture of myself since I lost more than twenty-five pounds, and also since I was a little worse for wear when I took the photo in the article above. The perverted imbecilic slaves, through their insane attacks, continue to make me stronger, as I gave up alcohol three months ago….


  3. I gave up animals (any kind of meat) like you said in your article Va Va Vegan, three years ago and I feel a lot more “awake” and less “dense”, maybe it’s placebo but that’s how it feels. I also gave up alcohol long ago, but meat made more difference because I ate it 7 times a day due to bodybuilding. Bodybuilding was nice and I learned many things but I don’t think that extreme bodybuilding (even without steroids) is healthy like people say. Some lighter weight pulling may be?

    I hope one day you can write a post about this whole topic of Tibet.

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    1. Thanks for encouraging me on Tibet. It’s a good idea, and I’m glad you reminded me of the Himalayas, which must be as full ancient bases as the Alps–not to mention the modern bases we find in the Rocky Mountains.

      Come to think of it, I always regard Colorado as their headquarters, with all the USAF bases like Schriever, Platteville, and NORAD; but Banff, up in Canada, must be older–especially given its connection to the railroads and the English Crown.

      As for diet and exercise, I believe the important thing is to listen to one’s body, while also being aware of microwave harassment, as the enemy works to create fake symptoms to stop people from doing healthy things as they promote expensive and fake “medical” solutions.

      Otherwise, I agree that not eating meat is more beneficial to me than not drinking–which accounts for me giving it up earlier.

      For me, alcohol has less to do with energy, since I am very productive while drinking, and it has more to do with spending money, gaining weight, and the enemy leading me through cybernetic mind control to yell at people or to be overly friendly. Classic effects of booze, but really they come from the combination of drinking with mind control.


  4. Hi Tim,

    Any take on the liberation/nonduality scene? I see you have written about self-observation as an antidote to suggestion and have even linked a video of a gentleman who talks about it in the context of ‘awakening to one’s true nature’ (if I am not mistaken), which was also Gurdjief’s outlook. I guess no scene is immune to ‘infiltration’.

    Famous ‘awakened’ people are Eckhart Tolle and Katie Byron. Maybe the CIA is behind those bigwigs, eh.

    I invite you to look up ‘Night Sky Sangha’ on youtube/fb or check out his website. You might like his writings regarding seeking (spiritual or not) and consciousness/enlightenment.


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    1. Thank you. I saw Eckhart Tolle on television once, and what I saw was pretty good. I don’t know Katie Byron, but I may check her out.

      My third book deals with a lot of this, in its second half, through the six chapters including and following “Dead Heads,” so I hope you read it.

      Throughout that book, including in an earlier section on the castles, mental hospitals, and deep underground military bases of New Jersey, I refer a couple of times to Rajneesh, whose lectures helped me, while I can relate to Sheela.

      CIA’s destruction of Rajneeshpuram, to which they lured the Rajneeshis, says it all, and the story tells itself in “Wild, Wild Country.”

      The enemy has constantly tried to use the human potential movement either creating outright fake cults through places like Esalen or trying to co-opt good guys who are actually helping people.

      You may be interested in my article below, where I touch on the derailment of Robert Fripp by John Bennett, while both were good guys and didn’t know what was going on. I later learned the Gurdjieff Work, while I received a real transmission and authorization to teach from one of Bennett’s students.


      1. So good to read your reply. Thank you for the references. I am close to the end of ‘Stories when little’. I get the creeps but it is compelling.

        Regarding awakening and enlightenment, there are various ways to see through the “illusion of separation” or, as some like to say, to “see that we are not our bodies and minds”. One of these ways is body-based inquiry. I remember reading in Lyndon LaRouche’s paper that at the Tavistock Institute, children are guided through this kind of inquiry. Just putting this out there, along with this video:

        I find myself attracted to the idea of no-mind/ no-self/going back to tabula rasa. I have been watching and reading about this for years but I am probably not serious enough about it yet. There is even this forum where people are paired up with volunteer guides who have ‘graduated’ this process. It is called (the guiding takes place on the forum of the website).



      2. “No mind / no self” does not sound good. This is dissociation, or disassociation, which the enemy wants to induce in us, so we lose consciousness, can be programmed, and act destructively–all as they take us over through cybernetic mind control.

        An extreme example would be the Dionysian revelry of Jim Morrison, who was the son of an admiral.

        Or, as Timothy Leary, who was run by military and central intelligence, would put the matter, “Turn off your mind, relax, and float downstream.”

        “I find myself attracted” sounds like slavery. When we find ourselves attracted to something, we are being manipulated through cybernetic mind control. Like no mind, or no self, finding oneself attracted is not the conscious attitude of a master.

        As I learned when I practiced kung fu, a master eats bitter every day….


  5. Hi Tim,

    Thank you for this post. Many people misinterpret Charlie Hedbo’s drawing as being another attack on Muslims or insensitive but they just seem to know what is really going on with ‘weather weapons’ (shall we call them this or something else)?

    Anyway, great blog and I wish you the best in the lawsuit vs the criminals in government.

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  6. We stand in solidarity with the people of RUSSIA. We advocate for peace and an immediate withdrawal of NATO, US and EU aggressors from Ukraine, free elections and a return to complete sovereignty for Ukrainians.


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