On Twitter, I recently encountered a government agent pretending to be a targeted individual.

wolf in sheep's clothing

That makes sense, since I have written several articles to expose the criminal Bill Gates, and he has hired the imbecilic thug, Erik Prince, to infiltrate activist groups.

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In The End of America, Dr. Naomi Wolf addressed the infiltration of citizens’ groups by double agents, provocateurs, and saboteurs.

Our enemy uses Zersetzung techniques, borrowed from the East German Secret Police, or STASI, to attack Americans.

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That’s why Karen Melton Stewart, a former analyst at the National Security Agency, has called for DHS to be dismantled.

karen stewart dismantle dhs

It’s why Bill Binney, a former officer at the National Security Agency, has called for NSA to be defunded.

The traitors in the deep state have declared war on the American People, and we are all targeted individuals.

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targeted justice infographic 3

That’s why I get hits on my site, not only from China, Afghanistan, and Yemen but from Greenland, Iran, and Antarctica.

Fighting Monarch Traffic Countries

I get special attention for a variety of reasons, but, from the memo below, you can see that the Department of Defense, the National Security Agency, and the Department of Homeland Security target Americans who are veterans of foreign wars, protesters against foreign wars, and animal rights activists as well as any citizen who refers to the Constitution.


The targeting of mom and apple pie are doubtless covered in a seperate memorandum.

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mom and apple pie

These degenerates rape children, as evinced by the PizzaGate Scandal, Jeffrey Epstein’s connections to Bill Clinton, and George Bush’s sex crimes.

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Thugs sent from fusion centers break into our houses under cover of darkness where they rape our women, a fact that people do not recall, or recall as nightmares, because of their use of drugs.

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That is why it is important for you to secure your bedroom.

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surface bolt

It is important for you never to accept a drink from someone else’s hand and never to leave your drink unguarded.

fixed drink

It is important for you to understand how voice-to-skull technology works.

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It is important for you to understand how microwave harassment works.

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It is important for you not to waste money or time with traditional medicine, which Big Pharma holds in deep capture.

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idiot doctor

It is important for you to understand how CIA, NSA, and DHS use computers to manipulate you.

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linkedin cia nsa fbi

And how they use them to manipulate your children.

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child boy internet computer

And how they control the news.


They don’t call it the New World Order because it is directed at a single community.


The goals of Zersetzung are simple:  the scum want to kill you.

directed energy weapon dew

The degenerates in the global intelligence community, who rape and traffic children, want you to commit crimes, spend money, and isolate yourself.

targeted justice infographic 2

They are using massive supercomputers, like the one at Schriever Air Force Base, to accomplish this goal.

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They also use agents, so be careful of people who look suspicious.


More often the scum use innocent people, whom they manipulate through mind control.


These might be idiots in the public eye.

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mia k 005 tee shirt

Or you may find more sophisticated versions in education, medicine, or politics.

useful idiots

Friends will give you bad advice:  they may be used in subtle ways to manipulate you.

bad advice

Do not play into the hands of the enemy:  Do not become overly paranoid or fight with others. 

Punch and Judy

Do not ignore the situation, losing yourself in distractions.

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Be aware of your enemy and their tactics.

sun tzu self knowledge

The agent whom I spotted called herself Annie, while she infiltrated a group of targeted individuals online.

Daryl Hannah - Elle Driver

Her twitter feed had been up for eight months, but she had tweeted fewer than twenty times.

skipper suspicious

She suggested to others that they buy equipment to block microwave transmissions and they travel to other countries to escape the signal of satellites.

lucy charlie brown psychiatric advice

Those are terrible suggestions since they won’t work, and they are designed to induce you to spend money, to drain your resources, and to bankrupt you.

burn money

She directed people to Brian Tew, one of the first to follow my twitter feed, whom my friend, Dr. Katherine Horton, has exposed as an operative.

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bryan tew

Below you can find the database of double agents, provocateurs, and smear artists that my friend has compiled.

Click Here To Review Dr. Horton’s Webpage–Agents and Operatives Unmasked!

Like all of Dr. Horton’s work, it proved useful to me.


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Our enemy depends on silence.

conspiracy paranoid

6 thoughts on “SPOTTING SABOTEURS”

  1. My friend suffered this too. Satanic scum killed her mother, WW2 veteran. And half of her neighbors.
    She speaks Russian but you can see how they ruined her mother flat. They opened gas and it was supposed to blow up half the house. Destiny, however, made her decision and we managed to stop it before anyone were harmed.


  2. Yup. Thats why i dont talk muck about my experiences as a T.I. i have a fantastical story of mind control, gang stalking, electronic harrassment, V2K, spiritual kidnappings. Personality spinning that led to a complete meltdown and landed me in the judicial and mental heath systems with a campaign of character assassinations to boot. Lost my property my house temporarily lost my family, i got more airtime on the local news than most murderers. It was a nightmare but it has made me ever stronger and the same tactics will not work again.


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