As I work with Targeted Justice, on whose advisory board I serve, I am a plaintiff in a billion-dollar lawsuit, seeking injunctive relief, against the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and their affiliates.

Like the recent formation of the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government, in the House of Representatives, our lawsuit is part of ongoing pushback in all directions from good people who will not be bullied, or tricked, as we stand up for our rights as Americans.

Below you can read the authorizing resolution that was passed in Congress.

And here you can read the latest from our lawsuit, where we have filed an urgent motion with the federal court.

Following our complaint, we have requested that the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas order the Defendant, Federal Bureau of Investigation, to remove all targeted individuals (Non-Investigative Subjects) from the Terrorist Screening Database (TSDB) that is distributed to over eighteen thousand (18,000) government, corporate, private and foreign contacts. 

We believe that roughly six million (6,000,000) targeted individuals could be affected by our motion, as we work to make a difference for all—including many small children who have been included in the Terrorist Screening Database.

How can a three-year-old be a threat to national security?

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  1. Please help us to defeat the globalists assault on Ukraine, remove the US deep state agent Zelensky from power and expel the EU and NATO forever from Ukraine.

    The stooge zelensky has been pillaging Ukraine for his puppet masters since he’s installed in power, they have exterminated countless Ukrainians with their neo-Nazi partners in crime.

    Time to stop these criminals!


    In the mean time, while courageous Ukrainians are facing these events in their country, countless have fled and are now living in the West on taxpayer money while Europeans are struggling to meet month end.
    The so-called ‘refugees’ (most coming from places where there is no fight in ) are driving brand new Mercedes and BMW taking houses, jobs and money from natives. The criminal globalist regimes in Europe are using the crisis they created to let countless other ‘migrants’ invade our lands, they come from Africa and the middle east and are there to bleed social systems dry and to replace Europeans.

    It’s time to stop this madness, stop the NATO/US aggression against Russia and Ukraine and have these ‘refugees’ back to their own lands.



    1. I totally agree. Zelensky is a z10n15t j3w, and a top level mk slave, which makes him not only a total zombie walking talking cybernetics/ 4n4l r4p3d/ eletroshocked marionette, but also a hater of genuine Ukranian true nationalism, a hater of sincere simple Christian culture and a hater of the Cossaks.

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  2. Neuralink has a new friend: Data Minining Informed Cognitive Radio. Musk is too busy experimenting on people to care for any us. Of course, I am experiencing an increase in censorship as well after a couple comments here. They really are watching….and we are getting close.


    Postmark: I could not leave a comment on the Elon Musk page. I wonder how many others are being blocked from saying something negative about Mr. Musk Frankenstein.

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