People disappear at Mt. Shasta.

Strange stories come back.

There’s obviously something going on.

It’s not aliens, in which the scum in the military promote a false belief, through PROJECT BLUE BEAM.

It’s people being drugged, and brainwashed, at a secret underground military base as to which reliable witnesses have testified.

It makes Mount Fuji look like nothing.

That’s the secret of Mt. Shasta.


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  1. My friend, you have SO MUCH excellent content! This article led me to your “Hunting Humans” post, also as informative as it is heartbreaking.

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    1. Thanks, pal. At the end of my third book, you can read how I lived on top of Afton Mountain in the Virginia Blue Ridge. Little did I know I was sitting on top of a deep underground military base to which I had been lured. They must have drugged something in my refrigerator, with scopolamine, when they kidnapped me into the base because I didn’t remember for roughly twenty years and then only because they woke me up! Mountains mean bases….


      1. Thanks, but I don’t deal in tragedy. You’d be surprized how funny the book is, while I fight, and the enemy make fools of themselves. They have certainly taken people out, and damaged people’s lives, but mostly they destroy each other, and that’s easy to increase. I live to make them hurt each other extra, and I find the endeavor infinitely rewarding.


  2. This is a good article, thank you for sharing. I’m glad to see more people of a pagan spiritual bent sharing about the alien deception, it seems like mainly only Christians expose this but not many pagans.

    I think you should also consider researching about something called Kali Yuga Accelerationism, because it maybe be important information which could help you win your lawsuit. Kali Yuga Accelerationism, also known as kaliacc, a type of ideology based in the ideas of theorists like Curtis Yarvin, Vladimir Pyatibrat, and Nick Land, run mainly by an psuedo-anonymous pagan person, Charlie. Charlie over the years has used by multiple psuedonyms, some of them being fair silly including him going by womens names or by random words, some some of them more normals sounding: “Charlotte Fang”, “Charlemange”, “Sunny Vedic Cyber BPD” “Krishna Derrida” “Based Retard Gang”, “Charlie” and previously “Miya Black Hearted Cyber Angel Baby”. Charlie is from some sort of intelligence agency background, hence his easy ability to use multiple different personas and keep a high level of secrecy while still having some amount of fame as a niche internet celebrity in the dissident right and NFT sphere due to the success of the Milady NFT of Remilia Corporation. (Milady NFT was created by Charlie and his friends). Some people may consider it immoral that Charlie and his circle of friends who participate in kaliacc activities lie to people in their out-group while favoring loyalty their in-group, however it seems that Charlie and his friends justify their actions using the same type of aristocractic morality that people in groups such as intelligence agencies, secret societies, historical aristocracies, freemasons, & other such groups use when they deceive the public for the greater good; based on the idea that the aristocracy must sometimes lie to the public in order to protect the public during times of war, and also to prevent the enemy from getting access to their secrets during wartime.

    Charlie and his friends, who are collectively self-identify to as the “kaliacc” group, have done some morally ambiguous controversial actions, however I still feel that kaliacc in general and Charlie in particular are very interesting. Charlie & kaliacc group could be somewhat justified by the fact that they are in a lot of danger of being murdered by the government if they go too public with all the secrets they know. Not everyone is safe to share their personal information online. Here’s a good interview which I think explains the morality of kaliacc a bit more:
    Auron Macintyre & Mark Granza Discuss the morality of internet anonimity:
    https: //www. youtube. com/watch?v=g59O_9VLCcc
    Although Auron & Granza don’t specifically mention kaliacc or Charlie in their discussion, they do discuss the morality in general of anonimity, which I think is highly relevant to the subject of kaliacc. Here are more sources which do directly talk about kaliacc:

    Article written by Sonya under his “Charlotte Fang” persona:
    https: // goldenlight .mirror . xyz/o5CpltqerVga2ULwztI _jLmlpBe57K -ej2JWkVMJB14

    Charlotte Fang’s (Charlie’s) Twitter account:
    https: // twitter. com/CharlotteFang77?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor

    Charlotte Fang’s (Charlie’s) substack:
    https://goldenlight. mirror. xyz/

    Video interview with Charlie under his “Miya” persona:
    https: //www. youtube. com /watch?v=vgUlOJHyqII

    Charlie on a debate panel with multiple people discussing artificial intelligence, Charlie uses his “Sunny” Persona for this:
    https: //www. youtube. com/watch?v=g21x0HYn6uM

    Charlie interview with his “Sunny” Persona:
    https: //www. youtube. com/watch?v=6mCWd8z-b3I

    Another interview, but this time its both Charlie and his friends being interviewed Charlie(Sunny) and Charlie’s friend Sonya interview:
    https: //archive. org/details/ kali-yuga-accelerationism-and-the-metaphysics-of-chan-culture-feat .-sonya-and-sunny

    Charlie interview under his Charlotte Fang persona:
    https: //archive. org/details/ep111cf

    Introduction to the black sun symbolism (the black sun is the concept inspiring the names like “Sunny” and “Sonya”)
    https: // esotericawakening. com/ the-history-of-the-order-of-the-black-sun

    Introduction to 4chan meme culture & the dissident right ideologies:
    https: // esotericawakening. com/ clown-world

    Introduction to the philosophy of Vladimir Pyatibrat. This philosophy created by Russian Conspiracy Theorist seems to have heavily influenced Charlie & the whole kaliacc group:
    http:// vladimir-karaban. narod. ru/glubinnaya-kniga/1part. htm
    http:// vladimir-karaban. narod. ru/glubinnaya-kniga/2part. htm
    http:// vladimir-karaban. narod. ru/glubinnaya-kniga/3part. htm
    http: // vladimir-karaban. narod. ru/glubinnaya-kniga/4part. htm
    Vladimir Pyatibrat is generally a mysterious figure and not much is known about him. Vladimir Pyatibrat’s main book titled ‘The Legend of Matarisvan’ or, more colloquially known as just ‘The Depth Book: The Oldest Fairytale on Earth’, features many references to mythology & religion around the world including ancient celtic, greek, roman, & slavic paganism, as well as Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, & Hinduism. Vladimir Pyatibrat claims that most information in his book written in the authorless way Hindu scriptures are written, the Sanskrit word for this is ‘Apauruseya’, hence Vladimir’s generic title for his book ‘The Depth Book’. Oddly enough, although I have been doing research into conspiracy topics for many years, you (FightingMonarch) and Vladimir Pyatibrat’s Book ‘Legend of Matarisvan’ are the only 2 sources I have found which say that the Islamic Muslim Prophet Muhammad was an illuminati mkultra programmed mind-control victim. I thought this was an interesting coincidence, so hence why I think researching the things related to kaliacc, Charlotte Fang (Charlie) & ‘Legend of Matarisvan’ information could be important for you. So, it seems that its also possible that you are already familiar with a lot of this information, I’m not sure, I haven’t read many of your articles yet, but am enjoying your site so far. In other words, I suspect you of being a member of the kaliacc group already but am not sure.


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