The Illuminati love sick jokes.

The Statue of Liberty is a trans-sexual god that encouraged people to come to the programming center of Ellis Island.

The Eiffel Tower is a radio station used for microwave harassment.

And Mount Fuji is home to an underground base.

The Japanese revere the mountain.

But it has an Ainu name.

The Japanese despise the Ainu, so they dispute a very obvious etymology.

The Japanese do not know their own history.

Primitive people will always have names for geologic features.

In America, rivers have names like Mississippi, Susquehanna, and Monongahela.

In England, two thirds of the waterways have names given by the Celts.

And, in Europe, we find more barbarian names.

Fuji’s name comes from the Ainu word for fire.


The Ainu aren’t the only white trash to live in Japan.

And I don’t just mean Scarlett Johansson.

The Marines are there, too.

Marines rape children on Okinawa.

Here you can watch the Marines firing at Fuji.

Fuji has long been used as a military base.

Ancient samurai used the mountain as a training area.

Yoritomo used it for archery practice.


The oppression of locals by the samurai then was just like their oppression by the military now.

There’s more than meets the eye to Camp Fuji.

It’s the premier training facility in Japan.

The Marines were not Japan’s friend.

Why are they welcome now?

The answer is obvious.

The Japanese are slaves.

They even have a name for this posture.


That’s right, Mister Roboto!

You have cybernetics in your head.

Here are some of the patents.

Before you feel sorry for the Japanese, remember their victims and consider their war crimes.

But that’s not the point.

Nowadays we all have cybernetics in our heads.

Here’s a Marine demonstrating an active denial system like the one being used on me now.

The satanic rapist traitors in the American military are not only slaves themselves, but they seek to enslave us all.

They use computers to do it.

And they use deep underground military bases.

Dr. Bill Deagle talks about the underground city at Schriever Air Force Base, with its supercomputer, used for mind control, below.

Airmen live underground.

That’s why the pilots call them gnomes.

The Illuminati love sick jokes.

The concept of military intelligence is only one.

Think of the Navy Base in the desert.

At China Lake, the Navy commits horrific crimes against American citizens.

You can learn more from Cisco Wheeler, whose grandfather’s brother, General Earle Wheeler, was Head of Joint Chiefs.

But what would she know about government secrets?

The space program is also a joke.

Do you really think this jalopy flew to the moon?

NASA wants to control the earth–not to explore space.

They will put up 107,000 satellites in the next eight years.

As with the DUMBs, you’re paying for it.

There are at least 10,000 DUMBS and 100,000 miles of tunnels in the world.

A network of DUMBs crisscrosses America.  

As suggested in JADE HELM 15, in which the Governor of Texas rightly mobilized the National Guard to monitor federal troop movements, WAL-MARTs are linked to the system.

It used to be that cheap junk was made in Japan, or Taiwan. 

But now Wal-Mart carries junk from Red China.

In the United States, there are over three hundred DUMBs.

Two are built every year, so the constant drilling of nuclear borers accounts for the hum heard in places like Taos.

Here is United States Patent No. 3,280,923.

Here is United States Patent No. 3,881,777.

Here is United States Patent No. 3,885,832.

Those show only a few of the subterrines used to dig DUMBs.

Still, that’s not the only way to make a underground base.

Mechanical, thermal, or chemical methods may be used.

Excavation can be done with high pressure continuous water jets, low pressure percussive water jets, high frequency electrical drills, turbine drills, pellet drills, spark drills, hydraulic rock hammers, lasers, electron beam guns, forced flames, nuclear powered boring machines, nuclear neutron bombs, plastic explosives, and good old fashioned dynamite.

Japan had underground military bases before America conquered the islands.

Here’s a map of their underground headquarters on Okinawa.

When Hirohito surrendered, he did it from a bunker.

Here are his people, outside the bunker in which the emperor hid, as they apologize for letting him down.

Why would the Japanese not have underground military bases now?

Their mountains are extensive.

Their country crawls with military vermin.

And there are constant earthquakes to cover the sounds of excavation.

A tourist found a bunker at the base of Fuji.

It doesn’t look like it’s from World War Two.

Toyota started building a 175-acre smart city next to the mountain.

Smart cities, dumb bases, and slaves go together.

The DUMBs have been around for a very long time–going back at least to the 1800s.

NWO loves to signal this stuff in science fiction.

The Time Machine, by H.G. Wells, a Fabian who wrote The New World Order, is only one example.

There must be an enormous base that has been drilled and blown into Mount Fuji.

And it must be connected to others in Japan.

I wonder if they have those toilets that play music.

Or the toilets that recite poetry.

Or the toilets that spray perfume on your ass.

Or the ones that look like women’s mouths.

Or if they use the FujiClean Waste Water System.

It’s all part of Japanese culture.


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19 thoughts on “THE SECRET OF MOUNT FUJI”

    1. Thanks for writing. You made me laugh.

      Interestingly, I had completely forgotten about Dig Dug, which I remember playing, possibly on Atari.

      This kind of memory erasure is usually due to the enemy, who are willing to spend trillions just to stop us from enjoying the little things in life.

      The imbecilic losers prefer to work, around the clock, to destroy all the things they will never have, torturing and killing their own, while they have inspired me to write two books and two-hundred-and-sixty articles, on a website that has more than a million hits, instead of leaving me alone to play the one that really hurts….

      Monkey Quest!

      Check out my books. They’re free, funny, and informative; and I think you’d like them.


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