Morale is extremely important in our fight.

We can’t spend all our time reacting to subhuman scum and the evil they cause. If we do, we end up dancing to their tune. In the words of Shakespeare’s Coriolanus, there is a world elsewhere!

This means spending time doing things you love. It might be playing sports, going outside, cooking food, making or listening to music, or whatever. Use as little technology as possible, because the enemy will work constantly through technology and the media.

Spend time with family, friends, and pets. Except for the pets, they will all be mind-controlled, in one way or another, but there is good inside them. In the end, mind control does not work, and others need you as much as you need them. Do not isolate yourself!

Take care of your body. Exercise is very important. So is sleep. To avoid depression, I highly recommend 5-HTP (griffonia seed). It is safe, and you can buy it in your local health food store. The body converts it to serotonin, a mood booster, which is depleted by stress, and it really helps.

They hate it when you have good clean fun. Along with healthy relationships, it’s something they will never have.

Keep your spirits up!


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Our enemy depends on our silence.



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