V2K – Voice To Skull

Remember the Gilligan’s Island episode where Gilligan could pick up radio signals from the fillings in his teeth? That is happening all the time.


Voice To Skull makes it all possible.  Once the program was entirely face-to-face; but, now, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, there is the potential for constant harassment.   Our enemies call it “artificial telepathy” or “AT.”

The technology is similar to your cell phone.  Satellites link the sender and the receiver.  A computer “multiplexer” routes the voice signal of the sender through microwave towers to a very specifically defined location or cell.  That’s your brain.


Out of nowhere, a voice suddenly blooms in the mind of the target. The human skull has no “firewall” and therefore cannot shut the voice out.

If you have an implant or possibly nanobots, then the sender can also hear your verbal thoughts and see mental images.

V2K Patent 1

People who experience this feel raped, and I have been forced to listen to actual sexual assaults.  The assailants won’t shut up, and they defile one’s mind with the most foul and perverse language imaginable.  V2K is used to disrupt one’s sleep, to lay in hypnotic suggestions, and force one to engage in endless conversations with abusive idiots.  It is also used to send visual images and to influence dreams, much like the Prisoner episode “A, B and C.”  (See also “The General”).


“Voice of God” is what they are going for, when you follow commands, or forced speech, when you speak along with them, and they will even put resistant voices in to trick you.  If you use your common sense and if you know about the technology, though, they will not succeed.

Remember they have influenced the world to think that if you hear voices in your head, or if you believe in “conspiracy theories,” you must be crazy….


Here is some material on the subject:

Voice To Skull

Here also is my later database of patents:

Patents for Mind Control Technology

And here are some ways to spot forced speech:

How To Spot Mind Control Through Unusual Speech Patterns

V2K Patent 2 copy

And here is another of my articles on how V2K and related technologies are misunderstood, misdiagnosed, and how to fight the scum who use them:

Mind Control & Misdiagnosis of Physical & Behavioral Symptoms

I2K Patent


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Our enemy depends on our silence.


33 thoughts on “V2K – Voice To Skull”

  1. So sure you changed content over here.Last i visited this post there was a picture of voice to skull.where is it?Am now starting to doubt if your the same writer or they napped you


  2. I am currently being tortured day and night and they are exposing me to something even more powerful than before and I can barely breathe and my heart is overworked to keep beating. I hope there is hope. Please God deliver us from this hell.


  3. I am in Millwood, Ga. My phone is hacked, our t.v. constantly statics and peoples moods and everything are being altered. I don’t know who has these weapons but it’s past time to stop them. If our president isn’t going to put a stop to this then we need to vote him out. These people keep saying things about killing him, and they were talking about Alaska before those people were killed. They keep saying something about blue tarp and blue lake, whatever that is. They are having me write this.


    1. The enemy is insane, they are morons, and they always lie. Don’t let them trick you. Don’t think that one is better than another. Don’t do anything they say.

      They are subhuman degenerates hellbent on our destruction and incapable of seeing their own interests. It is impossible to underrate them. I have written a series on what they want to take from us that gives some idea of what we are dealing with.


      I have also written an article about morale that may be helpful. Get exercise, eat healthy, and take 5-HTP (an herbal supplement). Sleep whenever you can. It will help.


      You can’t look only to the president or political leaders, but you have to fight the enemy every second in your own way. I cannot imagine a more worthless enemy, but I also cannot imagine a worthier cause. There is nothing to do but to fight them with all you have. That’s the rest of your life. Use the resources on this site to learn about them. Sleep with a chair, dresser, or bolt against your bedroom door. Don’t give up!


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