Whenever I talk to people about CIA’s use of cybernetic implants, they usually think I’m crazy.  But the technology has been around for a long time.

That point was brought home to me recently, as I watched Aaron and Melissa Dykes’ excellent documentary, The Minds of Men, which you can now watch for free on YouTube.  The film’s website is below, and I highly recommend that everyone watch the entire three-hour film.

The Minds of Men

I tend to think of MK-ULTRA in terms of sexual trauma, as described by Cathy O’Brien or Susan Ford.

Cathy O’Brien – An American Hero

Thanks for the Memories by Brice Taylor a.k.a. Susan Ford

I tend to think of MK-ULTRA in terms of drugs, such as scopolamine, which blocks the formation of memories, or hypnotic sedatives such as chloral hydrate, which was found in the autopsies of Marilyn Monroe and Anna Nicole Smith.

Why We Don’t Remember: CIA’s Use of Scopolamine

The Playboy Mansion, Blackmail, & Rape


And I tend to think of MK-ULTRA in terms of hypnosis.  You can read some memories of hypnotic sessions in my article below, which describes my abuse at a YMCA soccer camp in Union, New Jersey, from 1976 to 1978.

MK-ULTRA Wonder Girl: T.V. Programming, Fake Feminism, & the New World Order


Of course, there’s also electroshock, which CIA uses to wipe the brain clear of memories.  I still have a mark on my thumbnail where I was hit with a taser.  I had no memory for years, but the nail fell off for no apparent reason.  Later, I remembered what happened.

Fritz Springmeier, Cisco Wheeler, and Svali do an excellent job of describing CIA’s methods, and their books helped me.

Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler on Illuminati Mind Control Techniques

Svali Speaks: Breaking the Chain


Those writers describe the technology used against us, which you can find in the database of patents below.  They didn’t invent the stuff not to use it.

Patents for Mind Control Technology

v2k patent 2

That technology is now outdated.  Many of us still have it in our brains, but CIA no longer needs to implant us in person.  They spray nanotech, or smart dust, on us every day, as planes fill the sky with chemtrails.

Chemtrails, Smart Dust & Mind Control: Look Up! You Are Being Sprayed With Poison!

Using the HAARP array and GWEN towers, CIA can use microwaves to activate the implants in our brains.Many physicians, including Dr. Rauni Kilde, the chief medical officer of Finland, have spoken out against the use of microwave harassment in connection with this technology.

Doctors Who Stand Against Microwave Harassment


CIA can make you hear voices, which you mistake for your own thoughts, or control your speech through voice-to-skull technology, and they can also project images into your mind.  It’s not that hard to imagine a tiny cellphone in your head.

V2K – Voice To Skull

Where did this all come from? CIA used the technology against us before I was born.  You can see it depicted in The Prisoner, which aired in 1967.

The Prisoner (1967) – I Am Not A Number! I Am A Free Man!


In 1966, Dr. Jose Delgado used cybernetic implants to remote control a bull’s movements.  You think they can’t do that with a human?

Delgado also used cybernetic implants to make chimpanzees ignore their young, attack other animals, and exhibit other uncharacteristic behavior.  That was over fifty years ago.  Do you think CIA funded this stuff so they could control primate behavior? Or do you think they are also doing it to us?

Back in the early 1950s, Dr. James Olds implanted the brains of rats to manipulate them through the stimulation of pleasure.

At the same time, Dr. Robert Heath did this to humans….

Have you ever seen someone cycle through emotions, so they seem unstable? One day they act suspiciously kind to you, the next they attack you.  You never know who you’re dealing with.  The woman below reminds me of my daughter’s mother, who came on to me sexually more than once over the past two years, then attacked me in court, keeping our child from me, and finally broke down crying, acting like a victim.

This could be done with cybernetic implants in the 1950s, so why wouldn’t the CIA use similar technology now? especially against someone who attacks them, as I do?

Dr. Peter Breggin, a hero who opposed these programs, pointed out that children and political activists were targeted under them.  Today I experience the same thing in family court, where people allege there is something wrong with me, that I should be studied or medicated, and that I should not see my daughter, because I maintain this website to expose the crimes of CIA.  Meanwhile, my fourteen-year-old is kept alone with her mother immediately outside Washington, D.C.

To return to Dr. Heath, aside from inducing pleasure and pain through cybernetics implanted in the septal region of the brain, this government-funded criminal used brain implants to induce sexual feelings in his hapless subjects, attempting in one case to convert a male homosexual to heterosexuality by placing a female prostitute in front of him while stimulating his brain with implanted technology.

Today CIA manipulates sexuality in a similar way–pushing not heterosexuality but perversion–first through teenage sex movies, then through soft porn, and lastly through the internet, which uses pop-ups to put harder and harder stuff in your way.

How CIA Pushes Teens to Perversion: Animal House, Revenge of the Nerds, & American Pie

Pornography, Masturbation, & Why To Avoid It

CIA will try to interest you in rape through comics, television shows, and movies, just as they used Wonder Woman on me.

Wonder Woman, Mind Control, & Rape

CIA’s Use of Wonder Woman To Promote Rape, Fake Feminism & NWO

Satanic Cartel Signaling in Underground Comics


CIA will try to interest you in rape through the news, and they’ll make sure it pops up on MSN, your default, as soon as you go on the internet.

Lara Logan (Part One)

Lara Logan (Part Two)


These people are sick! They had the technology, and the mind control program, many years ago to do these things.  It’s called MK-ULTRA.

You can see CIA’s manipulation of celebrities, and misfires in cybernetic technology, in the video below.

You can see CIA’s manipulation of actors and politicians in the odd speech patterns of people who refer to themselves in the third person.

Neurolinguistic Programming: How To Spot Mind Control through Odd Speech Patterns

You can see CIA’s manipulation of politicians in the vulgarity employed by John McCain, who died of brain cancer caused by microwave harassment, or in the verbal follies of George Bush, whose family has ties to the New World Order.

Mind Control & Misdiagnosis of Physical & Behavioral Symptoms

The Bush Family, Satanism, & Crimes against America


You can see CIA’s manipulation of politicians in the bizarre facial expressions and verbal misfires of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: The Face of the New World Order

ocasio cortez

Why on earth would CIA give up cybernetic implants, which they have worked to develop since the early 1950s, now that more advanced technology exists to achieve their goals?

Fifty years ago, CIA used microwaves and implants to control people’s movements, emotions, and thoughts; but many of the subjects refused to accept what had been done to them.  People want to think they control their own lives, and they refuse to accept the horror of cybernetic mind control.

That’s what makes it possible.


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